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Apple coloring pages are popular with kids! These easy-to-color sheets are ideal for kids exploring with crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Each apple coloring page is free to download and comes in a printable PDF format, making it accessible for everyone. Whether it’s a single apple, a playful scene with apples tumbling from a tree, or a basket filled with these juicy fruits, there’s something here for every child.

Our apple coloring sheets are fun and excellent for children to develop their fine motor skills and color recognition. With designs ranging from simple to slightly more detailed, kids of all ages can enjoy bringing these pages to life with vibrant colors. Click on any picture you like, and you’ll get a free printable PDF of the apple coloring page, ready to spark creativity and provide hours of coloring enjoyment. Get ready to dive into the world of apples and unleash your child’s artistic potential!

Single Leaf Apple Coloring Page

This coloring page features a simple apple outline with a single leaf attached to the stem. The lines are bold and thick, making it easy for young children to color within the lines.

Use bright red for the apple body and green for the leaf. The background can be left white or light blue to represent the sky.


Simple Apple Coloring Page

This apple coloring page showcases an apple with two leaves sprouting from the stem, giving it a symmetrical and balanced look. The outline is clear and defined.

Opt for a deep green for the leaves and a vibrant red for the apple. This contrast will make the apple stand out, especially if the background is simple.


Half Apple Cut Coloring Page

The page displays half of an apple cut open, with the other half whole. It features the core and seeds distinctly, making it educational and fun.

To show the flesh, color the skin of the whole apple red and the cut section light yellow. The seeds can be brown. The background might be light gray to emphasize the apple.


Artistic Apple Coloring Page

This apple drawing is more artistic, with a detailed leaf and a flowing stem. The lines are smooth, giving it an elegant appearance suitable for older kids.

To add depth, use a darker shade of red, like burgundy, for the apple and a mixture of dark and light greens for the leaf. The background could be colored in soft pastel shades to enhance the artistic feel.


Paired Apples Coloring Page

This page features two whole apples close together, with visible stems and simplistic styling. It’s perfect for teaching about symmetry and pairs.

To highlight diversity in nature, color both apples in different shades—perhaps one yellow and one red. Coloring the background in a contrasting color, like light purple, will make the apple pop.


Bitten Apple Coloring Page

This coloring page presents a whimsically bitten apple with a single leaf and stems, emphasizing simplicity and charm. The bite mark on the apple adds a dynamic element to the otherwise smooth contour of the apple, offering a fun detail for children to color.

Consider using vibrant red for the apple’s exterior and a contrasting pale yellow or cream for the bitten area to suggest the inner flesh. The leaf should be colored a rich green, enhancing the apple’s natural look.


Basket of Apples Coloring Page

This detailed coloring page features a sturdy basket filled to the brim with apples. The basket is intricately designed with a crisscross weave pattern, and each apple is distinct, some with leaves, allowing for varied coloring opportunities.

Employ a range of reds, yellows, and greens for the apples to showcase variety. The basket should be colored in a realistic brown with shadows and highlights to depict the texture of the weave, creating a three-dimensional appearance.


Spilled Apples Coloring Page

A playful scene where apples have spilled from an overturned wooden basket. The apples are scattered around the basket, creating a sense of motion and spontaneity. Each apple includes slight details like stems and leaves, providing multiple coloring options.

Use a mix of bright colors for the apples to reflect different varieties—reds, greens, and yellows. The basket can be shaded with light and dark browns to emphasize its wooden texture and the dynamics of the spill.


Apple Tree Coloring Page

This page shows an entire apple tree, densely packed with apples, amid a bushy canopy. The tree stands tall with a detailed trunk and spreading branches that penetrate through a cloud of leaves, each dotted with an apple.

Alternate between shades of red and green for the apples to create a lively look. The tree trunk should be colored with shades of brown, using darker tones for the bark’s grooves and lighter tones for highlights. The leaves can be shaded with gradients of green to illustrate light filtering through the foliage.


Apple Cross Section Coloring Page

This is an educational depiction of an apple cut in half, showing the cross-section with seeds neatly arranged around the core. This page provides a great opportunity to learn about the parts of an apple while coloring.

The apple’s interior could be colored with soft reds or pinks, dark brown or black for the seeds to stand out. Consider adding a light green or yellow for the leaf to complement the inner colors, making the image more vibrant.


Happy Face Apple Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page features a cheerful apple with a broad, happy face. The facial features are simple yet expressive, with a curved smile and two round eyes. A single leaf protrudes from the stem at the top, adding a touch of whimsy.

Use bright, cheerful colors, like shiny red for the apple’s body and vivid green for the leaf. The facial features could be colored in black to emphasize the joyful expression. This page is perfect for spreading positivity and fun.


Twin Apples Coloring Page

This page shows two apples, each with a unique facial expression—one smiling and the other looking curiously with an open mouth. The apples are depicted with leaves and stems, suggesting they are still fresh from the tree.

Color each apple in different shades, such as one in classic red and the other in green, to highlight their individuality. The leaves can be colored in a lighter green, and playful expressions can be accentuated using darker outlines.


Eaten Apple Core Coloring Page

This coloring page captures the end stage of an apple. It shows a core with remnants of the fruit around it. The core stands upright, and the top of the apple maintains its iconic shape with a stem.

Color the core light brown with hints of yellow to suggest the eaten parts, while the stem can be a darker brown. This page can teach children about the different parts of an apple and the concept of waste.


Caramel Apple Coloring Page

This coloring page is a fun take on a popular treat. It features an apple dipped in caramel, complete with a stick for holding. The apple sits on a drizzling plate of caramel, perfect for those who love sweet snacks.

To make the apple stand out, use rich, golden brown for the caramel coating and a contrasting color like bright green. The stick can be grey or light brown, and adding some sparkle to the caramel could bring a festive feel to the artwork.


Apple in a Jar Coloring Page

This unique coloring page shows an apple enclosed in a decorative jar, sealed with a fabric cover tied with a ribbon. The jar also features an apple design label, making it ideal for lessons on canning or apple preserves.

The apple can be colored a vibrant red, and the jar can be shaded with blues and greens for a glass-like transparency effect. The fabric cover might be colored in any bright pattern. At the same time, the ribbon could be a soft pastel, offering a quaint and charming appearance to the setup.


Apple with Caterpillar Coloring Page

This playful coloring page features a plump apple with a cheeky caterpillar peeking out. The caterpillar’s body is striped, and its amusing expression adds a touch of whimsy to the scene.

Use vibrant red or green for the apple, and color the caterpillar in alternating shades of green and yellow for a lively look. The simple lines make it easy for kids to color within the outlines.


Historical Figure with Apple Coloring Page

A detailed illustration of a historical figure, reminiscent of Isaac Newton, holding an apple. This page combines elements of history and science, ideal for an educational coloring session.

Color the historical figure’s clothing in traditional dark shades like browns or blacks, while the apple should be a stark red to draw attention. This contrast will not only make the apple pop but also give the figure a classical feel.


Melting Apple Coloring Page

This unique coloring page depicts an apple with a melting effect, creating a surreal and artistic look. The droplets and gooey texture invite creativity in coloring.

Opt for a shiny, bright red for the apple, with the melting parts in a white-to-light gray gradient, simulating a wax-like melting effect. This can introduce children to creative art styles and interpretations.


Basket Full of Apples Coloring Page

This detailed coloring page features a rustic woven basket brimming with apples. It shows the texture of the basket and the individual characteristics of each apple.

Various apple colors, such as reds, greens, and yellows, reflect different apple varieties. The basket can be colored in shades of brown and beige, highlighting the weave pattern and giving it a natural look.


Fruit Bowl Coloring Page

This coloring page displays a bowl of various fruits, including apples, bananas, and berries, providing a rich scene to color. The arrangement is dynamic and inviting, with fruits overlapping each other.

Use a colorful palette for this page—reds for apples, yellow for bananas, and perhaps blues and purples for the berries. The bowl can be colored in earthy tones to keep the focus on the vibrantly colored fruits.


Single Apple Tree Coloring Page

This coloring page features a tall, solitary apple tree with a fluffy, rounded canopy dotted with apples. The trunk is straight and solid, splitting into a few branches that hold the fruits aloft. Around the base of the tree are small patches of grass, adding to the serene natural setting.

Color the apples in vibrant red or green, and use a rich brown for the tree trunk and branches. The leaves can be colored in shades of green to show depth and light variation. The grass around the tree’s base could be a lighter green to contrast with the darker leaves.


Apple Tree in a Meadow Coloring Page

This page depicts an apple tree in a meadow encircled by a lush environment. The tree’s branches are broad and laden with apples, and the ground is scattered with fallen apples and leaves. The background includes fluffy clouds, suggesting a bright, sunny day.

Use lighter green for the leaves and darker greens for the grass to create a layered visual effect. Apples on the tree and the ground should be colored in contrasting shades like bright red and yellow. The sky could be a soft blue, with white for the clouds to complete the pastoral scene.


Apple Tree with Basket Coloring Page

A lively scene where an apple tree is full of fruit, with a basket underneath catching the fallen apples. There are flowers and small plants at the tree’s base and a few birds flying nearby, adding dynamism and interest to the image.

Color the apples hanging from the branches and those in the basket in shades of red and green. The basket can be colored brown with highlights and shadows to show its texture. The grass and flowers should be colorful, using yellows, purples, and more greens, while the birds can be small splashes of color like blue or yellow.


Craft Ideas with Apple Coloring Pages

Apple coloring pages can be more than just a fun activity; they can also be the starting point for creative crafts kids will love. Here are some unique and enjoyable craft ideas that utilize apple coloring pages, making the most out of this simple fruit theme:

Apple-Themed Storybook

Create a storybook with the apple coloring pages as illustrations. Please color the pages and help your child write a story around the pictures. Bind the pages together to make a personalized apple-themed storybook, which can be a great keepsake or a gift for family members.

Apple Orchard Mobile

After coloring the apple pages, cut out the apples and attach them to a hanger using string or yarn to create a mobile. This can be hung in the classroom or in a child’s room and is a charming way to display their artwork. Each apple can have different expressions or color schemes for variety.

Educational Apple Puzzle

Use a completed apple coloring sheet and glue it onto a thicker piece of cardstock or thin cardboard. Once the glue has dried, cut the page into puzzle pieces. This custom puzzle can help children develop problem-solving skills and be a fun, educational tool for learning about apples.

Seasonal Apple Tree

Combine several apple coloring pages to create a large apple tree on a poster board. Different coloring sheets represent different seasons using appropriate colors and additional elements like blossoms for spring or falling leaves for autumn. This can be a great classroom decoration and an educational discussion starter about the seasons.

Apple Window Decorations

Color the apple pages with translucent markers or paints, then cut out the apples and use them as window decorations. When sunlight shines through, the apples will highlight the colors, making a beautiful display that illuminates the room with colorful light.

Apple Wreath

After coloring, cut out the apple shapes and arrange them in a circle on a cardboard base to create a festive apple wreath. To enhance the wreath, add additional decorations like real or faux leaves, glitter, or small craft apples. This can be a fun project for fall or a themed party.

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