15 Harvest Corn Coloring Pages- Free PDF Printables

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These corn coloring sheets allow youngsters to enjoy this beloved food through art! Our corn coloring pages are simple for kids of all abilities. Each page entertains and educates kids about corn while encouraging creativity. These free printable corn coloring sheets are great for parents, teachers, and caregivers to keep kids entertained and learning.

Our website has several corn coloring page printables. Everyone can find something they like, from complex corn husk designs to simple motifs for smaller children. You can download free PDFs of each coloring page by clicking on the images. This makes printing and coloring immediately easy. Our corn coloring pages are entertaining and informative, promoting fine motor skills and color awareness. Grab your crayons, and let’s color corn!

Corn Cob Close-Up Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a detailed close-up of a partially husked corn cob, outlined with bold, simple lines that are perfect for young children. The visible kernels and husk leaves offer a fun opportunity for learning about corn’s structure.  Use bright yellow for the kernels and shades of green for the husk leaves. Adding some light brown at the base of the husk can give it a more natural look.


Simple Corn Coloring Page

This page features an upright corn cob surrounded by long, flowing leaves, creating a majestic and appealing image for coloring. The design is clear and straightforward, making it easy for kids to follow.  Color the cob with golden yellow and the leaves in various greens. Darker greens towards the base can enhance the depth of the leaves.


Realistic Corn Cob Coloring Page

The coloring page presents a traditional view of a corn cob, slightly tilted, with its husk partially peeled back to reveal the neat rows of kernels. This classic pose is familiar and easy to recognize for children.  Yellow for the corn and a mix of light and dark green for the husk will make this image pop. Consider using a lighter yellow at the tip to mimic sunlight.


Harvested Corn Bundle Coloring Page

This page displays a bundle of harvested corn cobs lying horizontally. The detailed kernels and the textured husk offer a great chance to explore different coloring techniques.  Use a creamy white or light yellow for the kernels to show variety, and mix greens and browns for the husk to reflect the harvest season.


Singular Corn Cob Coloring Page

Featuring a single, elongated corn cob, this coloring page is minimalist yet detailed, with each kernel distinctly outlined for precise coloring. It’s an excellent page for practicing fine motor skills.  Opt for a bright yellow for the kernels, and use a gradient of greens from top to bottom of the husk to create a lifelike effect.


Basket of Corn Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features a basket full of corn cobs, each detailed with visible kernels. The basket has a woven texture and is brimming with husked corn, making it ideal for a harvest theme.  Use a natural brown for the basket to emphasize its texture, and color the corn cobs with bright yellows and light greens for the husks.


Corn and Vegetables Coloring Page

This delightful page shows a variety of vegetables, including corn cob, broccoli, and beet. It’s perfect for teaching children about different vegetables.  To make the vegetables look appetizing, use vibrant colors like yellow for the corn, green for the broccoli, and deep purple for the beet.


Detailed Corn Cob Coloring Page

This intricately detailed coloring page features a corn cob with a stylized husk that flows artistically. The texture of the kernels is beautifully rendered, offering a great opportunity for detailed coloring.  Use golden hues for the kernels and a blend of greens and browns for the husk to highlight its texture.


Cute Corn Cob Character Coloring Page

This unique coloring page presents a corn cob as a character with a face, adding a fun and whimsical element for kids.  Color the cob in shades of yellow, and use green for the husk. Adding facial features like eyes and mouth with darker shades can bring the character to life.


Simple Corn Cob Coloring Page

This coloring page features a straightforward and easy-to-color design of a corn cob with its husk partially open. It’s ideal for younger children who are just learning to color within the lines.  Bright yellow for the kernels and light green for the husk would make this simple drawing vivid and cheerful.


Corn Cob in Husk Coloring Page

This coloring page features a vertically oriented corn cob snugly wrapped in its husk, with the top part exposed, showing the detailed kernels.  The kernels should be colored in vibrant yellow, and the husks in shades of green, giving a fresh, natural look.


Lying Corn Cob Coloring Page

Here, a single corn cob lies horizontally, partially covered by its husk, which gently peels away at the sides.  To create a realistic appearance, use golden yellow for the kernels and a combination of light and dark green for the husk.


Autumn Harvest Corn Coloring Page

This page depicts a cornucopia scene with corn cobs, apples, and leaves, symbolizing abundance and the harvest season.  Color the corn with shades of yellow and orange and the apples in reds and greens, and add browns and yellows to the leaves for a rich autumn palette.


Corn Duo on a Plate Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features two ears of corn neatly arranged on a plate, surrounded by their husks. The simplicity of the layout offers an excellent opportunity for detailed coloring.  Use bright yellow for the corn kernels to make them stand out. For the husks, employ shades of green, and consider a soft beige or light brown for the plate to give it a rustic feel.


Corn Cluster Coloring Page

A dynamic and visually engaging coloring page showing a cluster of corn cobs, tightly packed and rising from their husks.  Each cob can be colored in a different shade of yellow to golden brown, with green husks to enhance the clustered effect.


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