Decorate with 50+ Free Easter Egg Coloring Pages for Kids (PDF Printables)

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easter egg coloring pages

Easter egg coloring pages bring the joy of spring into our homes with vibrant patterns and a dash of creativity. As the holiday approaches, parents and teachers often look for engaging activities for kids, and what could be more fun than coloring?

With just a simple click on a picture, you can get a free printable PDF of an Easter egg coloring sheet, perfect for children of all ages. These printables are designed to be easy to color, fostering a love for the Easter tradition while allowing for a personal artistic touch.

Whether you’re in search of intricate designs or easy Easter egg coloring pages, our collection has something to inspire every little artist. From the twinkling stars of the night sky captured on an egg to the floral patterns that speak of spring’s bloom, each page is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with color. These Easter egg coloring page printables are not only a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained but also a wonderful opportunity to develop their fine motor skills and color recognition.

So grab your crayons and let the pastel shades of Easter egg decorating come to life without the mess of dyes and the worry of broken shells. These free Easter egg coloring pages are just a click away, promising hours of fun and a colorful start to the holiday season.

Click on any of the Easter egg pictures below to open the high-quality PDF printables on a new page, and download any of these free printables! All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also work great on A4 paper! Have fun!

8 Craft Ideas with Easter Coloring Eggs

Easter Egg Paper Garland

Materials: Needed Colored Easter egg pages, string or ribbon, a hole punch, and scissors.

Instructions: Color the eggs and cut them out neatly. Use the hole punch to create two holes at the top of each egg. Thread a string or ribbon through the holes, spacing the eggs evenly apart. Knot the string at each end for hanging, and your decorative garland is ready to display.

Eggcellent Bookmarks

Materials: Needed Colored egg pages, laminating sheets or clear contact paper, scissors, ribbon or yarn.

Instructions: After coloring, cut out the egg shapes. If you have access to a laminator, encase the eggs in laminating sheets and cut around the edges, leaving a small border. If not, use clear contact paper. Punch a hole at the top and thread a ribbon through to create a tassel.

Greeting Cards

Materials: Needed Blank cards, colored egg pages, glue, pens.

Instructions: Color and cut out the eggs. Use glue to attach an egg to the front of each blank card. Write a personal message inside the card and it’s ready to be sent or given to someone special.

Window Decorations

Materials: Needed Colored egg pages, scissors, clear tape.

Instructions: Color the eggs with bright, translucent colors. Cut out the eggs and use clear tape to attach them to a window, creating a stainedglass effect when the light shines through.

Easter Egg Magnets

Materials: Needed Colored egg pages, scissors, selfadhesive magnets, glue.

Instructions: Color and cut out the eggs. Stick a piece of selfadhesive magnet on the back of each egg. If you don’t have selfadhesive magnets, use regular magnets and attach them with glue. Place the magnets on the fridge or any metallic surface.

Place Settings for Easter Brunch

Materials: Needed Colored egg pages, cardstock, markers, scissors.

Instructions: Color the eggs and cut them out. Glue each egg onto a piece of cardstock. Write the name of a guest on the cardstock, and place it at their designated seat for a personal touch to your Easter brunch table.

Easter Egg Wreath

Materials: Needed Colored egg pages, a paper plate or cardboard, glue, scissors, ribbon.

Instructions: Color and cut out a large number of eggs. Cut the center out of a paper plate or a piece of cardboard to create a ring. Glue the eggs onto the ring, overlapping them for full coverage. Attach a ribbon for hanging, and your wreath is ready to grace any door or wall.

Storytelling Props

Materials: Needed Colored egg pages, popsicle sticks, glue, imagination.

Instructions: After coloring, cut out the eggs. Glue each one to the top of a popsicle stick. Once dry, use these props to encourage children to tell a story about their egg, perhaps about the Easter bunny or a springtime adventure.

These crafts are great for handson fun and can also be used to decorate your home for Easter, adding a personal touch to the festivities.

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