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Cat Coloring Pages

Cat coloring pages are an excellent way to entertain and engage kids with a creative activity they love. Our free printable cat coloring pages are designed with adorable and fun illustrations that are easy for kids to color. Whether your child is a beginner or has some experience with coloring, these cat coloring sheets are perfect for all skill levels. 

From playful kittens under the leaves to superhero cats soaring through the sky, each cat coloring page is packed with charm and character. You can easily click on the pictures to download the printable coloring page PDFs, making it easy to start immediately. Our collection includes a variety of cute scenes, ensuring that your child will find something they enjoy.

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Easy Cute Cat Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features a cute cat sitting on a fluffy cloud, holding a magical wand with a star. The simple outlines and dreamy elements make it perfect for young children to color. Use soft shades like light blue and white for the cloud and any bright color for the star on the wand to make it sparkle!


Cheerful Cat with Hearts Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page showcases a cheerful cat dancing with hearts around it. The cat wears a cute bow and striped dress, adding a playful touch. Ideal for toddlers, use vibrant colors like pink for the hearts and a contrasting color for the dress to bring out the happiness in the scene.

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Cat with Butterflies in the Garden Coloring Page

Capture the essence of spring with this coloring page featuring a serene cat surrounded by butterflies in a garden. This is a fantastic choice for kids who enjoy nature scenes. Color the cat in calming shades of grey or beige, and use bright colors like yellow and red for the butterflies.

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Cat Playing with Apples Coloring Page

This fun coloring page depicts a playful cat amongst apples, with a caterpillar friend joining in. It’s a great way to teach kids about fruits and insects. Color the apples in shades of red and green, and give the caterpillar vibrant segments.


Kitten Dreaming of Love Coloring Page

A sweet kitten dreams surrounded by heart-shaped clouds. This page is perfect for expressing creativity and love. Soft pastel colors will make this dreamy scene come alive, with exceptionally light pinks and purples for the hearts.


Festive Cat with Gifts Coloring Page

Get into the festive spirit with this coloring page featuring a cat playing with a gift and a rainbow. This page is excellent for holiday coloring activities. Use bright, festive colors like red for the gift ribbon and multiple colors for the rainbow.


Unicorn Cat Coloring Page 

This enchanting coloring page features a unicorn cat with a starry background and a floating burger. It’s perfect for those who love whimsy and fantasy. Use glittery or metallic colors for the stars and a bold color for the unicorn horn.

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Cat Doing a Handstand Coloring Sheet

This playful coloring page shows a cat doing a handstand surrounded by stars and tiny mice. It’s an excellent page for kids to explore dynamic movements. Bright primary colors, especially yellows, and blues for the stars, will make this energetic scene pop.


Candy Unicorn Cat Coloring Sheet

This delightful coloring page features a unicorn cat happily munching on candies. With its magical horn and playful pose, this picture is perfect for sparking creativity in kids. To make the candies look enticing, suggest using bright colors like pink or purple for the unicorn horn and various vibrant colors for the candies.

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Dreamy Night Cat Coloring Sheet

Capture the tranquility of night with this coloring page showing a cat snuggling a bird under a starry sky. This scene is ideal for bedtime coloring. Use dark blues and grays for the night sky and soft colors for the cat to emphasize calmness and sleep.


Dancing Unicorn Cat Coloring Sheet

This page depicts a unicorn cat dancing joyfully with a microphone and sunglasses. It’s perfect for kids who love music and dancing. Bright, cheerful colors like yellow or neon green for the sunglasses and a dynamic pose make this an engaging coloring choice.


Kitten with Flower and Bees Coloring Sheet

This adorable coloring page features a kitten playing with a large flower and bees. It’s a beautiful way to introduce children to nature and insects. Use natural colors like yellow and green for the flowers and bees and any soft shade for the kitten.


Halloween Cat Coloring Page

This unique coloring page shows a cat playfully batting at hanging lanterns. It’s great for discussing festivals and lights with children. Bright and bold colors like red, gold, and orange can be used for the lanterns to bring out their festive look.


Curious Cat Playing with Stars Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a curious cat playing with floating stars. It’s perfect for teaching kids about shapes and the night sky. Use glitter pens or shimmering colors for the stars to enhance their magical appeal.


Cat on the Moon Coloring Pages for Kids

This whimsical coloring page has a cat sitting on a crescent moon surrounded by clouds. It’s ideal for sparking imaginative stories about the night sky. Soft blues and whites would be perfect for coloring the moon and clouds, making it a soothing activity.

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Kawaii Easy Cute Cat Coloring Page

A sweet kitten holds a heart lovingly on this coloring page, making it perfect for themes of love and friendship. Suggest using red or pink for the heart to symbolize love and warm colors for the kitten to make it feel cozy and affectionate.

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Kitty on the Hill Coloring Pages for Kids

This cheerful coloring page features a cute kitty sitting on a grassy hill under a sunny sky, with a birdhouse nearby. Perfect for younger kids, use bright greens for the grass and a vivid blue for the sky to make this daytime scene come alive.


Kitty by the Cabin Coloring Pages for Kids

This coloring page is set in a serene woodland. It shows a sweet kitty near a small cabin beside a flowing stream, ideal for teaching kids about nature and tranquility. Use earth tones like browns and greens for the woods and a soft blue for the water.


Kitten with Heart Card Coloring Page

This adorable kitten holds a large heart card surrounded by little hearts and twinkles. It’s perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day. Bright reds or pinks for the heart will stand out beautifully against a lighter-colored kitten.


Cityscape Kitty Coloring Pages for Kids

This coloring page features a kitty against a backdrop of tall buildings, blending urban life with cuteness. It’s great for discussions about city environments. Use a range of grays for the buildings and a contrasting color like orange for the kitty to pop against the cityscape.


Kitten Holding Heart Coloring Pages for Kids

A simple yet heartwarming coloring page of a kitten holding a heart. This can be colored for a friend or family member as a sign of love. Vibrant red for the heart and pastel shades for the kitten would be delightful.


Countryside Cat

This coloring page depicts a cat sitting contentedly in a lush countryside setting with rolling hills and a distant village. It’s perfect for a peaceful coloring session. Use soft greens for the landscape and bright colors for the flowers.


Kitty on a Cloudy Hill Coloring Page

A happy kitty sits atop a hill with fluffy clouds and a detailed castle in the background. This scene is perfect for kids who enjoy fairy tales. Pale blues and whites for the sky and clouds, with stone grays for the castle, will enhance this magical setting.


Forest Cat Coloring Pages for Kids

This coloring page features a cat enjoying nature in a dense forest with mushrooms and foliage. It’s excellent for teaching kids about forest ecosystems. Dark greens and browns for the forest with a grey or tabby cat would look natural and inviting.


Kitty Love Cartoon Cat Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features a kitten holding a heart with twinkling stars and hearts above. This image is perfect for expressing affection. To enhance the loving theme, suggest using vibrant reds for the heart and bright colors for the stars.


Joyful Heart Balloon Kitty Coloring Page

Capture a moment of joy with this kitten holding a heart-shaped balloon. This page is ideal for children to explore expressions of happiness. Use light and cheerful colors like pink for the balloon and soft shades for the kitten.


Sweetheart Kitten Cartoon Coloring Page

This adorable kitten clutching a heart is surrounded by smaller hearts, making it a sweet option for a gift or Valentine’s Day activity. Bright colors for the hearts and a contrasting light color for the kitten would be perfect.


Printable Heart Banner Kitty Coloring Page

This coloring page features a kitten with a playful heart banner above. It is perfect for festive occasions. To create a vibrant look, I recommend using a series of colors for the hearts in the banner.


Little Love Kitten Cute Coloring Page

This simple yet endearing coloring page shows a kitten sitting cutely with a small heart beside it. Ideal for young children, suggest soft pastel colors to keep the adorable and gentle vibe.


Caring Kitten Kawaii Coloring Page

A kitten holding a large heart, looking out sweetly, is a great image for coloring activities focused on themes of love and caring. Use bright red for the heart and gentle colors for the kitten to reflect warmth and affection.


Free Heart Whiskers Kitten Coloring Page

A delightful kitten with heart-shaped whiskers, holding a heart. This playful design is fun for kids to color, especially using bold colors for the heart and various shades for the kitten.


Free Tiny Heart Kitten Coloring Page

This cute kitten features tiny hearts floating around, creating a whimsical and loving atmosphere. It’s a beautiful page for children to use their imagination with multiple colors for the little hearts.


Free Printable Kitten Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page features a kitten with a heart-shaped marking and tiny hearts floating around. Perfect for expressing love and affection, use shades of pink or red for the hearts to emphasize warmth and tenderness.


Easy Kitten with Heart Coloring Page

This page showcases a kitten holding a big heart, making it great for Valentine’s Day or expressing love any day of the year. To make it stand out, suggest using bold red for the heart and contrasting colors for the kitten.


Easy Tiny Heart Kitten Coloring Page

A cute kitten holding a small heart surrounded by more hearts makes this coloring page perfect for young artists. To add vibrancy and fun, I recommend using a variety of colors for the hearts.


Easy Playful Heart Kitten Coloring Page

This playful kitten holds a heart balloon, making it a fun page for birthdays or special occasions. Bright, cheerful colors will bring this image to life, especially for the heart balloon.


Simple Loving Kitten Coloring Page

This coloring page features a kitten holding a heart lovingly. It is ideal for teaching children about kindness and affection. Use soft colors for the kitten and vivid red for the heart to highlight feelings of love.


Simple Fairy Cat with Wings Coloring Page

This magical coloring page includes a cat with fairy wings surrounded by flowers. It’s perfect for sparking imagination in young minds. Suggest pastel colors for a soft, ethereal look.


Cute Good Morning Kitty Coloring Page

This coloring page features a kitten peeking through a window with a “Good Morning” greeting. It’s a cheerful page that can be colored in the morning to start the day positively. Light and sunny colors would be ideal.


Cute Moonlight Kitten Coloring Page

A kitten sitting on a crescent moon surrounded by stars and flowers, perfect for bedtime coloring. Recommend cool blues and silvers for the moon and stars to create a peaceful nighttime scene.


Bubble Bath Kitten Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page features a playful kitten enjoying a bubble bath in a tub, surrounded by bubbles and a rubber ducky. Suggested colors are soft blues and whites for the bubbles and water and pastel shades for the tub and accessories.


Cuddling Cats Coloring Page

Capture the sweetness of two cats cuddling in a grassy field under a sky dotted with clouds. This page is perfect for practicing coloring fur textures. Soft greys, browns, or even calico patterns would be lovely for the cats, with green for the grass and light blue for the sky.


Kitten with a Kite Coloring Page

This adorable scene shows a kitten playing with a kite on a sunny day. The kite’s tail offers a chance to use bright, contrasting colors like red or yellow, while the kitten can be colored in lighter tones such as beige or light grey.


Stylish Cat in a Car Coloring Page

A stylish cat wearing a floral accessory drives a cute car. This coloring page is ideal for using vibrant colors like pink or yellow for the vehicle and floral hues for the cat’s accessory, complemented by greens and blues for the background.


Cat in a Convertible Coloring Page

This page features a charming cat wearing a hat and driving a classic convertible. Bold colors like red or blue for the car and a contrasting light tan or grey for the cat make this scene pop.


Beach Day Cat Coloring Page

Showcasing a cat on a beach with a float ring and an umbrella, this coloring page is great for bright summer colors. Blues for the water, sandy yellows for the beach, and a colorful umbrella will bring this picture to life.

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Sailing Adventure Cat Coloring Page

A cat in a sailor cap on a boat makes this a captivating coloring page. Use blues and whites for the sea and sky, and consider a striped pattern for the sailor cap to add a nautical feel.


Happy Sitting Kitten Coloring Page

This is a simple yet sweet image of a sitting kitten with big, inviting eyes. This page allows creative expression by coloring the kitten’s fur with any preferred shade while keeping the background minimalistic.


Starry Night Kitten Coloring Page

This captivating coloring page features a kitten gazing upward, surrounded by bubbles and stars. It is ideal for using dark blues and purples for the background to represent the night sky and warm grays or browns for the kitten, highlighting its curious expression.


Playful Kitten Coloring Page

This coloring page features a charming scene of a kitten sitting playfully. It is perfect for experimenting with light colors such as creams or soft oranges to give the kitten a fluffy appearance, with an emphasis on the big, expressive eyes.


Cute Standing Kitten Coloring Page

This page depicts a cute kitten standing and smiling, which is perfect for children to practice shading techniques. Consider pastel colors like light blues or pinks to add a gentle touch to the kitten’s fur.


Garden Explorer Kitten Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page shows a kitten among garden flowers. Use vibrant colors for the flowers, like yellows, pinks, and reds, and a more subdued shade for the kitten, making it a fun scene for detailed coloring.


Kitten and Hearts Coloring Page

This coloring page features a kitten surrounded by plants and hearts. It is great for Valentine’s Day or any love-themed coloring activity. Bright reds and pinks for the hearts and greens for the plants will make this picture pop.


Sitting Kitten with Leaves Coloring Page

A simple yet adorable kitten sits among falling leaves. This page is excellent for autumn-themed coloring, with oranges, yellows, and reds for the leaves and a solid, earthy color for the kitten.


Curious Kitten Coloring Page

This coloring page features a kitten sitting neatly with a curious and cute expression. Ideal for beginners, use light browns or grays to bring out the texture of the kitten’s fur, keeping the background minimalistic.


Smiling Kitten Coloring Page

This inviting coloring page features a cheerful kitten smiling widely. Bright and warm colors enhance the kitten’s happy demeanor, making it perfect for young artists to add their personal touch.


Playful Kitten Under the Leaves Coloring Sheet

This adorable kitten is sitting under leafy branches with a curious expression. The background includes scattered leaves and a clear sky. Kids can use shades of brown or gray for the kitten and green for the leaves to bring this cute scene to life.


Big-Eyed Kitty Coloring Sheet

A charming kitten with large, expressive eyes sits upright, looking straight ahead. This simple yet delightful illustration can be colored using soft pastel shades like light gray or beige for the fur and pink for the nose and ears.


Cute Sitting Cat Coloring Sheet

This picture features a sweet kitten sitting down with a gentle smile. With its big, round eyes and fluffy tail, this cat is perfect for coloring in soft orange or creamy white, adding a touch of light blue or green to the background.


Happy Kitten Free Printable Coloring Sheet

A happy kitten sits with a playful ball beside it. The scene captures the kitten’s joyful and energetic spirit. Color the kitten light brown or black, the ball vibrant red or blue, and the surrounding grass different shades of green.


Adorable Fluffy Cat Coloring Sheet

This fluffy kitten has a cute expression and a little tuft of hair on its head. The simple design allows for creative coloring, with white or black fur being great choices and adding a pop of color with bright pink for the ears and nose.


Sweet Kitten with Big Eyes Coloring Sheet

This kitten has an innocent look, large eyes, and a soft smile. Perfect for young children, this image can be colored in light gray or pale yellow, with hints of soft pink for the inner ears and a blue or green background.


Sitting Kitten with a Fluffy Tail Coloring Sheet

A delightful kitten with a fluffy tail and bright eyes sits patiently. Kids can have fun coloring this kitten in shades of orange or white and adding colorful details like a pink nose and green eyes to enhance its charm.


Furry Little Kitten Coloring Sheet

This furry little kitten has a rounded face and a happy demeanor. Ideal for kids to color, it can be given a realistic touch with brown or gray fur and bright accents like a red collar or blue background to make the kitten stand out.


Fluffy Whiskers Cat Coloring Sheet

This cute cat with fluffy whiskers sits happily, its big eyes full of curiosity. Kids can make this kitty come to life by using shades of brown or gray for the fur and adding a pink nose.


Wide-Eyed Kitten Cute Coloring Sheet

A sweet kitten with wide, sparkling eyes and a gentle smile. This kitten’s fur can be colored in soft orange or light gray, with hints of pink for the ears and nose.


Cozy Kitten in a Scarf Coloring Sheet

This adorable kitten is wrapped in a cozy scarf, perfect for a chilly day. Use warm colors like red or yellow for the scarf and shades of brown or white for the kitten’s fur.


Rainy Day Kitty Coloring Sheet

A playful kitten holds an umbrella in the rain, with drops falling all around. Kids can color the umbrella in bright colors like yellow or blue and the kitten in shades of orange or gray.


Driving Cat Cartoon Coloring Sheet

A cute cat is driving a little car on a sunny day. The car can be vibrantly colored, like red or blue, and the cat in brown or black. To complete the scene, add a blue sky and green grass.


Cat on a Boat Coloring Sheet

This kitten enjoys a boat ride, peeking over the edge with a cheerful expression. Use blue for the water, green for the fish, and shades of gray or orange for the kitten.


Funny Cat with a Hat Coloring Sheet

A whimsical cat wearing a party hat is surrounded by stars and a gift box. Use bright colors like red, yellow, and blue for the hat and stars and soft colors for the cat’s fur.


Music Party Cat Coloring Sheet

A musical cat enjoying a party with a mouse playing the drums. Color the cat in orange or gray and the mouse in light brown, and use various bright colors for the musical notes and accessories.


Oh No! Spilled Milk Cat Free Coloring Sheet

A startled kitten reacts to spilled milk while a mouse watches nearby. Color the kitten in shades of gray or orange, the milk in white, and the mouse in brown.


Superhero Cat Free Coloring Sheet

A joyful cat wearing a cape flies through the sky, embodying a superhero. Use bright colors like red or blue for the cape and soft orange or gray for the cat’s fur.


Curious Cat and the Fishbowl Free Coloring Sheet

A curious cat peers into a fishbowl, eyeing the little fish inside. Color the cat in stripes of orange and white, the fish in bright colors like orange or yellow, and the water in blue.


Baby Cat with Milk Coloring Sheet

An adorable baby cat sits with a bowl of milk, looking content. Kids can color the cat in soft shades of brown or gray, the milk bowl in blue or pink, and add a touch of white for the spilled milk.


Cats Rowing a Boat Coloring Sheet for Kids

Two cats enjoy a boat ride, one playing a guitar while a bird flies overhead. Color the boat brown, the cats gray or orange, and the birds bright colors like yellow or green.


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