25 Free Chicken Coloring Pages – PDF Printables

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Chicken Coloring Pages

Visit our lovely chicken coloring sheets to bring out your creativity! These simple coloring pages are ideal for young artists exploring their talents. Each free printable chicken coloring page makes learning about these cute farm animals enjoyable and fascinating. Our collection includes fluffy chicks and majestic roosters, so there’s a page for every kid.

Coloring is pleasant and improves fine motor skills and color identification. Each page has basic color suggestions to assist your kids in painting their feathered buddies. These coloring sheets include a mother hen with her brood or a lone rooster strutting over the farm for hours of fun.

Click images to grab your free printable PDF and start coloring today. Explore our chicken coloring sheets and watch your kids’ imaginations fly as they color these charming farm images!

Cheerful Hen Coloring Page

This coloring page features a simple and friendly hen design for younger kids. The hen is depicted in a standing position with a prominent comb and a plump body. The bold outlines make it easy for little hands to color inside the lines.

Consider using bright colors like red for the comb and yellow or light brown for the hen’s body to make the image pop.


Mother Hen and Chicks Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page showcases a mother hen and two adorable chicks. The hen looks protective, and the chicks are cute and tiny. The page has clear, thick lines suitable for preschoolers.

Use a soft yellow for the chicks and a deeper shade, like orange, for the mother hen. The eyes can be colored black to give them more expression.


Majestic Rooster Coloring Page

This page presents a proud rooster with an elaborate tail and a striking pose. The feathers and crest details are beautifully outlined for an engaging coloring experience.

Vibrant colors will bring this rooster to life. Think of using greens and blues for the tail feathers and a bright red for the crest and wattle.


Calm Hen Walking Coloring Page

This charming and peaceful coloring page features a calm hen taking a leisurely stroll. The hen has a nicely rounded shape and a gentle expression.

Opt for earthy tones like browns and greys to reflect the natural colors of a hen and perhaps a splash of red for the small comb on her head.


Playful Little Hen Coloring Page

This coloring page features a small, playful hen in a cute pose with a happy expression. The simple design is ideal for very young children.

Bright and cheerful colors, such as yellow for the body and red for the comb and tail, will make this playful hen stand out.


Detailed Hen Coloring Page

This coloring page features a hen with detailed feather textures and a dynamic stance. The hen’s feathers and expression are finely outlined, providing an excellent opportunity for detailed coloring.

Use a variety of browns and whites to create a realistic feather texture. To depict the earth, the ground can be colored in greens and browns.


Fluffy Hen Coloring Page

Showcasing a fluffy hen with a whole body and spread wings, this coloring page is inviting and fun. The hen has a lively, animated pose, ideal for engaging young artists.

Opt for vibrant colors, such as golden yellow for the body and hints of orange and red on the wings, to mimic a lively hen.


Elegant Hen Coloring Page

This page presents an elegant hen captured mid-stride with detailed wing feathers and a poised look. It’s great for those who enjoy coloring dynamic animal poses.

Soft grays or cream colors would beautifully highlight the hen’s graceful motion, with darker shades on the legs and around the eyes.


Cute Chick Coloring Page

Perfect for toddlers, this coloring page features an adorable chick with a simple, cartoonish design. The large eyes and rounded body make it particularly appealing for younger children.

Bright yellows for the body and orange for the beak and feet will make this cute chick stand out cheerfully.


Minimalist Chick Coloring Page

This coloring page displays a minimalist chick with a round body and a small, simple design. It’s ideal for very young kids or those new to coloring.

Use light yellow for the body and orange for the beak and feet, keeping the design simple and delightful.


Happy Chick Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a cheerful chick with its wings spread slightly, giving it a lively and playful appearance. The chick has big, round eyes, making it especially endearing for young children.

Bright yellow would be perfect for the chick’s body, while the beak and feet can be orange. Adding a slight blush on the cheeks with pink can make it even more adorable.


Proud Hen Coloring Page

This coloring page features a confident hen standing tall, capturing the essence of a classic farmyard hen. The hen has detailed feathers and a curious expression, inviting children to add their creative touches.

Various browns mixed with hints of red on the crest and tail can give this hen a realistic look. Consider using lighter colors on the belly to create a soft contrast.


Rooster’s Morning Call Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a rooster in mid-call, with its mouth open and tail feathers elegantly displayed. The dynamic posture adds excitement to the coloring experience.

Vibrant reds and oranges for the rooster’s crest, wattle, and tail feathers will make it stand out. A dark grey or blue can be used for the body to complement the brighter colors.


Sketchy Rooster Coloring Page

A more artistic take, this coloring page features a sketch-style rooster with expressive lines and a lively stance. This style is excellent for older kids who appreciate a bit more detail.

To maintain the sketchy quality, keep the colors muted, like shades of grey and black. Accents of red and blue can highlight the comb and tail.


Fluffy Chick Coloring Page

This coloring page portrays a fluffy chick in a detailed and realistic style. The soft lines and gentle expression make it a soothing image to color.

Soft yellows and creams will enhance the chick’s fluffy texture. Darker shades around the eyes and beak will add depth and character.


Regal Rooster Coloring Page

This coloring page features a stately rooster with a detailed depiction of its feathers and an alert stance. The rooster’s head is crowned with a prominent comb, enhancing its regal appearance.

Bright and bold colors, such as red for the comb and tail and a deep blue or green for the body, will make this rooster look majestic.


Hen on Nest Coloring Page

This serene coloring page displays a hen sitting snugly on her nest, guarding a clutch of eggs. The background includes rustic elements like a wooden fence and straw, giving it a cozy farmyard feel.

To create a natural look, use earth tones such as browns and tans for the hen and nest and speckled grey for the eggs. The fence can be colored in lighter wood tones.


Artistic Hen Coloring Page

This coloring page is an intricate and artistic representation of a hen, filled with detailed patterns and textures. It is perfect for those who enjoy a detailed coloring challenge.

This page invites the use of multiple colors to accentuate the different patterns. Pastels can create a soft, decorative appearance.


Cozy Hen Coloring Page

This simple yet charming coloring page shows a hen comfortably nestled in her nest inside a barn. The minimalistic style focuses on the expression of the hen’s content.

Soft, warm colors, such as yellows and oranges for the hen and straw-colored yellows for the nest, will enhance the cozy theme.


Chicks in the Garden Coloring Page

This coloring page features a lively and adorable scene of three chicks in a garden. It features playful poses and a detailed garden background with flowers and a fence.

Bright, cheerful colors, such as yellow for the chicks and greens for the grass, along with colorful flowers, will bring this vibrant garden scene to life.


Chubby Cheeked Hen Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page features a hen with exaggerated, round features and a happy expression, complete with a cute little comb on top of her head. The design is simple and cartoonish, ideal for young children.

To make this friendly hen come alive, use light pastel colors such as soft yellows or pale oranges for the body and red for the comb.


Hen in the Farmyard Coloring Page

This scene captures a hen in a traditional farmyard setting with detailed background elements like a fence and bushes. The hen has a robust, full-bodied look and a friendly demeanor.

Earthy colors, like shades of brown or tan, work well for the hen, and greens and browns for the background give it a rustic feel.


Resting Hen Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a hen sitting calmly, with its feathers fluffed out comfortably. The simple outlines make it easy for children to color within the lines.

Warm colors such as light browns and tans would suit the hen, while the nest can be colored in darker shades of brown to create a cozy look.


Mother Hen and Chicks Coloring Sheet

A heartwarming coloring page featuring a mother hen with two tiny chicks peeking out playfully. The design is whimsical and charming, perfect for engaging young minds.

Bright yellows for the chicks and a contrasting deep red or orange for the mother hen would make this family scene vibrant and appealing.


Hen Pecking on the Ground Coloring Sheet

This realistic coloring page features a hen pecking at the ground, with detailed background elements like grass, a worm, and flowers under a sunny sky.

Natural colors, such as light browns for the hen, green for the grass, and various vibrant colors for the flowers, will enhance this outdoor scene. The worm can be colored in earthy tones like dark brown or reddish-brown.


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