Celebrate Easter with 50 Free Printable Coloring Pages (PDF)

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You can find 50 new and different Easter coloring pages here, which are good for kids and adults. You are welcome to print them out and enjoy them whenever you want.

There’s more to Easter than just the Easter Bunny, coloring eggs, and looking for hidden treats. It’s a very important way to remember Christ’s resurrection.

While everyone is having a great time celebrating Easter, it’s important to remember what this day really means.

This holiday is very important to Christians because it marks the resurrection, which was marked three days after Jesus was crucified.

Happy Easter Coloring Page

Enjoy Easter with our “Happy Easter Coloring Pages”! Springtime imagery, like happy chicks and blooming flowers, decorates these pages. Let your youngsters color these scenes using their preferred crayons or markers to celebrate Easter’s rebirth and renewal. These pages are enjoyable and teach fine motor skills and color awareness.

Simple Happy Easter Coloring Page


This page features “Happy Easter” in bold, friendly letters, surrounded by hearts. It’s a loving, spirited celebration of the holiday.

Color Advice: Opt for bright and cheerful colors. Pastel pinks, yellows, and blues can fill the hearts and letters, creating a warm, inviting vibe.

Happy Easter Bunny Coloring Page


A joyous bunny holds a “Happy Easter” sign, a perfect picture of festive fun.

Color Advice: The bunny could be colored in shades of soft gray or brown, with the sign in contrasting colors like vibrant green or blue to make the text pop.

Happy Easter Patterns Coloring Page


This coloring page has “Happy Easter” written in a decorative, patterned style that invites attention to detail.

Color Advice: Each letter offers the chance to use different patterns, so a rainbow of colors would work well here, allowing kids to play with color combinations.

Happy Easter Egg Coloring Page


An patterned egg sits behind the “Happy Easter” message, flanked by bows and smaller eggs.

Color Advice: Use a variety of colors for the different patterns on the egg, and perhaps some gold or silver accents for a festive touch. The bows could be bright red or purple to stand out.

Floral Happy Easter Greetings Coloring Page


The “Happy Easter” message here is adorned with flowers and whimsical elements, echoing the bloom of spring.

Color Advice: Choose fresh spring colors like greens, yellows, and pinks for the floral designs, and maybe some bright colors for the letters to evoke a garden in full bloom.

Unique Happy Easter Wonderland Coloring Page


This page depicts a whimsical scene with a unicorn and happy clouds over a rainbow. The words “Happy Easter” arch with the rainbow, creating a cheerful atmosphere.

Color Advice: Use a palette of pastel colors to emphasize the clouds’ softness and the unicorn’s magic. Bright and varied hues can bring the rainbow to life, while the Easter greeting stands out in bold, joyful colors.

Cute Happy Easter Bunny’s Bandana Coloring Page


A playful bunny wearing a bandana smiles wide while holding a “Happy Easter” banner. This bunny is ready to celebrate!

Color Advice: Give the bunny warm, natural shades like soft browns or grays, and make the bandana pop with a vibrant color like pink or blue. The letters can be colored in alternating spring colors to make the message festive.

Happy Easter Swing Coloring Sheet


An inviting “Happy Easter” sign with bunny ears swings from a sturdy branch flanked by decorative eggs.

Color Advice: The wooden sign could be colored brown with the words in white for contrast, while the eggs could feature multiple patterns in various bright Easter egg colors like yellow, purple, and green.

Happy Easter Egg Coloring Sheet


Centered around a large, intricately patterned Easter egg, this page features a stylized “Happy Easter” greeting.

Color Advice: This egg calls for a kaleidoscope of colors; think of stained glass or gem tones for each segment. For the lettering, use complementary colors to the egg so they stand out but still feel part of the same vibrant scene.

Cute Easter Egg Word Coloring Page


The page is minimalist, with the word “Easter” and an Easter egg incorporated into the lettering.

Color Advice: Since this design is simple, go bold with color choices. Bright, solid colors for the letters will make a striking image, and for the Easter egg, consider a contrasting color with simple patterns or polka dots.

Cute Easter Bunny Word Coloring Sheet


This clean and simple coloring page features a bunny merged with the letter ‘E’ of the word “Easter.” The rest of the letters are decorated with dots and patterns, suggesting a playful yet straightforward design to celebrate the holiday.

Color Advice: For the bunny, use soft grays or browns to keep it natural, perhaps with a touch of pink for its inner ear and nose. Each letter can be a different pastel shade—think soft purples, blues, greens, and yellows. The dots and patterns within the letters could be highlighted with slightly darker shades to add depth and interest.

Easter Basket Coloring Pages

Our “Easter Basket Coloring Pages” are filled with eggs, candy, and flowers for kids. These baskets allow kids to express themselves by choosing colors for the woven textures and colorful eggs. This is an excellent chance for kids to design a colorful Easter basket.

Easter Bunny and Basket Coloring Page


This coloring page features a bunny peeking over a basket of Easter eggs under a starry sky.

Color Advice: Color the bunny in shades of soft brown or grey, and use various bright colors for the eggs to make them stand out. For the stars and the sky, you could use yellow for the stars and dark blue or black for the sky to create a nighttime effect.

Empty Easter Basket Coloring Page


A beautifully detailed Easter basket tied with a bow is ready to be filled with eggs.

Color Advice: The bow can be colored vibrant red or pink. For the basket, a nice tan or light brown would give it a wicker look, and the interior could be a softer shade to suggest depth.

Bountiful Harvest Basket Coloring Sheet


This coloring page showcases a sturdy basket, indicative of a bountiful Easter egg hunt.

Color Advice: Give the basket a natural look with shades of brown, and you could use a contrasting color for the design on the basket’s band, like green or blue.

Easter Egg Basket Coloring Page


A basket filled with three uniquely designed Easter eggs.

Color Advice: Use earthy tones for the basket to give it a natural look. Color each egg with a different theme—pastel polka dots, vibrant stripes, and a playful heart pattern.

Easter Basket Coloring Page for Preschoolers


A simple yet charming basket with a sweet bow on top, awaiting Easter treats. 

Color Advice: This basket could be colored in light pastel colors, like baby blue or pale yellow, with the bow in a bright, cheerful color like pink or purple to make it stand out.

Religious Easter Coloring Pages

Our “Religious Easter Coloring Pages” reflect Easter is sacred. These sheets have crosses, churches, and Easter settings for relaxing coloring. Parents can discuss Easter’s history and importance with their kids while coloring.

Cross and Tulips Easter Coloring Page


The coloring page features a cross encircled by a beautiful wreath of tulips and other flowers, representing a traditional symbol of Easter.

Color Advice: The cross can be colored in a muted tone, such as light brown or beige, to represent wood. The tulips can be bright pinks, reds, or yellows, while the leaves and other flowers can be shades of green, with hints of purple or blue for small accent flowers.

Cross and Egg Easter Coloring Pages


This page includes an ornate cross, an Easter egg adorned with a bow, and a cute chick among flowers, symbolizing Easter’s new life and hope.

Color Advice: Metallic shades like silver or gold can add a special touch to the cross. The Easter egg can be vibrant with a pattern of colors, the bow in a substantial solid color like red or blue, and the chick can be a soft yellow. Roses can be classic reds or pinks with green stems and leaves.

Cross Easter Coloring Pages


Depicting the three crosses on the hill of Calvary with the sun rising behind, this scene captures a solemn Easter morning.

Color Advice: Use dark colors for the crosses to stand out against the lighter shades of the sunrise sky, which can transition from soft yellow to orange and then to light blue. The ground can be colored in shades of brown and green.

Cross on Egg Easter Coloring Sheets


An Easter egg with a cross design offers a modern take on Easter themes, blending the symbol of the egg with the Christian cross.

Color Advice: This can be a very colorful image with each egg section in a different pastel color, such as light blue, green, pink, and yellow. To make it stand out, the cross can be a contrasting color, like dark purple.

Robed Cross Christian Easter Coloring Pages


A cross with a draped robe over it is a common representation of the resurrection of Christ.

Color Advice: The robe can be white or light purple, representing royalty, while the cross can be colored in darker shades of brown or gray. The background can be left plain or colored in a very light shade to keep the focus on the cross and robe.

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

With our “Easter Bunny Coloring Pages,” the Easter Bunny approaches. Kids will love coloring these lively rabbits, concealing eggs, or hopping. These pages range from simple outlines for toddlers to detailed scenes for older kids. If you like easter bunny coloring sheets, our free rabbit coloring pages may also appeal to you!

Happy Easter Bunny’s Coloring Pages


A jovial bunny is surrounded by Easter eggs, a cupcake, and gifts, encapsulating the excitement of an Easter celebration.

Color Advice: Color the bunny in light brown or grey, and use bright, festive colors for the Easter eggs. The cupcake could be chocolate with colorful sprinkles, and the gift box can be any vibrant color with a contrasting ribbon.

Simple Easter Bunny with Egg Coloring Page


This coloring page shows a cute bunny holding a giant Easter egg, with flowers and butterflies around, symbolizing spring’s arrival.

Color Advice: Give the bunny a soft, fluffy appearance with light colors like beige or pale grey. The Easter egg can be decorated with polka dots in various bright colors, and the flowers can be colored with pastel hues.

Easter Egg Wonderland Coloring Sheet


A large decorated Easter egg is the centerpiece, with a chick, butterflies, and presents around, all under a sunny sky.

Color Advice: Choose lively colors for the Easter egg stripes and polka dots. The chick can be yellow, and you can add shades of green for the grass and blue for the sky to complete the outdoor scene.

Flowers and Bunny Easter Coloring Sheet


A sweet bunny is peeking out from an Easter egg, with nature-inspired elements like flowers and butterflies around it.

Color Advice: The bunny can be a classic white or brown, with the egg in alternating stripes of colors like pink, blue, or yellow. The flowers and butterflies can be a mix of bright spring colors to add a joyful atmosphere.

Easter Bunny and Chicks Coloring Page


A charming bunny and a little chick stand side by side, the bunny holding a dotted Easter egg, ready for the egg hunt.

Color Advice: For a natural look, color the bunny in shades of soft brown and the chick in yellow. The egg can be any color with contrasting dots, such as turquoise or lavender.

Cozy Easter Home


This coloring page features a quaint house with a wreath and a peeking bunny, suggesting a cozy Easter celebration at home.

Color Advice: The house can be colored in warm, welcoming colors like yellow or light brown. The wreath can be green with red accents for berries, and the bunny can be a soft grey or brown. The bushes can be green, and the door can be a standout color like red or blue.

Easter Bunny with Carrot Coloring Page


A cute bunny hugs a large carrot with a happy expression, perfect for young children to color.

Color Advice: The bunny could be colored in light brown or grey shades, with pink inner ears. The carrot can be bright orange with a green top, and the background elements in soft, pastel colors.

Easter Bunny Egg Coloring Page


This coloring page shows an adorable bunny with a floral headpiece holding a decorated Easter egg.

Color Advice: The bunny can be white or grey with pink accents for the inner ears and nose. The Easter egg can be decorated in bright colors with a specific pattern, and the flowers can be colored in a mix of spring hues like pink, yellow, and lavender.

Cartoon Easter Bunny Coloring Sheet


A playful bunny dressed as a cartoon magician with Easter eggs and a hat brings a magical touch to Easter.

Color Advice: The magician’s hat can be a classic black with a colorful band, such as purple or blue. The bunny can be white with grey shading, and the Easter eggs can have various patterns in multiple colors to add to the festive magic.

Tulip and Hatching Bunny Coloring Sheet


A simple yet adorable image of a bunny hatching from an egg with a single tulip, symbolizing new beginnings.

Color Advice: The tulip can be bright pink or red, and the bunny can be colored with light pastel shades. The eggshell can be a soft blue or pink, giving a gentle contrast to the bunny.

Simple Easter Bunny and Egg Coloring Sheet


This adorable coloring page features a bunny with a loving embrace around a giant Easter egg.

Color Advice: The bunny can be colored in a gentle shade, such as light brown or soft grey, with pink for the inner ears and nose. The Easter egg should stand out with vibrant colors and patterns, perhaps stripes or polka dots in a rainbow of colors like blue, pink, yellow, and green.

Bunny’s Floral Frame Coloring Sheet


A cute bunny peeks over a sign surrounded by a floral frame with a bow.

Color Advice: Color the bunny in natural tones, such as soft greys or browns, and the flowers in the frame with vibrant spring colors like pink, yellow, and purple. The bow could be a standout color, such as a bright blue or red.

Bunny in the Carrot Car Coloring Sheet


An imaginative scene with a bunny riding a carrot-shaped car.

Color Advice: The bunny could be colored with pastel shades, and the carrot car in bright orange with green accents. The wheels can be grey or black, and the background can be left plain or colored lightly to emphasize the bunny and the carrot car.

Bunny and Egg in Nature Coloring Page


A serene setting with a bunny sitting next to an Easter egg and plants.

Color Advice: The bunny can be a classic white with pink inner ears, and the Easter egg can have stripes or spots in multiple pastel colors. The plants can be colored green, possibly adding flowers in soft hues like lavender or pale yellow.

Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Easter Egg Coloring Sheets will delight you with patterns and hues. These pages have stripes, polka dots, zigzags, and flowers on various-sized eggs. Children may design these eggs with a kaleidoscope of colors, making each one unique. This lets kids express their creativity and enjoy Easter egg decoration without mess!

Chick in Easter Egg Coloring Page


A cute chick is breaking free from its Easter eggshell, decorated with floral patterns.

Color Advice: Bright yellow for the chick, pastel shades for the eggshell, and vibrant green for the floral decorations to signify new life.

Easter Egg Bunnies Coloring Page


Two playful bunnies are hiding behind a large decorated Easter egg.

Color Advice: Soft brown or grey for the bunnies and a mix of cheerful spring colors for the flower-adorned egg.

Decorated Easter Egg Coloring Page


This Easter egg boasts intricate floral patterns and geometric designs, making it a centerpiece.

Color Advice: Opt for bold, contrasting colors like royal blue or deep red for the geometric shapes, and complement with greens and soft colors for the floral details.

Full Page Easter Egg Coloring Page


Various Easter eggs have different designs, from stripes to polka dots.

Color Advice: Create a colorful array by painting each egg in a different bright Easter color, such as pink, blue, green, and yellow.

Easter Egg Garden Coloring Sheet


Several Easter eggs are lying on the ground among plants and leaves.

Color Advice: Use earth tones for the plants and vibrant colors with high contrast for the eggs to make them stand out as if hidden in the garden.

Decorative Easter Egg Coloring Page


Three Easter eggs hang from a single branch, each showcasing a different pattern.

Color Advice: Use contrasting colors like pink, blue, and yellow for the eggs to make each one pop against the subtle brown of the branch.

Detailed Easter Egg Coloring Page


This Easter egg features a detailed mandala design with flowers and geometric shapes.

Color Advice: Choose a theme of alternating colors for each mandala ring to create a rainbow effect as you move from the center to the edge.

Bunny and Carrots Easter Egg


An Easter egg decorated with cute bunny faces and carrot motifs.

Color Advice: A classic white or off-white for the bunnies, with the carrots in bright orange, and add some green for the carrot tops and egg background.

Bunny Lifts Easter Egg Coloring Page


A strong bunny lifts a giant Easter egg, surrounded by spring flowers and a cheerful butterfly.

Color Advice: Select a pastel color palette for a soft look, with the egg in a different pastel shade than the bunny to distinguish between the two.

Bunny Juggle Easter Egg Coloring Page


A friendly bunny juggles several Easter eggs, each awaiting a burst of color.

Color Advice: Give each egg its distinct pattern using vibrant Easter colors like magenta, teal, and lemon yellow, while the bunny could be colored in a light, neutral shade for balance.

Small Easter Eggs Coloring Page


An Easter celebration banner with two small eggs suspended among the flags.

Color Advice: Decorate the bunting flags with alternating primary colors for a festive look. Use pattern-specific colors for the eggs—perhaps pink for the striped egg and a mix of colors for the heart-patterned one.

Easter Cake with Bunny Coloring Sheet


A deliciously decorated Easter cake topped with a bunny silhouette and two Easter eggs.

Color Advice: Ice the cake in pastel shades like soft pink or yellow. Color the bunny silhouette in a contrasting color like chocolate brown, and the eggs with decorative polka dots or stripes in multiple colors.

Fancy Easter Egg Coloring Page


An imaginative fusion of a bunny and an egg featuring floral and geometric patterns.

Color Advice: Go for a harmonious look with a soft grey or brown for the bunny aspects, and choose bright, floral colors like pink, blue, and yellow for the patterned egg parts.

Cute Easter Egg Coloring Page


A delightful Easter egg with a starry pattern and a bunny face.

Color Advice: The stars can be colored in alternating colors, such as yellow and blue, while the bunny features could be in a soft shade like light brown or grey to keep the focus on the stars.

Decorated Easter Egg Garland Coloring Page


A festive garland with Easter eggs and flowers dangling from a vine.

Color Advice: A fresh green for the vine and leaves, with each egg and flower colored differently to give a joyful and varied appearance.

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