33 Giant Elephant Coloring Pages Free PDF Printables

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Elephant Coloring Pages

Elephant coloring pages let kids enjoy these gentle giants via art. You can use our elephant coloring sheets to teach your youngster about animals or have fun after school. Our free printable elephant coloring sheets are suitable for all ages and skill levels, from the magnificent African elephant with its big ears and tusks to joyful baby elephants in nature.

Young artists can practice their motor skills and creativity with these easy-to-color sheets. Each graphic is simple and fun, perfect for smaller children. Each photo links directly to a free printable PDF elephant coloring page, making it easy for parents and educators to print and distribute these images for classroom or home usage. Explore these elephant coloring sheets and watch your child’s colorful imagination bring these majestic beasts to life!

Cute Standing Elephant Coloring Page

This coloring page features a simple and adorable elephant standing in a relaxed pose. The elephant has large, friendly ears and a cheerful expression, making it appealing to young children.

Use light gray for the elephant’s body and pink for the inner ears. The background can be left blank or colored in light blue to suggest the sky, creating a serene setting.


Baby Elephant Sitting Coloring Page

This delightful page shows a baby elephant sitting with a happy expression. Its oversized ears and cute, upturned trunk make it particularly charming for kids.

Color the elephant in soft gray and the grass around it in vibrant green. To make the scene more lively and inviting, you could also add a few colorful flowers.


Elephant with Curled Trunk Coloring Page

Here, an elephant stands with its trunk elegantly curled upwards. The image captures the elephant in mid-stride, adding a dynamic element to the scene.

Use a darker gray to highlight the elephant’s textured skin and add a light brown or sandy color for the ground to give a natural look.


Mighty African Elephant Coloring Page

This coloring page features a robust African elephant with large tusks and wide, floppy ears. It’s designed with great attention to detail, including the texture of the skin.

Opt for a darker shade of gray for the elephant’s body, ivory or white for the tusks, and a dark brown for the ground. This will help emphasize the natural habitat of the African elephant.


Playful Baby Elephant Coloring Sheet

This page features a playful baby elephant in a scenic setting with leaves and bubbles. The elephant’s large ears and animated pose make it look lively and cute.

Use light gray for the elephant and different shades of green for the leaves. The bubbles can be left uncolored or given a hint of blue to suggest a playful atmosphere.


Ambling Elephant Coloring Sheet

This coloring page shows a simple depiction of an elephant walking calmly. The image is minimalist with clear, bold outlines, featuring the elephant’s prominent ears, curved trunk, and substantial body. The elephant is shown in a side view, emphasizing its gentle stride.

Use a uniform gray for the elephant’s body and a lighter gray for the inner parts of the ears. The background can be left blank or filled with a subtle shade like pale yellow to suggest a sunny day.


Loving Elephants Coloring Page

This adorable scene captures two elephants, an adult, and a baby, with their trunks affectionately intertwined. The larger elephant’s protective stance and the baby’s playful posture create a heartwarming image that is perfect for kids.

Color the adult elephant in a traditional gray and the baby in a slightly lighter shade to differentiate the two. Adding a soft green to the grass and light blue to the hearts and background enhances the cheerful mood.


Happy Baby Elephant Coloring Sheet

A joyful baby elephant is illustrated with an upturned trunk and a big smile. The large ears and playful curl of the trunk convey a sense of happiness and movement.

Ideal for bright and lively colors, use a medium gray for the elephant and pink for the inner ears. The background can remain white or be filled with light blue to represent the sky.


Majestic Elephant Face Coloring Page

This detailed coloring page features the front view of an elephant’s face, highlighting its wise eyes and long, textured trunk. The elephant’s large ears frame its face, adding to its grandeur.

A deeper shade of gray would suit the elephant, accentuating the details in the trunk and around the eyes. The background could be left uncolored to keep the focus on the elephant’s facial features.


Elephant in the Landscape Coloring Sheet

The elephant stands amidst a scenic backdrop of hills and clouds. This more detailed image shows the elephant positioned slightly looking towards the viewer, giving it a friendly demeanor.

Use a standard gray for the elephant, with darker shades for the shaded areas under the body and around the legs. For the landscape, use greens for the ground and various shades of blue for the sky and distant mountains.


Family of Elephants Coloring Page

This coloring page features a majestic family of elephants, with a large adult leading two smaller ones. All elephants are depicted with prominent, detailed ears and long trunks. The adult’s large tusks and wise eyes are especially prominent, symbolizing strength and guidance.

Use varying shades of gray to differentiate each elephant. The adult can be colored in a darker shade, while the younger ones might be lighter. Add a subtle blue to the background for a sky-like effect.


Tiny Elephant with Leaf Coloring Page

A playful tiny elephant is shown holding a small leaf with its trunk. This charming character has large, expressive eyes and oversized ears, giving it an endearing quality suitable for young children.

Opt for a light gray body and pink for the inner ears. The leaf can be bright green, providing a pop of color that contrasts beautifully with the elephant.


Simple Elephant Head Coloring Sheet

This minimalistic page features just the head of an elephant, focusing on the trunk and ear. The bold line work makes it easy for young kids to color within the lines.

This elephant head is perfect for experimenting with textures. Use a dark gray for the main parts and a soft pink for the inner ear. This image leaves room for background creativity, maybe adding a colorful sun or trees.


Elephant Line Art Coloring Page

This unique coloring page features multiple elephants in different poses in a line art style. The minimal detail focuses on the elephants’ outline, giving a sense of movement and interaction.

Since the elephants are only outlined, this page offers creative freedom—use a spectrum of grays to fill in each elephant differently. The background could be colored lightly to emphasize the elephants’ silhouettes.


Seated Baby Elephant Coloring Page

This page shows a cute seated baby elephant looking directly at the viewer with a friendly expression. The large, floppy ears and detailed texture of the skin add to its charm.

A medium gray for the body and a contrasting darker gray for the ears’ edges would be visually appealing. Consider using a gentle green or blue for the ground to suggest a natural sitting place.


Playful Elephant in the Garden Coloring Sheet

This delightful coloring page features a playful elephant in a scenic garden. The elephant is illustrated in a joyful pose with its trunk curled upwards. Beautifully drawn flowers and foliage surround it.

Color the elephant in a light gray, and use vibrant colors like pink, yellow, and green for the flowers to make them stand out. This will create a lively and cheerful scene.


Elephant with Bow Coloring Sheet

This charming coloring page depicts a baby elephant sitting cutely with a large bow on its head. The elephant’s big ears and sweet expression make it especially endearing for young children.

Opt for a soft gray for the elephant and a bright color like red or pink for the bow. This contrast will make the bow pop and add to the elephant’s cuteness.


Floral Elephant Coloring Page

This unique coloring page showcases a baby elephant adorned with a floral crown. The detailed flowers and leaves add a whimsical touch to the elephant’s gentle expression.

Use multiple colors to bring the floral crown to life—shades of red, purple, and green are ideal. For the elephant, a standard gray will allow the colors of the crown to stand out beautifully.


Elephants Forming Heart Coloring Sheet

This simple yet creative coloring page features two elephants standing opposite each other, their trunks forming a heart shape above them. The design is minimalistic, focusing on the silhouettes of the elephants.

Color the elephants in different shades of gray to create contrast, and use a vibrant red or pink for the heart to emphasize the theme of love. The background can be light blue or green to keep the focus on the elephants and the heart.


Circus Elephant on Pedestal Coloring Page

This coloring page captures a circus elephant standing on a pedestal, complete with a festive hat and a decorative blanket. The elephant’s upturned trunk and joyful expression add to the festive circus theme.

Use bold colors like red and gold for the blanket and a bright color for the hat, such as blue or green. The elephant itself can be colored in a medium gray to balance the vivid colors of its attire. This page is perfect for an adventurous coloring experience that highlights the celebratory atmosphere of a circus.


Elephant with Balloons Coloring Page

This coloring page shows a cheerful young elephant holding two balloons with its trunk. The balloons have spotted patterns, adding a playful element to the image. The elephant is depicted in a happy pose, looking upwards as if watching the balloons float away.

Color the elephant in light gray and use bright colors like red, blue, or yellow for the balloons to make them stand out. Adding some green to the grass around the elephant will complete this joyful scene.


Smiling Elephant Coloring Page

This page features a friendly elephant with a big smile, large floppy ears, and detailed eyes. The elephant’s skin is textured with lines and dots, providing an opportunity for creative coloring.

Use a standard gray for the elephant’s body, but experiment with adding slight pink or brown tints to the ears and feet. This will bring out the texture details and enhance the elephant’s jovial expression.


Curled Trunk Elephant Coloring Page

A delightful elephant with its trunk curled playfully. The large ears and calm eyes give this elephant a serene expression. The design includes intricate lines on the trunk and feet, suggesting a gentle motion.

Opt for a medium gray for the elephant, using darker shades to accentuate the trunk’s intricate lines. The background could be colored light blue to suggest a clear sky, enhancing the peaceful mood of the picture.


Decorated Elephant Coloring Page

This coloring page displays an elephant adorned with a decorative blanket and headpiece, capturing the essence of the traditional celebration. The ornamentation includes tassels and intricate patterns.

Bright and vibrant colors, such as reds, blues, and gold, would be ideal for the decorations. For the elephant itself, a light to medium gray will allow the decorations to stand out prominently.


Mandala Elephant Coloring Page

This complex and artistically detailed page features an elephant designed with mandala patterns throughout its body and ears. It is perfect for those who enjoy intricate coloring challenges.

Since the design is highly detailed, using a variety of colors can bring out the mandala patterns—think purples, blues, greens, and oranges. The elephant’s body can remain a soft gray to ensure that the colorful mandala designs capture the viewer’s attention.


Elephant with Letter E Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features a cute baby elephant sitting next to a large letter ‘E.’ It’s ideal for young learners beginning to associate letters with animals. The elephant has a friendly expression, and its trunk is playfully curled.

Use light gray for the elephant and choose a vibrant color like blue or green for the letter ‘E’ to make it stand out. This not only helps in learning the alphabet but also makes the coloring fun.


Royal Elephant Coloring Page

A regal baby elephant wearing a crown is the star of this coloring page. The crown, decorated with jewels, sits elegantly on the elephant’s head, giving it a majestic look.

To emphasize the elephant’s royalty, color it in traditional gray and use metallic shades like gold or silver for the crown. To add a touch of sparkle, color the jewels in bright colors such as ruby red, emerald green, or sapphire blue.


Elephant Blowing a Heart Coloring Page

This simple yet adorable coloring page features an elephant with its trunk raised, blowing a small heart. This image conveys love and affection, making it a great choice for Valentine’s Day or to share as a caring message.

A light gray for the elephant and a vibrant red or pink for the heart will make this coloring page both striking and sweet. Adding a soft background color like lavender could enhance the loving theme.


Dapper Elephant Coloring Page

Here, a baby elephant is dressed at its best, wearing a top hat adorned with a flower and a bow tie. This stylish elephant is seated, giving it a relaxed and cheerful demeanor.

Opt for light gray for the elephant’s body and black or dark gray for the top hat. The flower on the hat can be colored brightly to contrast with the hat, and the bow tie can match the flower for a coordinated look.


Decorative Elephant with Mandala Designs Coloring Page

This complex and beautifully detailed coloring page showcases an elephant embellished with intricate mandala designs across its body and ears. It’s perfect for those who enjoy detailed coloring tasks.

Because of the intricate details, using a spectrum of colors can help highlight the various mandala patterns—choose harmonious colors to maintain a balanced look. Keep the elephant’s base color light to allow the designs to truly pop.


Decorative Baby Elephant Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page showcases a baby elephant embellished with intricate floral patterns on its ears and head, surrounded by small flowers and leaves. The elephant’s big eyes and friendly smile make it particularly endearing.

Use light gray for the elephant’s body and a variety of bright colors like pink, blue, and yellow for the floral patterns. This will create a vibrant and engaging image, perfect for fostering creativity in young artists.


Woolly Mammoth Coloring Page

A fun twist on the typical elephant, this coloring page features a woolly mammoth with shaggy hair and long, curved tusks. Its friendly face and large stature offer a glimpse into the Ice Age world.

Color the mammoth in shades of brown to reflect its likely appearance, using darker shades for the hairy parts and lighter shades for the tusks to give them a realistic look.


Elephant Blowing a Heart Kiss Coloring Page

This simple yet charming coloring page depicts a baby elephant sitting down and blowing a heart-shaped kiss. The minimalist design focuses on the cute gesture, making it perfect for Valentine’s Day or to express affection.

The elephant can be colored in soft gray, with the heart in a striking red to symbolize love. Adding a subtle pink or red background can enhance the romantic feel of the image.


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