40 Bear Coloring Pages – Free PDF Printables

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Bear Coloring Pages

We hope you enjoy these bear coloring pages for kids who like to color. Download our free, easy-to-color bear coloring sheets. Click on the pictures to download each coloring sheet as a PDF. We have many designs for polar bears, pandas, and teddy bears to suit different interests and ability levels.
These basic, enjoyable coloring pages are perfect for younger kids. Your child will be inspired by each bear coloring page’s cute and friendly bear characters in different surroundings. Every young artist will find bears holding hearts, koalas in their native habitat, and even ice cream cone-shaped bears.
Bring these bears to life with color. Bear coloring pages help kids learn color recognition and fine motor skills at home and in school. So grab your crayons and let’s color!

Cute Panda Bear Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features a simple and cute panda bear design, ideal for young kids. The panda has large, friendly eyes, and its distinct patches are clearly outlined for easy coloring. Use black for the ears, patches, and limbs, and leave the face, belly, and paws white to make your panda look authentic. This is a great page for teaching children about contrasting colors and enhancing their fine motor skills.


Cute Playful Bear Cub Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a delightful bear cub sitting playfully, capturing the essence of youthful curiosity. The cub’s features, including its big eyes and cheerful expression, are outlined with thick lines, making it easy to color. To bring this little bear to life, opt for shades of light brown or tan for the body and a pink hue for the inner ears and cheeks. It’s perfect for kids who enjoy adding a bit of personality to their coloring activities.


Bear in the Woods Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a bear standing confidently in a forest setting, with pine trees in the background. The bear’s robust form and gentle eyes make it a great subject for coloring. Using darker browns for the bear and mixing greens and browns for the trees can teach children about natural colors while exploring shading techniques to give the scene depth.


Gentle Giant Bear Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a solitary bear in a side profile. It presents a more realistic depiction, suitable for children who like a bit of challenge. The bear’s fur texture is simplified, allowing for easy coloring. Use a combination of dark browns and grays to reflect the natural hues of a bear’s fur, perfect for older kids interested in more detailed coloring work.


Arctic Bear Adventure Coloring Page

This imaginative coloring page portrays a small bear in a vast arctic landscape with mountains and a cloudy sky. The minimalistic design focuses on the bear, encouraging the use of white or light blue for the snowy ground and soft gray for the mountains. This scene is excellent for teaching about cold environments and how animals adapt, making it both fun and educational.


Teddy Bear with Bow Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page features a teddy bear with a prominent bow, sitting adorably. The design is clean and simple with thick outlines, perfect for young children. The bow offers a fantastic opportunity to introduce vibrant colors like red or blue, while the bear itself can be colored in traditional browns or fun pastels for a playful look. It’s an ideal choice for kids learning about clothing and accessories.


Forest Bear Coloring Sheet

This coloring page showcases a friendly bear standing by a tree in a serene forest scene. The details, including the tree bark and forest floor, are great for practicing different shades of green and brown. Children can use darker colors for the bear to make it stand out against the lighter background, enhancing their ability to focus on detailed coloring.


Welcoming Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page features a bear with its arms wide open as if ready for a hug. The straightforward design with minimal details is especially suited for younger kids. Coloring this bear in darker shades like deep brown or black will help highlight the bear’s welcoming posture. The open space around the bear also allows for background customization, encouraging creativity.


Bear with Balloons Coloring Page

This coloring page captures a joyful moment: a bear floating happily with three balloons. This image provides a great way to teach kids about colors and buoyancy. Bright, contrasting colors for the balloons (like yellow, red, and blue) and a light brown or beige for the bear make this picture pop. It’s perfect for discussing themes like birthdays or celebrations.


Koala on a Branch Coloring Sheet

This charming page features a koala clasping a tree branch, introducing children to this unique bear species. With its distinct fur texture, kids can experiment with shades of grey and white. Adding green to the leaves and branch will give them a natural look. This coloring page is great for teaching about wildlife and the habitats of different bear species.


Heart Teddy Bear Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page features a teddy bear holding a heart, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day or expressing love and affection. The design is straightforward, with bold, clear lines, suitable for young children. The heart offers a great opportunity to use bright colors like red or pink, while the bear can be colored in shades of brown or any soft, cuddly color that a child might like.


Mandala Bear Coloring Page

This intricate coloring page showcases a bear designed in a mandala art style. It is ideal for older children or adults who enjoy detailed coloring. Each section of the bear’s body is filled with unique patterns, allowing for a diverse palette of colors to enhance the complexity of the design. This page is excellent for practicing mindfulness and concentration, and it can be colored in a rainbow of hues to highlight the various mandala patterns.


Camping Bear Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a bear in a camping setting, complete with a campfire and marshmallows. It is fantastic for teaching children about outdoor activities. The bear wearing a cap adds a playful element. Earthy tones like browns for the bear and greens for the background, along with orange and red for the fire, can be used to create a cozy camping scene.


Loving Bear Coloring Page

This heartwarming coloring page depicts a bear with its arms folded over a heart, symbolizing love and care. It’s simple enough for young children to enjoy coloring. Bright colors for the heart and natural shades for the bear make it visually appealing and a delightful activity for occasions like Mother’s Day or showing appreciation to someone special.


Bear Family Coloring Sheet

This charming page shows a parent bear and a cub in a sweet, nurturing pose, perfect for discussing family bonds and parental care with children. The simplicity of the design allows for easy coloring, making it suitable for younger kids. Soft colors such as light browns or grays for the bears and vibrant colors for any additional elements like the cub’s pacifier could enhance this familial scene.


Circus Bear on Unicycle Coloring Page

This playful coloring page depicts a bear skillfully riding a unicycle donned in a polka-dot cape and a stylish hat, evoking the notion of a circus performer. Ideal for children who enjoy dynamic scenes, this illustration encourages the use of vibrant colors like red or yellow for the cape and a contrasting color for the unicycle to bring this entertaining act to life.


Bookworm Bear Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features an adorable bear deeply engrossed in reading a book. It is perfect for promoting the joy of reading among young children. With its cheerful expression and the open book, kids can use a combination of soft colors like beige or light brown for the bear and any bright color for the book to make it stand out, fostering a love for books and reading.


Classic Teddy Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a traditional teddy bear with a big bow, invoking a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The simple outlines make it easy for young children to color. Soft, cuddly colors like shades of brown or grey for the bear and a bright, cheerful color for the bow can be used, making it a delightful activity for bedtime or quiet time.


Biking Bear Coloring Page

Capturing the joy of a sunny day out, this coloring page features a bear riding a bicycle, complete with a basket and backpack. It’s great for discussing outdoor activities and transportation with kids. Natural colors like browns for the bear, along with blues or greens for the bicycle, will give a lively and realistic look to this fun scene.


Winter Bear Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features a bear bundled up in a cozy scarf, perfect for discussing seasons, particularly winter. The bear’s friendly face and accessible design make it suitable for young children. Cool colors like white or light blue for the background, combined with warm colors for the scarf, such as red or orange, will beautifully contrast and bring warmth to the cold season theme.


Bear Buddies Coloring Page

This heartwarming coloring page features two bear friends, one larger and one smaller, holding hands. Their expressions of surprise and joy make this a delightful scene for children to color. Using soft shades of brown or gray for the bears and adding vibrant colors to the background can enhance the cheerful mood of the page. It’s perfect for teaching kids about friendships and emotions.


Alphabet Bear B Coloring Page

This coloring page integrates learning with fun. It depicts a bear designed in the shape of the letter ‘B.’ It’s excellent for young learners beginning to recognize and write letters. Bold, bright colors can be used to highlight the bear, and additional decorations can be added to the large ‘B’ to encourage creativity in learning the alphabet.


Teddy Bear with Heart Coloring Sheet

This adorable coloring page shows a teddy bear hugging a large heart, ideal for occasions like Valentine’s Day or to express love and kindness. The design’s simplicity makes it easy for young children to color. Pastel colors for the bear and a bright red or pink heart can make this drawing even more charming and engaging.


Patchwork Teddy Bear Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a patchwork teddy bear and is perfect for children who enjoy adding a variety of colors and patterns. The different patches can be colored in multiple hues to create a vibrant, textured effect. This activity is excellent for developing color recognition and fine motor skills.


Bear Holding a Heart Balloon Coloring Page

This playful and cute coloring page depicts a bear holding a heart-shaped balloon. It’s a fun way for kids to work on shapes and colors. Light brown or beige for the bear and any vivid color for the balloon would make this image pop, making it ideal for festive occasions or just as a cheerful pastime.


Sleepy Bear Coloring Sheet

This adorable coloring page features a sleepy bear with closed eyes and a peaceful expression. The bear’s round body and cute ears make it an excellent subject for younger children to color. Soft, soothing colors like light blue or lavender are ideal for this bear, providing a calming coloring experience. It’s perfect for a bedtime coloring activity.


Happy Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a content bear with hearts for eyes and a big smile, radiating joy and love. The simple and bold lines make it easy to color, and bright, cheerful colors like pink for the hearts and golden brown for the bear can enhance the happy theme, making it a delightful pick for Valentine’s Day or just to spread some happiness.


Playful Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page features a bear lying on its stomach, capturing a playful and relaxed moment. It’s great for kids who enjoy coloring scenes that depict daily activities. Using natural bear colors like browns or grays, along with a colorful background, can make this simple yet fun scene come to life.


Bear with Gift Box Coloring Page

This winter-themed coloring page includes a bear wearing a scarf and sitting by gift boxes, suggesting a cozy holiday scene. The large areas of the bear and accessories offer an opportunity to use a variety of festive colors like red, green, or white, making it ideal for Christmas or winter season coloring activities.


Joyful Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page features a joyful bear with its arms raised as if celebrating or dancing. The bear’s open, inviting pose is perfect for a lively coloring session. Bright and vivid colors can express the bear’s cheerful mood, making it suitable for positive themes or as a motivational coloring activity for children.


Stealthy Polar Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a polar bear in a stalking pose, capturing the essence of its natural behavior in the wild. The bear’s sleek, streamlined shape is perfect for discussing animal movements and Arctic habitats with children. Using a palette of whites and blues can help highlight the polar bear’s camouflage in snowy environments, making it an educational and fun coloring experience.


Standing Polar Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a polar bear standing upright, providing a great opportunity to discuss the size and strength of these majestic creatures. Children can use a range of greys and whites to color the bear, simulating the natural tones found in their fur and perhaps a contrasting background to make the figure stand out.


Relaxing Panda Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page features a panda bear sitting comfortably among bamboo stalks. It is delightful for teaching kids about this beloved animal and its environment. The bear’s relaxed posture and friendly face make it accessible to younger artists. Using black and white for the panda and varying shades of green for the bamboo can make the scene vibrant and realistic.


Mother and Cub Bear Coloring Page

This heartwarming coloring page shows a mother bear and her cub, with the cub holding a “Best Mom” heart. It’s perfect for Mother’s Day or teaching themes of family and care in nature. Soft browns or greys for the bears and bright colors for the heart and background details can enhance this tender scene.


Happy Birthday Bear Coloring Page

Capturing a festive mood, this coloring page features a bear with a birthday cake and a balloon that reads “Happy Birthday.” It’s perfect for birthday party activities or as a fun way to teach children about celebrations. Bright, cheerful colors like reds, blues, and yellows for the balloon, cake, and bear accessories can make this coloring page a joyful activity.


Tender Heart Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page features a sweet bear holding a heart, surrounded by smaller hearts. The affectionate pose and the hearts make it ideal for Valentine’s Day projects or to express love and care at any time. Coloring the bear in light brown or pink and using bright reds or pinks for the hearts can enhance the loving theme.


Koala Buddy Coloring Page

Showcasing a charming koala seated among eucalyptus leaves, this coloring page is perfect for teaching children about different bear species and their natural habitats. Using greys for the koala and varying shades of green for the leaves brings this Australian native to life, making it both an educational and enjoyable coloring activity.


Bear Ice Cream Cone Coloring Page

This playful coloring page transforms a bear into an ice cream cone, adding a whimsical twist that’s sure to delight young colorists. Using pastel colors for the ice cream part and a typical bear color for the cone can make this picture pop. It’s a perfect choice for summer-themed coloring activities or just for fun.


Balloon Bear Coloring Page

Featuring a bear with a balloon and a stylish hat, this coloring page is festive and fun, suitable for party themes or celebrating special occasions. Bright colors for the balloon and a contrasting color for the bear’s hat can make this simple yet cheerful scene come to life.


Fluffy Bear Coloring Page

This coloring page displays a fluffy bear sitting calmly, offering a fantastic opportunity to teach kids about bear features and fur textures. Using darker shades for the fur’s shadows and lighter tones for highlights can help young artists learn about coloring techniques that add depth and realism to their artwork.


Craft Ideas with Bear Coloring Pages

Creating crafts with bear coloring pages is a fantastic way to combine art, creativity, and learning. Here are some fun and unique craft ideas that make a strong connection with the bear theme, ensuring kids stay engaged and enjoy their crafting time:

Bear Masks

Turn bear coloring pages into wearable masks. After coloring their favorite bear, help kids cut out the bear’s face and make holes for the eyes. Attach a string or a stick to hold the mask in place. This craft is perfect for pretend play, storytelling, or even a themed party.

Bear Puppets

Using the colored bear pages, create simple puppets. Paste the bear onto a thicker piece of paper or cardboard, cut it out, and attach it to a popsicle stick. Kids can use these bear puppets to put on a show, telling stories about bear adventures in the wild or imaginary lands.

Bear Mobiles

For a room decoration, transform colored bear pages into a charming mobile. Cut out several bear figures and attach them to a hanger or a stick with varying lengths of yarn or string. This bear mobile can add a touch of whimsy to a child’s room and serves as a lovely reminder of their creative efforts.

Bear-themed Greeting Cards

Use the bear coloring pages to make greeting cards. Have children color and decorate the bears, then cut them out and glue them onto folded cardstock. They can add messages inside for birthdays, holidays, or thank you notes, making each card personal and heartfelt.

Bear Story Book

Combine several colored bear pages to create a unique storybook. Each bear can represent a character in the story, which the kids can help write. Bind the pages together with ribbon or string. This activity not only fosters creativity but also enhances writing skills and can be a treasured keepsake.

These bear-themed crafts not only make the coloring activity more enjoyable but also help children develop fine motor skills, explore their creativity, and learn about storytelling and design. Plus, they create lasting memories with every project they complete!

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