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Take a trip through the stars with our collection of angel coloring pages. They are great for helping kids feel calm and creative. Each of these free printable coloring sheets has a different design that is easy to color, so every young artist will enjoy adding their color to these beautiful people. Our selection has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a straightforward angel coloring page to pass the time on a rainy day or a more complex angel coloring printable page to test your child’s artistic abilities.

Parents and teachers can find an incredible trove of angel-themed coloring pages with just one click. Not only are our printable PDFs a fun way to explore the supernatural and ethereal, but they’re also a great way to improve your sense of color and fine motor skills. It is the goal of every angel coloring page to encourage kids to imagine a world where angels play heavenly music and dance among the clouds. For a fun coloring journey that’s only a click away, get your crayons and markers ready. Each stroke will add a little magic to these winged wonders.

Trumpeting Angel on Clouds Coloring Page

Engage your child in a heavenly artistic experience with the Trumpeting Angel on Clouds Coloring Page. This charming illustration features a young angel blowing a trumpet among the stars, blending the celestial with the musical. Perfect for kids interested in angels and music, this coloring page is an invitation to a creative and harmonious adventure in art.


Curious Cherub with Halo Coloring Page

Let your little one’s imagination take wing with the Curious Cherub with Halo Coloring Page. The page presents a sweet-faced cherub pondering the wonders of the universe. It’s a delightful prompt for children to dream and wonder as they choose colors to fill the cherub’s world, adding a personal touch to this piece of heaven.


Simple Grace Angel Coloring Page

Simplicity is beautiful with the Simple Grace Angel Coloring Page. This bold outline of an angel is a blank canvas for creativity. It’s great for kids who like to experiment with colors and make each page their own masterpiece. Use bright colors or soft pastels to fill in the angel’s gown and wings. There’s no right or wrong way to color this page!


Happy Herald Angel Coloring Page

Introducing the Happy Herald Angel Coloring Page, full of joy and ready to color! This cheerful angel is all smiles, inviting children to share in the happiness. It’s a wonderful coloring page for those who enjoy adding a personal touch to their artwork. Encourage your little ones to use their favorite vibrant colors to make this angelic messenger stand out!


Love’s Embrace Angel Coloring Page

Discover the warmth of the Love’s Embrace Angel Coloring Page. This unique design features an angel with wings that create a heart shape, symbolizing love and kindness. It’s the perfect coloring page for teaching kids about love and caring for others. Let your children choose colors that represent love to them, and watch as they fill this page with warmth and affection.

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Angelic Trumpeter Coloring Page

Create a masterpiece with the Angelic Trumpeter Coloring Page, where every stroke of color brings a heavenly sound to life on paper. Perfect for music and art lovers, this page is a harmonious blend of creativity and tranquility.


Guiding Star Angel Coloring Page

Illuminate your artwork with the Guiding Star Angel Coloring Page, inviting children and adults to shine bright colors on a celestial friend reaching for the stars in a sky full of possibilities.


Cloud Rider Angel Coloring Page

Drift away into a serene art session with the Cloud Rider Angel Coloring Page, a depiction of joy and serenity as an angel lounges on a cloud, waiting for a splash of your imagination across the canvas of the sky.


Elegant Seraph Coloring Page

Dive into a world of beauty with the Elegant Seraph Coloring Page, showcasing an angel draped in grace and majesty, ready to be adorned with colors that speak to the heart of every budding artist.


Heartfelt Angel Coloring Page

Spread love on your canvas with the Heartfelt Angel Coloring Page, featuring a charming angel embracing a heart, symbolizing the universal language of love, ready to be filled with the vibrant hues of your affection.

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Archery Angel Coloring Page

Engage your little ones with the Archery Angel Coloring Page that brings together the thrill of mythic adventures and the excitement of archery. This coloring page is not just about filling in the blanks; it’s a delightful way for kids to improve their hand-eye coordination and learn about color combinations. As they color, they’ll be transported to a heavenly realm where angels and archery intertwine.


Floral Angel Coloring Page

Bring a touch of the garden to your child’s art with the Floral Angel Coloring Page. This page is adorned with an angel and a variety of flowers, providing a fun and educational coloring experience. It’s perfect for young artists who are drawn to the beauty of nature and imaginative scenes. Encourage your child to experiment with colors to make this angelic garden scene come alive.

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Fairy Ballerina Coloring Page

Introduce the elegance of dance to your child’s coloring time with the Fairy Ballerina Coloring Page. This page captures the essence of fairy tales and the beauty of ballet, offering a chance for kids to express themselves through art. It’s an enjoyable way for children to practice their coloring skills and to bring a dancing fairy to life with their favorite colors.


Cherub Pals Coloring Page

Create a coloring experience centered on friendship with the Cherub Pals Coloring Page. This page features two cherub friends in a tender moment, perfect for teaching children about the joys of friendship through coloring. It’s a simple yet engaging way for kids to explore colors and share the fun of coloring with friends or family.


Pondering Angel Coloring Page

Inspire young minds to wonder and explore with the Pondering Angel Coloring Page. This coloring page features a thoughtful angel, providing a peaceful backdrop for children to express their artistic side. The design is suitable for kids to try out different coloring techniques and to spend a quiet time immersed in the world of colors and imagination.

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Sweet Flower Crown Angel Coloring Page

Dive into a world of sweetness and petals with the Sweet Flower Crown Angel Coloring Page. This adorable page features a cherubic angel adorned with a floral crown, ready to be brought to life with a burst of colors. It’s a perfect pick for kids who love flowers and fantasy, offering a chance to mix bright florals with soft angelic hues.


Graceful Olive Branch Angel Coloring Page

Introduce the symbol of peace to your child’s coloring time with the Graceful Olive Branch Angel Coloring Page. This elegant angel, extending an olive branch, is a beautiful way for kids to learn about classic symbols while enjoying an artistic activity. It’s a serene choice for children to express their creativity and learn about historical peace offerings in a fun and engaging way.


Bold Angel Word Art Coloring Page

Get creative with letters and spirituality with the Bold Angel Word Art Coloring Page. This unique page turns the word ‘ANGEL’ into a fun coloring challenge, perfect for kids learning to read or anyone who enjoys word art. It’s a simple yet impactful design that can inspire both color and conversation.


Starry Cloak Angel Coloring Page

Let your child’s coloring skills shine with the Starry Cloak Angel Coloring Page. This page features a sweet angel wrapped in a cloak adorned with a star, inviting a sprinkle of glitter and a range of colors. It’s an excellent way for kids to explore nighttime colors and the concept of shining lights in the darkness.


Cloud Dancing Angel Coloring Page

Encourage your child to soar high with the Cloud Dancing Angel Coloring Page. This page showcases an angel dancing among the clouds, providing a sense of movement and freedom. It’s an opportunity for children to use a variety of blue and white shades to capture the essence of the sky, while the angel’s flowing garments allow for creative expression in form and color.


Serene Angel of Peace Coloring Page

Immerse your child in a tranquil art session with the Serene Angel of Peace Coloring Page. This beautiful coloring page features a calm angel with expansive wings and a halo of tranquility, standing amidst a serene environment. It’s a perfect canvas for children to express their creativity and enjoy a peaceful coloring experience, filling the page with harmonious colors that reflect the angel’s serene nature.


Majestic Angel with Open Wings Coloring Page

Let your child’s imagination take flight with the Majestic Angel with Open Wings Coloring Page. This striking page presents an angel with wings spread wide, offering a sense of freedom and grace. It’s an inspiring activity for kids to explore a variety of colors as they add life to the angel’s grand wings and flowing robe, creating a majestic scene that’s as uplifting as it is engaging.


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