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Fall coloring pages let kids celebrate the season while being creative. Autumn comes alive in these free printable sheets with easy and fascinating themes and designs. Each coloring page lets kids explore and express themselves with autumn leaves, fruits, and beneficial trees.

Simple but engaging illustrations make them ideal for young painters of all levels. Parents and educators may quickly download high-quality PDFs of each coloring page by clicking on each picture, bringing the fall’s bright spirit to life anywhere, anytime. These fall coloring pages are a delightful and educational resource for a relaxing afternoon or to teach about the seasons.

These printable fall coloring pages celebrate the season’s vivid hues and joyful themes. Let your kids color these easy-fall images and make each sheet a masterpiece.

Maple Leaf Coloring Page

This coloring page features a prominent maple leaf with distinct lobes and detailed veins, ideal for practicing precision with crayons or markers. It’s a fantastic way to explore shades of fall, such as deep reds, bright oranges, and golden yellows, which can be blended to create a realistic autumn leaf effect.


Oak Leaf Coloring Page

This page displays a detailed oak leaf with intricate edges and a strong vein structure, perfect for older children who like a coloring challenge. Encourage using a palette of autumn browns, rich yellows, and even greens to highlight the natural variations found in oak leaves during the fall season.


Simple Pumpkin Coloring Page

Centered on the page is a large, round pumpkin with smooth, wide segments that are easy for young children to color. This design is excellent for working with bold, solid colors. Orange for the pumpkin body and deep green for the stem will make the image stand out, and children can experiment with adding shadows and highlights.

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Decorative Pumpkin Coloring Page

This coloring page is adorned with a pumpkin encircled by delicate leaves and curling vines, adding layers of detail that call for careful attention. Kids can use vibrant orange for the pumpkin and various greens for the leaves and vines. Adding little accents like yellow or brown can enhance the textures and depth of the foliage.


Scarecrow Coloring Page

The page features a friendly scarecrow dressed in a simple jacket and sporting a wide-brimmed hat with outstretched arms. This image allows for creative expression in coloring the scarecrow’s attire—perhaps a patchwork of colors for the jacket and a bright, contrasting hue for the hat. Straw-yellow for the head and hands, coupled with earth tones for the wooden support, completes the pastoral look.


Cute Scarecrow Coloring Sheet

This charming coloring page features a simple scarecrow with a smiling face dressed in a jacket with patches and a hat adorned with a small flower. It is perfect for younger children due to its bold lines and large coloring areas. The scarecrow’s jacket could be colored in earthy tones like browns or greens, while the hat can be a brighter shade to add some fun contrast. Remember to use straw-yellow for the arms and head!


Halloween Pumpkin Coloring Page

A delightful coloring page for Halloween, it showcases a pumpkin scarecrow with a carved face, wearing a ragged collar and a hat, complete with a small, smiling bat perched on top. This page invites the use of traditional Halloween colors: orange for the pumpkin, black or dark gray for the hat and collar, and perhaps purple or dark blue for the bat to add a spooky touch.


Artichoke Coloring Page

This coloring page features a stylized artichoke with overlapping leaves, creating a captivating pattern. This page is ideal for older kids who enjoy detailed coloring. The varying shades of green that naturally occur in an artichoke provide a great opportunity to practice gradients and shading.


Pine Cone Coloring Page

Showcasing a detailed pine cone with layered scales, this coloring page is perfect for those who love to add texture and depth to their artwork. The natural brown and tan shades of a pine cone can be used here, with darker shades in the deeper areas to enhance the three-dimensional look.


Fall Sweater Coloring Page

A cozy sweater with a prominent maple leaf design in the center makes for a fun fall coloring activity. The simplicity of the design allows for creativity in choosing colors. A warm gray or cream for the sweater paired with a vibrant red or orange for the maple leaf would make this image especially inviting for the chilly autumn season.


Forest Tree Stump Coloring Page

This coloring page features a quaint forest scene centered on a tree stump, with leaves scattered around it, suggesting a serene woodland setting. This drawing is perfect for a calm coloring session, using earthy tones like browns for the tree stump and various shades of green and yellow for the leaves. This provides a great opportunity to discuss the ecosystem around a fallen tree, including how it supports new life in a forest.


Fall Broad Leaf Coloring Page

Here, we have a coloring page showcasing a broad, detailed leaf with multiple sections and veins, ideal for children interested in nature and plant life. The complex pattern of the leaf allows for the use of multiple shades of green to highlight the natural variations. This can be a fun way to introduce children to different types of leaves and their structures, encouraging a detailed and careful coloring approach.


Autumn Harvest Coloring Page

This fun and busy coloring page is packed with autumn-themed items, including a sunflower, a cupcake with a leaf decoration, an apple, a jar of preserves, a carrot, a winter hat, and a scarf. Each element can be colored differently, using a vibrant autumn palette of oranges, reds, yellows, and browns. This page is perfect for teaching children about the different foods and objects associated with the autumn season and the concept of harvest.


Halloween Pumpkins Coloring Page

This unique coloring page combines elements of Halloween and winter with a stack of three pumpkins, each carved with a different facial expression, resembling a snowman. This page is ideal for Halloween, using orange for the pumpkins and black for the carved faces to create a spooky effect. It’s a playful twist that can spark conversations about the similarities and differences between Halloween and winter celebrations.


Pumpkin and Leaves Coloring Page

Featuring a large pumpkin surrounded by smaller pumpkins and intricate leaves, this coloring page captures the essence of fall. The pumpkins can be colored in shades of orange, with greens and browns for the leaves, providing a chance to use a variety of colors. This page is excellent for discussing the growth cycle of pumpkins and the changing seasons, making it both educational and fun for a fall coloring activity.


Pumpkin and Poppies Coloring Page

This lovely coloring page features a large pumpkin surrounded by full-bloom poppies and sprouting leaves, creating a delightful fall scene. The floral elements offer a great opportunity to use a variety of colors, such as vibrant reds and pinks for the poppies, deep greens for the leaves, and classic orange for the pumpkin. This page is perfect for discussing the interplay of different plants during the fall season, emphasizing both harvest and beauty.


Corn Cob Coloring Page

Displayed prominently, this corn cob is encased in its husk, ready for harvest. The kernels can be colored in shades of yellow and gold, contrasting with the green of the husk. This simple yet detailed image provides a fantastic opportunity to teach about the growth and harvesting of corn, which is a staple in many autumn celebrations.


Gnome with Top Hat Coloring Page

This quirky coloring page features a gnome wearing a top hat, adding a whimsical touch to the coloring experience. The gnome’s outfit allows for creative expression with bold or pastel colors. This character can be used to spark imaginative stories while coloring, perhaps inventing a tale about the gnome’s adventures in a magical forest.


Gnome with Striped Hat Coloring Page

Another gnome appears here, this time wearing a tall, striped hat and holding a maple leaf, suggesting a playful autumn theme. The stripes on the hat invite the use of multiple colors, making this an engaging task for children to practice their color coordination and pattern recognition.


House with Pumpkin Coloring Page

This coloring page portrays a simple house with a tall, arched doorway and a stack of pumpkins by the entrance, evoking a cozy, welcoming autumn scene. The architectural lines of the house offer a chance to use solid, muted colors like beiges or grays, while the pumpkins can be a bright, cheerful orange. This scene can lead to discussions about fall decorations and the preparation for seasonal festivities.


Squirrel on Tree Stump Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page features a cheerful squirrel sitting atop a tree stump, enjoying an acorn. The scene is framed by a few leaves, providing a simple yet charming fall setting. This coloring page is perfect for younger children, as it offers a good mix of larger areas and a few small details. The squirrel can be colored in shades of gray or brown, the stump in earthy browns, and the leaves in shades of green or autumn reds and yellows.


Squirrel with Acorn Coloring Page

This page shows a cute squirrel in a classic pose, holding an acorn with its detailed, fluffy tail prominently displayed. This image is great for children who enjoy coloring animals and learning about wildlife. Browns and grays for the squirrel, a dark brown for the acorn, and subtle greens for the leaves provide a naturalistic palette that can help children learn about the typical colors of forest animals and their environments.


Easy Pumpkin Pie Coloring Page

Here, we have a delicious-looking pumpkin pie topped with a small pumpkin with a heart-shaped cutout. This coloring page is ideal for discussions about seasonal foods and Thanksgiving traditions. The pie can be colored with shades of golden brown and orange for the pumpkin topping, offering a fun way to explore the colors of different pies.


Pumpkin Pie with Pumpkins Coloring Sheet

Adding a bit more to the culinary theme, this coloring page features a pumpkin pie surrounded by two whole pumpkins. This can be a festive activity for children to engage in around Thanksgiving, encouraging them to use oranges for the pumpkins and light browns for the pie crust, possibly even discussing the process of making pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkins.


Harvest Basket Coloring Page

This intricate coloring page is filled with a bounty of harvest goodies, including grapes, pumpkins, and carrots, all nestled in a basket. It’s a fantastic page for children to practice their coloring skills on different textures and shapes. Rich purples and greens for the grapes, bright orange for the pumpkins and carrots, and a deep brown for the basket make this a vibrant project that can also serve as a way to discuss healthy eating and the variety of harvest crops.


Corn Stalks Coloring Page

This coloring page features a cluster of corn stalks with detailed husks and kernels visible. It’s a fantastic way to introduce children to the structure of corn and its growth process. Coloring this page can be an educational activity, with yellows for the kernels and greens for the husks and leaves. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the role of corn in agriculture and its importance as a crop.


Fruit Basket Coloring Page

Displayed here is a bountiful basket overflowing with various fruits, including bananas, grapes, and a prominent corn cob. This coloring page can be used to teach children about different types of fruits and their nutritional values. Bright colors like yellow for bananas, purple or green for grapes, and yellow for corn make this a vibrant and fun coloring experience.

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Fall Picnic Coloring Page

This playful coloring page depicts two children enjoying a picnic in a scenic outdoor setting. It’s a wonderful scene that includes a picnic basket, sandwiches, and a pie, ideal for a family or educational setting to talk about outdoor activities and healthy eating habits. The children can be colored in a variety of clothing colors, while the food items and the background can include greens for the grass and blues for the sky.


Persimmon Coloring Page

This coloring page beautifully showcases a trio of persimmons, each depicted with a distinct crown of leaves. It’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to this unique fruit, which is rich in color and taste. The persimmons can be colored in vibrant shades of orange, reflecting their ripe stage, while the leaves can be done in various greens. This can be a delightful way to discuss the nutritional benefits of persimmons and where they are commonly grown.


Apple Tree Coloring Page

This coloring page shows a lush apple tree filled with numerous apples, ideal for discussing the growth of apples and the change of seasons. This page can also be used to introduce concepts of fruit harvesting and the natural cycle of trees. Red, green, or yellow for the apples and a rich brown for the tree trunk with green for the leaves would beautifully bring this picture to life.

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Wheat Stalks Coloring Page

This coloring page features three detailed wheat stalks, each laden with grains and surrounded by slender leaves. It’s an ideal image to introduce children to agricultural products and their processes. Coloring this could be an educational experience, where children can use golden yellows for the wheat grains and greens for the stalks, discussing the importance of wheat in food production and its harvesting cycle.


Turkey Coloring Page

This page presents a friendly turkey with its feathers displayed in an open fan. This coloring option is perfect for discussions around Thanksgiving and the role of turkeys in the celebration. Children can use a mix of browns, oranges, and reds to bring the turkey to life, enhancing their understanding of this holiday symbol.


Mixed Autumn Leaves Coloring Page

Showcased here are a variety of autumn leaves, each with unique shapes and vein patterns. This provides a fun way to learn about the different types of trees and their leaves as they change colors in autumn. Encourage the use of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns to highlight the beauty of the fall season.


Autumn Tree Coloring Page

This coloring page features a tree in autumn, with leaves falling around it, capturing the essence of the season. It’s a fantastic scene to discuss the lifecycle of trees and why leaves change color and fall. This page can be colored using a mix of vibrant fall colors for the leaves and a sturdy brown for the tree trunk.


Thanksgiving Feast Coloring Page

Depicting a festive Thanksgiving table setting, this page includes a pie, pumpkins, and sunflowers, perfect for a holiday-themed coloring activity. Children can explore a variety of colors here: orange for the pumpkins, brown for the pie crust, and yellow for the sunflowers, creating a warm, inviting Thanksgiving scene. This can also be an opportunity to talk about traditional foods and decorations associated with Thanksgiving.


Farmer Turkey Coloring Page

This coloring page features a turkey dressed as a farmer, complete with a hat and holding a pitchfork, standing next to a pumpkin. It’s a fun and thematic image for Thanksgiving, blending elements of farming with the iconic turkey. Children can use browns for the turkey, various autumn shades for the feathers, and oranges for the pumpkin. This can be an opportunity to discuss the role of farming in food production and the symbolism of turkeys during Thanksgiving.


Bread Basket Coloring Page

Displayed here is a basket filled with various loaves of bread, making it an excellent coloring page for discussing different types of bread and grains. Each bread can be colored with shades of golden brown and tan, with the basket in a darker brown to contrast. This page can lead to conversations about baking and the importance of grains in our diet.


Harvested Squash Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a variety of squash with a few leaves, which could represent different types of squash commonly harvested during the fall season. Vibrant oranges, yellows, and greens can be used here, perfect for a discussion on the different types of squash and their uses in cooking.


Funny Moose Coloring Page

A cheerful moose with large antlers appears on this coloring page, which is ideal for teaching children about wildlife in forested areas. Browns for the moose and darker shades for the antlers would work well, making this a fun way to learn about moose and their natural habitats.


Autumn Sweater Coloring Page

This page features a cozy autumn sweater, complete with decorative patterns on the sleeves. It’s great for discussing the changing seasons and why we wear warmer clothes as it gets colder. Children can use fall colors like red, orange, and brown for the sweater, possibly discussing their favorite autumn activities and clothing.


Autumn Fox with Scarf Coloring Page

This coloring page features a charming fox wearing a cozy scarf, perfect for the fall season. The fox has a gentle expression and a fluffy tail, set against a simple background. For a vibrant look, use warm shades like orange and red for the fox, and choose a bright color like teal or purple for the scarf.

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Fall Sunflower Coloring Sheet

This page showcases a single, large sunflower with detailed petals and leaves. The flower stands tall on a slender stem. Color the sunflower petals a bright yellow with a brown center, and use shades of green for the leaves and stems to highlight this autumn bloom.

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Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage Coloring Page

A magical pumpkin carriage is reminiscent of Cinderella’s fairy tale vehicle, complete with ornate wheels and elegant design elements. The pumpkin should be colored in vibrant orange, with silver or grey accents for the wheels and decorations to give it a magical feel.


Fall Beverage Coloring Page

This coloring page features a seasonal drink in a cup adorned with pumpkin motifs and hearts. It’s perfect for someone who enjoys the warm beverages of fall. Use shades of orange for the pumpkin details and consider a rich brown for the coffee, adding pops of color like red or pink for the hearts.


Pumpkin Spice Dessert Coloring Page

A delicious pumpkin spice dessert topped with whipped cream in a jar, complete with a pumpkin and a striped straw. This coloring page is ideal for food lovers. Color the pumpkin elements in shades of orange the cream in white, and use caramel colors for the dessert to enhance its appetizing


Autumn Leaf Collection Coloring Page

This coloring page features a variety of detailed leaf outlines, showcasing different shapes and textures, ideal for celebrating the diversity of fall foliage. Children are encouraged to use a range of autumnal colors like orange, yellow, and deep red to bring these leaves to life. This page is a great way to teach kids about the changing seasons while exploring different shades.


Fall Outdoor Fun Coloring Page

This playful page includes a stylized sweater, mushrooms, acorns, a pine cone, and a rainbow, all evoking the essence of autumn. Recommended colors include earthy tones like brown for the acorns and pine cones and vibrant reds or oranges for the mushrooms and leaves. This is perfect for kids to express their creativity while thinking about the various elements of fall.


Teapot and Nature Coloring Page

A charming scene featuring a teapot surrounded by a mushroom, pine cones, and leaves, this coloring page invites children to use vibrant colors to highlight the teapot, such as blues or greens, while using more subdued earth tones for the natural elements. It’s a wonderful exercise in contrasting colors and offers a cozy, autumnal feel.


Fall Fruitful Tree Coloring Page

This page depicts a fruit-laden tree with pears and surrounding flora, providing an excellent opportunity for children to use a variety of colors. Greens and browns for the tree and leaves, along with yellows and greens for the pears, can create a lively and colorful artwork. This page is great for discussing the bounty of the season with young colorists.


Printable Autumn Harvest Coloring Sheets

Featuring a whimsical arrangement of fall elements like a bird, acorns, a mushroom, and a leaf-adorned sweater, this coloring page is perfect for kids to experiment with a mix of bright and earthy colors. Using shades like yellow for the bird and orange for the sweater can enhance the autumn theme, making it a fun and engaging activity for kids exploring the richness of the season.


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