17 Cow Coloring Pages – Free PDF Printables

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Cow Coloring Pages

Have fun with these crow coloring sheets! Kids who love birds and creativity will adore these free printable crow coloring pages. Each sheet is easy to color and certain to make you grin.
Click any picture for a printable crow coloring page PDF. Just that easy! We provide comprehensive and simple crow coloring sheets. These pages are great for kids’ hands and minds. Explore, color, and have fun with our crow coloring pages!

Cute Cartoon Cow Coloring Page

This coloring page features a lovable cartoon cow with round patches and a bell on its tail. Ideal for young children, it offers an opportunity to explore different colors, using pink for the ears and cream for the body. This can enhance their creativity and bring this friendly cow to life.


Smiling Farm Cow Coloring Sheet

Dive into farm life with this smiling cow coloring page. Preschoolers can express their creativity by using realistic hues like black and white for the cow’s patchy body, which helps develop a connection with farm animals.


Cow with Fluffy Hair Coloring Page

This coloring page features a cow with fluffy hair and an expressive face. Children can use gray for the fluffy tuft and black and white for the body, encouraging their creativity in blending and contrasting colors.


Elegant Long Cow Coloring Page

Designed for older children, this coloring page displays an elegant, elongated cow. It’s perfect for those looking to improve their shading techniques, using darker grays for shadows and black for the distinctive patches and hooves.


Detailed Cow Face Coloring Page

Focus on the subtleties of a cow’s expression with this detailed face coloring page. Artists of all ages are encouraged to use soft whites and grays to effectively depict the cow’s gentle gaze and detailed features.


Pastoral Scene Cow Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a cow in a serene pastoral setting, complete with a sunny sky, fluffy clouds, and a rustic fence. The cow’s cheerful demeanor makes this scene perfect for young artists. Recommended colors include vibrant greens for the grass, sky blue for the background, and traditional black and white for the cow to make the scene pop.


Simple Cow Face Coloring Page

Perfect for toddlers, this coloring page features a simple and adorable cow face with large, friendly eyes. It’s a great introduction to coloring animal features, with suggestions to use light gray or soft pink to fill in the details, making it both fun and educational.


Mother and Calf Coloring Page

This heartwarming coloring page showcases a mother cow and her calf, ideal for teaching children about animals and their offspring. Encourage the use of natural colors like browns and whites, adding touches of soft yellow for a sunny effect to enhance this nurturing scene.


Cow in the Field Coloring Sheet

Use earthy tones for the cow and vibrant colors for the surrounding nature to bring this image of a cow grazing in the field to life. This page is excellent for children interested in farms and animals, helping them understand the environment cows thrive.


Cartoon Baby Cow Coloring Page

This cute and simplistic cartoon baby cow coloring page is designed to capture the hearts of young colorists. The big-eyed, smiling character can be colored using pastel shades like baby blue, mint green, or soft lavender, providing a gentle introduction to color mixing.


Heart-Patterned Cow Coloring Page

This unique coloring page features a cow with heart-shaped patches, perfect for teaching young artists about love and kindness through art. The black spots formed like hearts provide an excellent opportunity to use shades of red and pink, adding a whimsical touch to the classic black and white cow.


Cow with Heart Balloon Coloring Page

Ideal for occasions like Valentine’s Day, this coloring page displays a cute cow holding a heart-shaped balloon. Encourage the use of bright colors like red for the balloon and a combination of black and white for the cow, making it a delightful project for children to express affection through coloring.


Curious Baby Cow Coloring Page

This coloring page captures a baby cow in a playful stance, appealing to kids with its charming and curious expression. It’s great for young colorists to experiment with light browns and whites, focusing on expressing emotion through the cow’s animated facial features.


Cow on the Farm Coloring Page

Set against a farm backdrop with a barn and silo, this coloring page invites children to explore farm life. Recommended colors include greens for the grass, blues for the sky, and various earth tones for the cow and farm buildings, creating a vibrant farm scene.


Cow in the Meadow Coloring Sheet

This peaceful scene features a cow grazing in a lush meadow under a clear sky. It’s an excellent opportunity for children to use a mix of greens for the grass and bright blues for the sky while coloring the cow in natural tones of brown and white to blend into the serene setting.


Leaping Cow Coloring Page

This lively coloring page features a cow in mid-leap, adding a dynamic touch to the usual pastoral scenes. It’s an exciting image for children to add bright colors, such as light blue for the sky and vibrant green for any grassy areas, while the cow can be colored in a traditional black-and-white pattern.


Grumpy Baby Cow Coloring Sheet

This adorable coloring page captures a baby cow with a hilariously grumpy expression. It’s perfect for younger kids to use bold, expressive colors like deep blues and bright yellows to match the cow’s mood, making the coloring experience both fun and engaging.


Unique and Creative Craft Ideas with Crow Coloring Pages

Crow Shadow Puppets:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, black construction paper, scissors, craft sticks, a flashlight, or a lamp.

Instructions: Trace and cut out crow shapes from the coloring pages onto black construction paper. Attach each crow cut-out to a craft stick. Use a flashlight or lamp to project the crow shadows onto a wall, creating a shadow puppet show.

Crow-Themed Lanterns:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, clear plastic cups or jars, battery-operated tea lights, glue, scissors, tissue paper, and coloring supplies.

Instructions: Color and cut out crows from the coloring pages. Glue them to the outside of the plastic cups or jars. Cover the outside with tissue paper to create a glowing effect. Place a battery-operated tea light inside to create a crow-themed lantern.

Crow Storybook:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, blank notebook or sheets of paper, crayons or markers, glue, scissors.

Instructions: Create a storybook by coloring and cutting out crows from the coloring pages and pasting them into a blank notebook. Write a story around the images, making each page a part of the crow’s adventure. Let your child’s imagination run wild with storytelling.

Crow Wind Chimes:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, coloring supplies, scissors, small metal or wooden chimes, string, a stick or hoop, and glue.

Instructions: Color and cut out crows from the coloring pages. Attach the crows to strings of varying lengths. Attach small chimes to the strings as well. Tie the strings to a stick or hoop, creating a crow-themed wind chime that makes beautiful sounds in the breeze.

Crow Nest Diorama:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, a shoebox, construction paper, glue, scissors, twigs, leaves, and small toy eggs.

Instructions: Color and cut out crows from the coloring pages. Using twigs and leaves, create a nest scene inside a shoebox. Add toy eggs to the nest. Place the cut-out crows in and around the nest to create a lifelike diorama of a crow family.

Crow-Themed Treasure Hunt:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, small toys or treats, paper, markers, scissors.

Instructions: Color and cut out crows from the coloring pages. Write clues on small pieces of paper and attach them to the crows. Hide the crows around the house or yard with a small toy or treat at each location. Create a map or list of clues to guide kids on a crow-themed treasure hunt.

Crow Headbands:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, construction paper, glue, scissors, stapler or tape, crayons, or markers.

Instructions: Color and cut out crow faces from the coloring pages. Attach the crow faces to a strip of construction paper sized to fit around the child’s head. Staple or tape the ends of the strip together to create a fun crow headband.

Crow Finger Puppets:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, felt or sturdy paper, scissors, glue, coloring supplies.

Instructions: Color and cut out small crow shapes from the coloring pages. Glue them onto pieces of felt or sturdy paper, leaving a small loop at the bottom to fit a finger through. Use the finger puppets to act out crow stories and adventures.

Crow Mobile App Game:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, a smartphone or tablet, and an app for creating interactive stories (like Book Creator).

Instructions: Color and scan the crow images. Use an app to create an interactive story or game in which kids tap on the crows to hear sounds or facts about them. This combines traditional coloring with modern technology for a unique learning experience.

Crow Planters:

What You Need: Crow coloring pages, small pots or planters, glue, scissors, coloring supplies, soil, seeds, or small plants.

Instructions: Color and cut out crows from the coloring pages. Glue the crows onto small pots or planters. Fill the pots with soil and plant seeds or small plants. Kids can watch their plants grow with their crow-themed planters, combining art and nature.

These unique and creative craft ideas not only make the crow coloring pages more engaging but also provide fun and memorable activities that kids can enjoy while learning about crows.

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