Learn and Color: A-Z Alphabet Coloring Pages for Kids (Free PDFs)

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Alphabet Coloring Pages

Get lost in a world of color and learning with our Alphabet Coloring Pages for Kids set. It has everything you need to bring the ABCs to life. Each of the 26 alphabet letters coloring pages on this interactive blog is meant to look different and includes a cute picture to help kids imagine what it would be like to color that letter. You’ll be taken to a free PDF download page if you click on any picture. This makes it easy for everyone to get.

These free alphabet coloring pages are more than just another set of coloring pages. They’re a fun way to learn while having fun. Each page was carefully designed to keep little readers interested while also helping them understand the sounds and shapes of each letter. These pages contain fun characters, like the happy Apple and the sassy Zebra. They make drawing fun while also helping kids learn essential language skills.

These a-z alphabet coloring pages were made with young children in mind and are an excellent way for parents, teachers, and caregivers to help kids learn. They are meant to help kids learn letters, understand sounds, and expand their language while giving them a fun way to express themselves creatively. You can help your child love reading and writing for a long time by including these pages in their daily schoolwork. Each color stroke will bring them joy and teach them something.

You can use our Alphabet Coloring Pages with your child anywhere—at home, in school, or on the go—to take them on a fun, bright journey through the alphabet! Come on, have fun, and learn!

Alphabet A for Apple

Cheerful Apple Coloring Page

A delightful coloring page featuring a plump, cheerful apple with a cute face, accompanied by a bold, uppercase letter ‘A’ and the word Apple beneath. This page is perfect for young learners beginning to associate letters with words and objects.


Alphabet B for Balloon

Happy Balloons Coloring Sheet

This coloring sheet displays a trio of happy heart-shaped balloons, floating with joy. The large, uppercase ‘B’ and the word Balloon introduce children to the letter’s shape and sound, offering a fun and engaging coloring activity.


Alphabet C for Cake

Adorable Cake Coloring Activity

Featuring a two-tiered cake with a smiling face on the lower tier and a cute cupcake on top. The uppercase letter ‘C’ and the word Cake are presented in a playful font, inviting kids to learn and color.


Alphabet D for Drop

Cute Water Drop Coloring Page

A charming water drop character, complete with a sweet expression, is the star of this page. Alongside the character, the uppercase letter ‘D’ and the word Drop help children associate the letter with the word, enhancing their vocabulary.


Alphabet E for Eggplant

Friendly Eggplant Coloring Page

This page presents a friendly eggplant character topped with a green hat, mirroring its stem. The uppercase ‘E’ and the word Eggplant are boldly displayed, making it a fun resource for teaching the letter ‘E’ and its corresponding word.


Aplhabet F for Flower

Joyful Flower Coloring Page

A single, cheerful flower with a sweet face, positioned next to a large uppercase ‘F’ and the word Flower. It’s an ideal page for children to enjoy while learning the letter ‘F’ and exploring their creativity with colors.


Aplhabet G for Giraffe

Grinning Giraffe Coloring Page

A page that features a friendly giraffe with playful heart spots and a beaming smile, standing next to the uppercase letter ‘G’. The word Giraffe is written in bold letters, making this an enjoyable way for kids to learn the letter ‘G’.


Alphabet H for House

Happy House Coloring Activity

This coloring activity shows a welcoming house with a cheerful facade, designed to teach the letter ‘H’. The word House accompanies the illustration, offering a charming way for children to associate the letter with a common word.


Alphabet I for Igloo

Inviting Igloo Coloring Sheet

An adorable igloo with a cute expression stands next to a large ‘I’. The word Igloo is displayed, providing a fun coloring opportunity while introducing the letter ‘I’ and expanding vocabulary.


Alphabet J for Jam

Joyful Jam Jar Coloring Page

The coloring page presents a jovial jam jar with a sweet smile, set beside the uppercase letter ‘J’. The word Jam completes the page, encouraging children to color and learn the alphabet in a fun way.


Alphabet K for Kite

Kite in the Sky Coloring Page

Featuring a kite with a friendly face soaring high, this page pairs with the uppercase letter ‘K’. The word Kite is written alongside, perfect for preschoolers learning about the letter ‘K’.


Alphabet L for Leaf

Lighthearted Leaf Coloring Sheet

A leaf with an endearing face is the focus of this sheet, which also includes the uppercase ‘L’ and the word Leaf. It’s an engaging way for kids to become familiar with the letter ‘L’ while enjoying a coloring activity.


Aplhabet M for Monkey

Merry Monkey Coloring Page

This page showcases an adorable monkey with a friendly grin, standing next to the uppercase letter ‘M’. The word Monkey is written below, providing a playful way to teach children about the letter ‘M’ and its associated word.


Alphabet N for Nest

Nurturing Nest Coloring Activity

A cozy nest with two little eggs, all with cute facial expressions, snuggled up close to the uppercase ‘N’. The word Nest alongside it will help young ones learn the letter ‘N’ while they color.


Alphabet O for Orange

Optimistic Orange Coloring Sheet

This sheet presents a bright, smiling orange complete with a leafy stem, paired with the big, bold letter ‘O’. The word Orange below it makes for a fruity fun coloring experience and a great way to introduce the letter ‘O’.


Alphabet P for Pineapple

Playful Pineapple Coloring Page

Featuring a cheerful pineapple character with an exuberant top, right next to a large ‘P’. The word Pineapple completes the scene, inviting kids to enjoy coloring while learning about the letter ‘P’.


Alphabet Q for Question

Quirky Question Mark Coloring Sheet

A question mark with a curious and cute expression stands beside the uppercase ‘Q’. The word Question is spelled out, engaging children’s curiosity and recognition of the letter ‘Q’.


Alphabet R for Rocket

Radiant Rocket Coloring Activity

This activity includes a charming rocket ready for a space adventure, located next to the uppercase ‘R’. The word Rocket is clearly displayed, fueling the imagination and education about the letter ‘R’.


Alphabet S for Sun

Smiling Sun Coloring Page

Brighten your day with this coloring page featuring a beaming sun and a friendly face, accompanied by the uppercase letter ‘S’. The word Sun underneath invites children to color and learn about the warmest star in our solar system. For more sunny scenes, check out our complete collection of Sun coloring pages!


Alphabet T for Tree

Twinkling Tree Coloring Sheet

A tree with a cute smile and a wavy outline, positioned next to the uppercase letter ‘T’. The word Tree at the bottom of the page provides a simple yet charming coloring opportunity while teaching the letter ‘T’.


Alphabet U for Umbrella

Upbeat Umbrella Coloring Activity

This activity presents a cheerful umbrella with a delightful expression, alongside the uppercase letter ‘U’. The word Umbrella is shown below, perfect for rainy day coloring fun and learning the letter ‘U’.


Alphabet V for Violin

Vibrant Violin Coloring Page

Showcasing a classical violin with a welcoming smile, this page pairs with the letter ‘V’. The word Violin written underneath can introduce the world of music to young learners while they color.


Alphabet W for Whale

Wondrous Whale Coloring Sheet

A magnificent whale with a gentle demeanor is featured on this sheet, near the uppercase letter ‘W’. The word Whale below it helps kids connect the letter with this giant of the ocean.


Alphabet X for Xylophone

Xciting Xylophone Coloring Page

An adorable xylophone with a charming face and mallets ready for playing, situated next to the letter ‘X’. The word Xylophone accompanies it, making this page a musical adventure in learning the letter ‘X’.


Alphabet Y for Yo-yo

Youthful Yo-yo Coloring Activity

A playful yo-yo with a sweet expression, aligned with the uppercase letter ‘Y’. The word Yo-yo is displayed, inviting youngsters to practice their coloring skills while learning about this classic toy.


Alphabet Z for Zebra

Zesty Zebra Coloring Sheet

This sheet features a zesty zebra full of stripes and character, along with the uppercase letter ‘Z’. The word Zebra beneath it completes the alphabetic set, providing a striking final page for the coloring book series.


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