15 Free Cherry Coloring Pages (PDF Printables)

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Hey there, little artists and cherry lovers! Ready to dive into a world of coloring fun with our super cute cherry coloring pages? They’re perfect for kids who love to color and want to create their very own cherry masterpieces. We’ve put together a bunch of easy and adorable cherry coloring sheets that you can print right from home—click on the pictures, and voilà, you’ve got a free printable PDF!

Whether you’re into decorating cherry jam jars, making a cherry cupcake look yummy, or want to color some cute cherries with big smiley faces, we’ve got all sorts of pages to make your coloring time a blast. Plus, these pages are great for all young artists looking to sharpen their coloring skills while having fun. So, grab your crayons or markers, and let’s make these cherries pop with colors!

Simple Cherry Coloring Page

This coloring page features two simple, round cherries connected by a short stem with a single leaf. The cherries are depicted in a bold, minimalist style, emphasizing their iconic shape. This design allows for easy coloring, which is ideal for young children learning to color within the lines. Bright red is used for the cherries, and vibrant green is used for the leaves to make them pop against a white background.


Easy Cherry Coloring Page

The image displays two cheerful cherries attached by a gracefully curving stem, topped with a lively leaf. The drawing uses smooth, curving lines to create a friendly and inviting appearance. This page is great for kids who enjoy adding personal touches, such as patterns or shading. Classic cherry red is used for the fruits, and light green is used for the leaves to keep them fresh and appealing.


Cherries with Leaves Coloring Page

Here, three cherries are linked with intricate stems and detailed, textured leaves, adding depth to the design. The added swirls on the cherries offer a creative twist, perfect for children who like a bit more complexity. Deep red for the cherries and various shades of green on the leaves enhance the detailed textures.


Simple Free Cherry Duo Coloring Sheet

This page showcases two elegant cherries with elongated stems, giving them a more sophisticated look. The simplicity of the design focuses on the smooth contours of the cherries and stems. It’s an excellent choice for older kids who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic. The cherries are dark red, and the stems are dark green, providing a classic but striking color scheme.


Cherry Pie Coloring Page

A delicious cherry pie with a lattice crust and a pair of cherries on top invites children to add color to this delightful design. The detailed pie crust and cherries make it fun for kids to experiment with textures and patterns. Ruby red for the cherries and golden brown for the crust to mimic a baked pie’s warm, inviting colors.


Sketched Cherry Twins Coloring Page

This coloring page features a beautifully sketched pair of cherries with detailed shading and textures on the fruits, connected by a gracefully arching stem. This design is perfect for older children ready to experiment with shading techniques to bring depth to their artwork. Use a gradient of reds from light to dark to enhance the textured effect on the cherries and brown for the stem.


Cherry Blossom Cluster Coloring Page

The page presents a detailed cluster of cherries amidst leaves and blossoms, with each element outlined crisply. This intricate design is ideal for kids who enjoy detailed coloring, helping to improve their concentration and precision. Vibrant red for the cherries, a mix of greens for the leaves, and soft pink for the blossom to highlight the natural beauty.


Cute Happy Cherries Coloring Page

This adorable page shows two cherries with cute, smiling faces connected by a single leaf and stem. This playful design is perfect for young children, providing a fun way to learn about facial expressions while coloring. Bright red for the cherries to make them stand out, and a cheerful green for the leaf.


Cherries with Bow Coloring Page

Two cherries linked by their stems and adorned with a lovely bow make this coloring page uniquely charming. The bow adds a festive or decorative element, suitable for holiday coloring activities. Classic red for the cherries and any festive color like gold or silver for the bow are perfect for practicing coloring within intricate lines.


Heart Cherries Coloring Page

This creative coloring page features two cherries shaped like hearts, connected by a stem with a leaf. This design is excellent for Valentine’s Day-themed activities or to express love and friendship through art. Deep red for the heart-shaped cherries and bright green for the leaf make it an engaging project for special occasions.


Cherry Jam Jar Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features a jar of cherry jam topped with a rustic fabric cover. The jar is adorned with a simple image of cherries on its side, making it ideal for kids who enjoy the themes of cooking and preserving. Earthy tones for the jar, vibrant red for the cherries, and checkered patterns on the fabric in light blue or yellow for a cozy, homemade feel.


Cherry Cupcake Coloring Page

A delightful coloring page that features a luscious cupcake topped with a single cherry. The swirls of frosting invite kids to experiment with color blending and texture, making this an appealing project for those who love sweet treats. Soft pastels for the frosting, like pink or white, and a bright red for the cherry to create a delicious contrast.


Solo Cherry Coloring Page

This page presents a beautifully detailed single cherry with a prominent stem and leaf, perfect for practicing fine motor skills. The simplicity of the design allows for focused coloring on subtle textures. The cherry is deep red, and the leaf is rich green, using shading to add dimension.


Cherry Drink Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a refreshing cherry drink, complete with cherries and ice cubes in a glass. It is perfect for summer activities. Children can enjoy adding transparent effects to the ice and liquid. Use a range of reds for the cherries, translucent blues for the water, and white highlights for the ice cubes to emphasize texture and chill.


Kawaii Cartoon Cherries Coloring Page

This coloring page especially appeals to younger kids who enjoy animated characters, featuring two cartoon-style cherries with cute, expressive faces. This page is excellent for teaching expressions while coloring. Bright red for the cherries to make them stand out, and light green for the leaf, adding character and fun to the drawing.


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