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Crocodile Coloring Pages

Join the ultimate free crocodile coloring page resource! Crocodile coloring pages sheets a fun and easy way to get kids creative. Each crocodile coloring page is simple and enjoyable, so even kids may enjoy coloring reptiles. There are aggressive, detailed-scaled crocodiles and cartoon-style crocs for any little fan.

Click on an image for a free printable PDF of each crocodile coloring sheet. These printouts are ideal for short classroom or home setups. Each coloring page includes color recommendations to help kids maximize their artwork. We offer coloring advice, such as using vivid greens for a swampy background or delicate tones for realism. Explore our crocodile coloring sheets and let your child’s imagination soar!

Cute Croc Coloring Page

This coloring page features a cheerful crocodile standing up, smiling wide with its mouth slightly open. The crocodile has pronounced, friendly eyes, and its body is adorned with distinctive scales and a long, curvy tail.

Opt for a classic green shade for the crocodile’s body, complemented by a lighter green or yellow for its belly. The background can be white or light-colored to make the crocodile stand out.


Croc by the River Coloring Page

This image shows a crocodile lying by a riverbank, holding a small branch in its mouth. The background includes clouds, trees, riverbank details like reeds, and a small puddle.

Use dark green for the crocodile and different shades of blue for the water. The sky can be colored a soft blue, and the foliage should be various shades of green to create a natural riverside scene.


Croc’s Day Out Coloring Page

This coloring page features a crocodile on all fours, with a playful expression and holding a branch in its mouth. The setting is simple, focusing mainly on the crocodile itself.

Go for a deep green for the crocodile’s back and a lighter shade for the underside. The branch can be brown or grey, adding a natural contrast to the crocodile’s coloring.


Little Snapper Coloring Page

This page shows a younger, more cartoonish crocodile with giant, friendly eyes and a wide, engaging smile. The crocodile’s teeth are slightly visible, adding to its playful character.

A vibrant lime green would be perfect for this festive character, with white for the teeth and pink for the inside of the mouth to keep it lively and fun.


Goofy Gator Coloring Page

This coloring page features a comically styled crocodile with oversized googly eyes and a big, goofy grin. Its body is sleek, with pronounced scales and a dynamic, curved posture.

Use bright, vivid green to bring out this crocodile’s playful nature. To emphasize its goofy appearance, the eyes can be colored with a hint of white and black.


Cheerful Crocodile Coloring Page

This coloring page features a playful crocodile lying on the ground, its head lifted high and mouth wide open in a cheerful demeanor. Its tail curves up, adding to the whimsical style of the drawing.

Bright green would be perfect for the crocodile’s body, with a lighter green for its belly. Consider using a darker shade of green for the back and tail to add depth. The teeth can be colored white for contrast.


Playful Paddle Croc Coloring Page

The crocodile here is depicted lying flat with its paws stretched forward, resembling a playful stance. It has round, joyful eyes and a wide-open mouth, suggesting it’s in the middle of a playful moment.

Use a vibrant shade of green for the crocodile. Adding a yellow or light green splash on the belly and under the paws will brighten the drawing. Darker green can be used for the scales to highlight details.


Crawling Croc Coloring Page

This coloring page captures a crocodile in a crawling pose, looking forward with a friendly smile. The crocodile’s scales and body curvature are prominently displayed.

Go for a traditional green body with a pale yellow underbelly. To create a textured look, the scales can be accentuated with a shade darker than the body.


Giant Grin Croc Coloring Page

This page features a crocodile with a giant grin lying down with its mouth wide open. The detailed scales and the raised tail add character to the drawing.

Use dark green for the body and light green or yellow for the belly. To create a more natural look, add some brown or grey to the claws and teeth.


Baby Croc Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page showcases a baby crocodile with a big smile and bubbly eyes. The crocodile is standing with its tail playfully curling behind it.

Choose a light green for the body, complemented by a softer, almost white green for the belly and the tail’s underside. Pink can be used for the cheeks to emphasize the cuteness.


Strolling Crocodile Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a crocodile on the move with its mouth wide open, showing off its sharp teeth. The crocodile is designed with a streamlined body and a slightly raised tail, giving it a dynamic look.

Opt for dark green for the body and a lighter shade for the belly. The teeth should be colored white, and you might consider a subtle blue or gray to highlight the scales along the back and tail for added depth.


Smiling Croc in Nature Coloring Page

This lively scene shows a friendly crocodile with a big smile against a detailed backdrop of mountains, trees, and a river. The crocodile’s eyes are large and welcoming, enhancing its charming character.

Use vibrant greens for the crocodile and mix shades of blue and green for the river. The mountains can be colored with grays and browns, while the trees should be a mix of darker and lighter greens to create a lush environment.


Sleek Crocodile Coloring Page

This coloring page features a sleek, slim crocodile with a detailed skin texture and a slightly ajar mouth. It has a long, curved tail and an alert expression, suggesting it’s ready to glide through water.

Choose a mix of dark and light greens to color the crocodile, with particular attention to shading around the belly and tail to emphasize its slender form. The mouth could be colored light pink or red to make it pop.


Detailed Crocodile Coloring Page

This detailed coloring page presents a crocodile in a resting pose, with elaborate skin textures and an open mouth. The crocodile’s scales and body patterns are intricately drawn, providing a rich texture.

This crocodile would look striking with a base color of dark green with shades of brown and gray for the scales to enhance the detailed texture. The mouth can be shaded with dark reds and pinks for a realistic touch.


Realistic Crocodile Coloring Page

The most detailed of the set, this coloring page features an artistic depiction of a crocodile with highly stylized scales and an expressive face. The artwork is complex, with each scale and tooth meticulously outlined.

Given the detail, use a variety of greens to differentiate the scales and introduce elements of yellow or gold for a vibrant effect. The teeth and claws should be off-white, adding contrast against the darker body colors.


Fierce Crocodile Head Coloring Page

This detailed coloring page features just the head of a crocodile, depicted with a fierce and open mouth. Its face’s intricate scales and textures provide a dynamic and intense expression.

This image is perfect for exploring a range of greens and browns to highlight the detailed textures. The inside of the mouth can be colored dark red, and the teeth should be a stark white to stand out against the dark mouth.


Happy Baby Crocodile Coloring Page

A delightful scene with a baby crocodile standing up, smiling broadly. The simplified shapes and exaggerated features, like the big eyes, make it perfect for younger artists.

Use light green for the crocodile’s body with a creamy yellow for the belly and underside. The spots can be colored in contrasting colors like blue or purple to make them pop.


Cute Crocodile Coloring Sheet for Kids

This coloring page showcases a jovial crocodile standing upright, giving it a friendly and approachable look. The crocodile’s skin is dotted with spots and features a broad, welcoming smile.

Opt for vibrant green shades for the body and lighter greens or yellows for the underbelly. To add a playful twist, the dots could be colored in fun, contrasting colors like orange or red.


Easy Crocodile Coloring Page

This page depicts a traditional crocodile in a crawling pose with its mouth open. The drawing focuses on clean lines and precise definition, making it ideal for all ages to color.

Dark green would suit the crocodile’s overall body, with lighter green for highlighting the edges and belly. The open mouth provides an excellent opportunity to use shades of pink and red.


Detailed Crocodile Art Coloring Page

This coloring page features a highly detailed and artistic depiction of a crocodile, with elaborate shading and texturing that mimics a realistic appearance.

This intricate design calls for a mix of deep greens and grays to bring out the textures. To enhance the realistic features, highlights, and shadows can be added with shades of black and white.


Looping Crocodile Coloring Page

This playful coloring page features a crocodile in a looping pose, with its body curved around, almost touching its tail. Its expression is calm, and the scale detail along its back adds a nice touch.

Opt for a vibrant green for the body, with a lighter shade like yellow or soft green for the belly to create a contrast. The background can be left plain or colored in a light blue to suggest the sky.


Thoughtful Croc Coloring Page

A cute and cartoonish crocodile sits pondering with its hand on its chin. The crocodile’s expression is thoughtful, and its large eyes add a whimsical touch to the page.

Light green for the body and a contrasting color like orange for the belly stripes would make this image pop. The eyes could be bright blue to enhance the playful look.


Crocodile at Sunset Coloring Page

This serene coloring page depicts a crocodile lying in the water at sunset, with mountains and a setting sun in the background. The scene is peaceful, and the crocodile appears relaxed.

Use a range of blues for the water and shades of orange and pink for the sunset. The crocodile can be colored in a natural green, with darker shades on the back to reflect the diminishing light of the sunset.


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