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With our elf coloring pages, you can go on a magical adventure into a world where colors come to life. Not only are these elf coloring pages free and easy to print, but they are also great for kids of all ages who have little hands but big ideas. Our elf coloring sheets are a great way to express your imagination, whether you’re a parent looking for something fun to do in the afternoon, a teacher looking for something creative to use in the classroom, or just a fan of these magical creatures.

All you have to do is click on the pictures to get a high-quality PDF file of each elf coloring page. From the happy elves of the North Pole to the peaceful and mysterious people who live in the forest, we made each design to make you happy and encourage you to love coloring. There are a lot of different scenes and elf figures on our printable elf coloring pages, so every child can find one that interests them.

Get into the holiday spirit with a free elf coloring page that shows the happy helpers doing happy things. Not only are these sheets fun to use, but they can also help kids improve their small motor skills and give them a chance to express themselves through color. So, get your crayons, pencils, or markers ready, and let’s color these cute elves’ lives!

Jolly Jingles Elf Coloring Page

He is the happiest elf in the North Pole. His name is Jolly Jingles. Jolly is always ready to spread joy, with her hat tipped in a fun way and her gloves spread wide. This coloring page has Jolly prepared for you to color. His socks have stripes, and his coat has cute buttons. Give Jolly some bright colors to go with his huge, happy smile.


Starlight Twinkle Elf Coloring Page

Starlight Twinkle is the elf who loves the stars at night. It looks like Starlight’s hat holds the first star of the night, and her dress has a shining star on it. On this coloring page, you can add the deep blues and purples of dusk or the silver and gold of the stars that Starlight loves so much to her outfit.


Peppy Pinecone Elf Coloring Page

Peppy Pinecone is an elf who is always going somewhere! Peppy is ready for any journey at Santa’s workshop. She has a pointy hat on and a silly pose. Peppy is dressed up on this coloring page. She has a belt on and boots that are great for running through the snowflakes. Pick out lively colors to bring Peppy’s playful spirit to life!


Lucky Clover Leprechaun Coloring Page

Lucky Clover is a leprechaun who is always surrounded by gold coins. Say hello to him! Lucky is pleased with a pot of gold, and this coloring page shows how magical it is to reach the end of the rainbow. Dress Lucky up in yellows and greens that sparkle, and remember to color the coins in with gold that sparkles!


Rudy Reindeer Elf Coloring Page

Rudy Reindeer is the elf who loves playing games with reindeer. Rudy is the life of the holiday party. He is dressed as a reindeer with antlers and a red nose. On this coloring page, you can color Rudy in dark browns and tans, like a real reindeer, or you can use bright colors that look like Christmas lights!


Jolly Jingle’s Big Elf Ear Listening Coloring Page

Listen, can you hear the bells? That’s Jolly Jingle, the North Pole elf with the most prominent ears who is always ready to hear even the tiniest wish. This simple but fun coloring page only has his big ear on it. It’s a funny and one-of-a-kind page that kids will love. Any color that makes you think of Christmas should go on the page!


Starry Night’s Tiny Elf Greetings Coloring Page

Starry Night is the most diminutive elf with the biggest heart. She lives under a sky full of stars. This cute coloring page shows how elves can make kids happy and curious. Starry Night has a hat with stars on top of it and a big smile. You can add some magic to her by painting her with glitter and glow-in-the-dark paint.


Gift Giver’s Present-Filled Elf Workshop Coloring Page

Gift Giver is the elf who always has a lovely gift ready to give. Kids can color this workshop coloring page full of gifts and bring the Gift Giver’s holiday outfit and the exciting secret gift to life. Mixing patterns and colors can spark your creativity and help you make the perfect holiday gift.


Flutterby’s Whispering Wings Fairy Coloring Page

Listen up, it’s Flutterby! She can hear a flower fall because the wings are so quiet. This coloring page takes you to the fairy realm’s quiet spots where Flutterby sleeps. You can use her wings as a blank canvas and paint them with the soft pastels of dawn or the bright colors of a butterfly in full bloom.


Dancing Dazzle’s Twilight Twirl Fairy Coloring Page

Watch Dancing Dazzle twirling under the stars when she is at her best. Dazzle’s wings and hair move to the beat of this fairy coloring page, making it a show of movement. Add some glitter and glow-in-the-dark colors to her outfit to make her dance even more impressive.


Balloon Buddy’s Festive Fun Elf Coloring Page

Take off into the sky with Balloon Buddy, the elf who has three happy balloons. This fun coloring page is full of joy as Balloon Buddy grabs the strings and gets ready to go on a fun journey. He fills his balloons with a rainbow of bright colors to make his trip through the cold winter air as happy as can be.


Cozy Gnome’s Whimsical Winter Wonderland Coloring Page

Welcome to Cozy Gnome’s wild world, where he lives comfortably under his polka-dot cap! People who like to add a little magic to their winter will love this cute coloring page. Add some color to Cozy Gnome’s hat, and remember the snowflake that’s sitting on the tip, ready to be decorated with blues and whites that sparkle.


Shy Sprite’s Enchanted Forest Fairy Coloring Page

Shy Sprite, the shy fairy with the biggest heart, will lead you into the magical forest. Shy Sprite hides some on this coloring page, but she peeks out to see who is ready to color her world. Give her wings and dress a magical look by using colors from the forest or plants.


Easter Egg-citement’s Bunny Elf Coloring Page

Celebrate Easter with these bunny elves who are surrounded by beautiful eggs. This coloring page called “Easter Egg-citement” is a basket full of fun. Each egg and bunny costume is ready for your artistic pastels or bright spring colors. Bring the fun of Easter to your page with these cute characters.

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Flag Friend’s Patriotic Parade Elf Coloring Page

Flag Friend is an elf who loves parades and wants to join you. With his parade best on, this coloring page shows the joy of the holiday. You can wave his flag, which is red, white, and blue, or you can pick colors that show pride in your own country. Enjoy coloring and be proud to be American!


Majestic Moonbeam’s Starlight Fairy Coloring Page

Majestic Moonbeam is a fairy that dances on moonbeams and shines like the stars. This coloring page shows her in the air, her wand casting a spell of sparkling stardust. Her flowing dress and tiny wings look beautiful with a rainbow of blues and silvers. You can make the night sky come to life by adding your sparkle to Moonbeam’s clothes.


Forest Whisper’s Mystical Woodland Fairy Coloring Page

Welcome to Forest Whisper, the guardian of all the animals in the woods. This magical coloring page shows her standing tall among the old trees, her green clothes matching the forest. The stories of the woods are in her wings. Earthy greens, fall-colored browns, and maybe a touch of flower-bloom pink will bring her world to life.


Lucky O’Leary’s Shamrock Surprise Coloring Page

Lucky O’Leary is here with his shamrock treat, ready to bring happiness and luck to everyone. This cute coloring page is full of luck because it has two leprechauns holding their precious shamrocks. Their beards should be as red as an Irish sunset, and their hats should be the darkest shades of emerald green.


Rainbow Rider’s Leprechaun Adventure Coloring Page

Follow Rainbow Rider as he slides down the rainbow and into a gold pot. This fun coloring page takes you on a ski trip with a leprechaun. Add bright, bold stripes to his rainbow, and remember the gold coins that need a golden touch.

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Winter Elves’ Jolly Christmas Tree Journey Coloring Page

Join these winter elves on a fun trip as they get ready for the holiday season. The elves on this Christmas tree journey coloring page are dressed for the season and ready to spread holiday cheer. With their round bellies and rosy cheeks, they’re the perfect pop of color. In the background, a Christmas tree with lights and ornaments is ready for your artistic touch.


Rainbow Greetings from Lively Leprechaun Land Coloring Page

Friendly Liza is the most happy leprechaun of them all. This coloring page is a prize at the end of the rainbow. It has a rainbow on top of it and a friendly four-leaf clover at her feet. Liza’s world would be so lucky if her jacket was bright green and her rainbow was bright. Explore the colors further, if you wish, through our rainbow coloring pages, where creativity knows no bounds.


Tiny Tim’s Enchanted Christmas Tree Elf Coloring Page

With his magical Christmas tree and a rocking horse ready for Santa’s sleigh, Tiny Tim the Elf is here to help. All of the toys made at the North Pole are made with great care, and this coloring page shows you how they are made. Add candy cane reds and whites to Tim’s striped hat and holiday cheer to the tree!


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