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Girl Coloring Pages

For a free printable PDF of our girl coloring pages, click on any photo. These girl coloring pages are accessible to color and include happy girls with backpacks and attractive women in fashionable attire. Each sheet inspires creativity and makes coloring fun for kids.

Our girl coloring sheets are perfect for kids who like basic outlines or intricate scenes. We provide color tips for each image to enhance coloring. We recommend colors and ways to make coloring fun and informative. Gather your crayons, and let’s explore colors with these adorable and free girl coloring sheet printables!

Smiling Girl with Overalls Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a smiling girl dressed in overalls and a casual T-shirt, with a simple bob hairstyle and a hair clip on the side. For a vivid look, color her hair clip with bright shades such as pink or yellow, while the overalls could be colored denim blue to give a classic look. Opt for a cheerful color for the T-shirt, like red or yellow, to make the outfit pop.


Joyful Girl with Floral Dress Coloring Page

This page features a joyful young girl adorned with flowers in her hair, wearing a dress with wide sleeves. The flowers present an excellent opportunity to mix bright colors like pink, yellow, and green. Choosing a light pastel color for her dress will complement the happy expression on her face, making the picture look soft and cheerful.


Little Girl with Ponytail Coloring Page

This coloring sheet displays a cute girl with freckles and a playful ponytail wearing a sleeveless dress embellished with a floral design. Utilize vibrant colors such as purple or orange for the floral emblem to draw attention, and consider a soft shade like sky blue for her dress, which will suit her bubbly personality perfectly.


Girl’s Back View with Bun Hairstyle Coloring Page

This unique coloring page provides a back view of a girl wearing a simple blouse with her hair elegantly tied up in a bun. Color her blouse in soft tones like white or cream for a refined appearance. Her hair could be colored in realistic shades of brown or black, focusing on the intricate styling of the bun.


Schoolgirl Ready for Day Coloring Page

The image captures a schoolgirl with a side ponytail, dressed in a uniform and carrying a backpack. For the uniform, traditional colors like navy blue and white are perfect. At the same time, the backpack could be a brighter shade like red or teal to add a lively contrast and draw interest to the accessories.


Excited Girl Jumping Coloring Page

This lively coloring page captures a young girl in mid-jump, full of excitement, with her hair tied up in a playful ponytail. She wears a simple T-shirt and skirt combo with sneakers. The floating circles around her add to the dynamic scene. For coloring, consider bright and joyful colors; a sunny yellow for her T-shirt and a vibrant pink or green for her skirt would mirror her energetic pose. The sneakers can be gray with white trim to keep them neutral.


Abstract Female Profile Coloring Page

This artistic coloring page features an abstract design of a female profile with flowing lines and organic shapes resembling hair. This minimalistic style calls for bold, solid colors to highlight the abstract forms. Use a deep blue or black for the profile to contrast sharply with bright colors like red or orange for the abstract shapes, creating a striking visual effect.


Curly Haired Girl Smiling Coloring Page

This page depicts a curly-haired girl with a broad smile wearing a simple dress. Her cheerful expression and detailed curls make this a fun picture to color. Use warm tones for her hair, like golden brown or auburn, and choose a light color, like lavender or pale green, for her dress to keep the image bright and airy.


Casual Outfit Girl Coloring Page

Featuring a young girl in a casual outfit with a jacket and pants, this coloring page is perfect for those who enjoy adding details to clothing. The coat can be colored in a light blue, with a white shirt underneath, while the pants could be a soft beige. Her shoes, like navy blue, might be a darker shade to provide contrast.


Girl with Ice Cream Coloring Page

This charming coloring page shows a girl holding an ice cream cone, wearing a casual outfit with a playful hairdo. This image is ideal for using a mix of soft and vibrant colors. Color her top and shorts in cool pastels like mint or baby blue. The ice cream cone offers a chance to add splashes of color with scoops in classic flavors like chocolate brown, strawberry pink, and vanilla white.


Girl with Books and Pencils Coloring Page

This coloring page features a girl viewed from the back, holding a stack of books labeled ‘Math’ and ‘Art,’ along with a pencil case. Her hair is styled in a low bun, giving an academic appearance. For coloring, use earthy tones for the books to suggest leather bindings and vibrant colors like red, blue, and yellow for the pencils to make them stand out. Her blouse can be colored in a soft pastel to keep the focus on the books and stationery.


Girl with Bucket Hat Coloring Page

This page depicts a cheerful young girl wearing a bucket hat and a dress with a cute animal design on the front. Her expression is friendly, and she has freckles. The bucket hat offers a chance to use bright colors like lime green or sky blue, while the animal on the dress can be colored in natural tones such as brown and beige. Her shoes can be dark to contrast with her lighter clothing.


Ballet Dancer in Pose Coloring Page

This elegant coloring sheet features a ballet dancer in a classic pose, wearing a detailed tutu and ballet slippers. Her hair is styled in a neat bun adorned with beads. Use light, shimmering colors like pink or white for the tutu, and add glitter accents if possible. The ballet slippers should be a traditional soft pink. Her hair accessories could be colored with metallic tones to add elegance.


Little Girl Reading Coloring Page

This charming coloring page shows a young girl deeply engrossed in a book, sitting comfortably on a cushion. Her hair is adorned with a bow. This scene invites a cozy atmosphere, so she uses warm colors like maroon or navy for her outfit’s cushion and earthy tones. Her hair bow can be bright, such as red or blue, to add color.


Vintage Style Girl Coloring Page

This page features a girl with a vintage hairstyle and dress reminiscent of early 20th-century fashion. Her dress is simple, allowing for bold or classic colors. Consider using sepia tones for a vintage feel or bright classic colors like deep red or navy blue for the dress. Her hair can be a soft brown or black, complementing the old-fashioned style.


Schoolgirl with Backpack Coloring Page

This coloring page features a schoolgirl with a backpack slung over one shoulder, wearing a simple dress and cardigan. She has a gentle smile and a ponytail. For a cheerful look, use bright colors for her dress, such as light blue or green. The backpack could be a darker shade like navy or burgundy to provide contrast, and the cardigan might be colored in a neutral grey or beige to balance the vibrant dress.


Happy Girl in Pigtails Coloring Page

This joyful coloring page displays a young girl with pigtails, hands outstretched, and a big smile. She’s wearing a dress with a heart emblem. Color her hair with natural tones, such as blonde or light brown. The dress can be vivid, using colors like pink or red for the heart and a contrasting color like white or yellow for the dress to make the design stand out.


Magical Fairy with Wand Coloring Page

This enchanting coloring page captures a fairy holding a sparkling wand in mid-flight. She has delicate wings and a sleek dress. To create a mystical effect, use glittery or metallic colors for the wand sparkles and soft pastels for her wings. The fairy’s dress can be colored in light shades such as lavender or pale blue, enhancing her ethereal appearance.


Girl with Bows Coloring Page

This coloring sheet features a girl with bows in her hair, giving her a sweet, youthful look. She wears a simple dress with a layered collar. For the bows, choose bright colors like red or blue, which can match or contrast with a soft pastel or floral pattern for her dress, creating a playful and inviting coloring experience.


Excited Young Girl with Pigtails Coloring Page

This page shows a very excited young girl with pigtails, wide-eyed and smiling broadly. She’s wearing a tunic and sandals. This image is excellent for vibrant coloring; consider bright yellow or orange for the tunic to reflect her joyous mood and earth tones for the sandals to ground the outfit. The pigtails allow experimenting with colorful hair ties, like purple or green.


Princess in Royal Attire Coloring Page

This detailed coloring page features a princess in a lavish royal dress with puffy sleeves and intricate designs. She wears a tiara, and her long hair is elegantly styled. For coloring, use royal colors like deep blues and purples for her gown to reflect her status. Gold or silver can be used for the tiara and the accents on her dress to enhance the luxurious feel.


Ballerina in Action Coloring Page

This page captures a young ballerina in a dynamic pose, wearing a classic ballet outfit and a beaded headband. Her tutu is fluffy and designed to stand out. Soft pastel colors like light pink or white are ideal for the tutu, with a contrasting brighter shade for the headband to draw attention to her face.


Girl with Heart Hairbands Coloring Page

This simple yet charming coloring page shows a girl with a smiling face adorned with heart-shaped hairbands. Her hair and features are straightforward, making this an excellent page for younger children. Bright, cheerful colors like pink, red, or yellow for the hairbands will make this image pop, with a light blue or green for her top to keep the look soft and pleasant.


Stylish Young Woman Coloring Page

This coloring sheet features a stylish young woman with a sleek hairstyle and a thoughtful expression. The minimalistic style invites a modern palette of colors. Use bold shades like jet black or platinum blonde for her hair and neutral tones for her clothing to create a fashionable contrast.


Toddler Drawing Coloring Page

This adorable page depicts a toddler lying on her stomach, focused on drawing. It’s a playful scene that calls for vibrant colors. Bright primary colors for her clothing and the drawing will engage young colorists. In contrast, her hair can be colored in natural shades like brown or blonde to keep it realistic.


Ballerina in Tutu Dress Coloring Page

This coloring page features a young ballerina in a tutu dress, poised elegantly. Her hair is styled in a neat bun with a hair accessory, adding a touch of sophistication. For her tutu, choose light pastel colors like pink or lavender, and consider silver or gold for the hair accessory to make it sparkle. This will enhance the gracefulness of her dance pose.


Little Girl Praying Coloring Page

This simple yet endearing coloring page shows a little girl in a praying pose, wearing a school uniform. Her large, expressive eyes and pigtails make her particularly cute. The uniform should be colored in traditional school colors like navy or grey, with her hair tied in bright contrasting colors like red or blue to add a playful element.


Happy Child in Casual Outfit Coloring Page

This page captures a cheerful young child in a casual outfit, waving enthusiastically. The simplicity of her outfit allows for bold, vibrant colors. Use bright greens, blues, or yellows for her clothing to reflect her cheerful mood. This makes the coloring experience fun and lively.


Girl Playing Soccer Coloring Page

This action-packed coloring page features a young girl playing soccer, showing great enthusiasm and movement. Her sporty attire is perfect for bright and energetic colors like reds or oranges, complemented by darker shades for her soccer boots and the soccer ball in traditional black and white.


Student Studying Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a student deeply engrossed in studying and wearing headphones to focus better. For a realistic touch, color her clothing in subtle, soft colors like blues or greens, which are calming and suitable for a study environment. To add interest, the headphones can be a more vibrant color, like purple or blue.


Heart Princess Coloring Page

This coloring page features a princess with a long, flowing hairstyle and a regal dress adorned with hearts. Her tiara also has a heart motif. For coloring, utilize rich, royal colors such as deep reds or purples for her dress to reflect her royal status and gold or silver for her tiara to highlight its elegance. The hearts around her can be vibrant, like pink or red, to emphasize the theme of love.


Simple Girl Coloring Page

This page presents a simple and clean design of a girl with a casual dress. The simplicity of the image is perfect for younger artists. Opt for bright and cheerful colors like yellows or greens for her dress, making the coloring experience fun and lively for children.


Girl with Hula Hoop Coloring Page

This playful coloring page captures a girl enjoying her time with a hula hoop. She wears a striped top, which can be colored in alternating bright colors such as blues and oranges to add a dynamic look. Her shoes and hula hoop offer additional opportunities for bright, contrasting colors, adding to the joyful theme of the picture.


Girl Sitting Coloring Page

This poignant coloring page shows a girl sitting with her head down in a contemplative pose. It’s a more somber image that might be colored in softer, muted tones to reflect a quiet mood. Use shades of blue and gray for her dress and hair to maintain a calm and reflective atmosphere.


Ballerina Coloring Page

This page features a young ballerina in a poised and serene pose, smiling gently. The tutu and ballet shoes are ideal for soft pastel shades like light pink or baby blue, which can be complemented with slight glitter accents for a magical effect. Her hair can be colored in natural shades to keep the focus on her graceful dance attire.


Girl Running Coloring Page

This dynamic coloring page captures a young girl in full stride, her hair flowing behind her as she runs. The athletic nature of the scene is perfect for vibrant, lively colors. Use a bright shade like orange or red for her tank top and darker colors for her shorts and shoes to provide good contrast and emphasize movement.


Girl with Balloons Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page features a young girl sitting with two balloons. Her cheerful expression makes this an inviting image to color. Bright, festive colors like yellow, blue, or red for the balloons will stand out. In contrast, her clothing can be colored in complementary soft pastels to keep the focus on the balloons.


Quiet Girl Coloring Page

This page shows a young girl with a finger to her lips, signaling silence. It’s a simple yet expressive image, ideal for subtle, calming colors. Soft shades of blue, green, or pink for her dress and light browns or blond for her hair would suit the quiet theme of this coloring page.


Girl with Gift Coloring Page

This charming page depicts a girl holding a beautifully wrapped gift, adding a sense of anticipation. For the gift, use bright and attractive colors like purple or red with contrasting ribbon colors like gold or silver to make it pop. Her dress can be colored in any festive shade that complements the gift, making the whole image vibrant and joyful.


Curious Girl Coloring Page

This coloring sheet features a curious young girl with a sweet expression, standing with her hands clasped together. Her pigtails suggest youthfulness, which can be enhanced with playful colors. She uses bright colors for her dress and accessories, such as vibrant pinks or greens, to appeal to young colorists and reflect her mischievous nature.


Joyful Girl with Backpack Coloring Page

This coloring page captures a joyful girl with her arms raised and wearing a backpack, as she seems to be in mid-movement or dance. This page offers an opportunity to practice coloring on clothing folds and hair tied in a ponytail. Consider using vibrant colors like yellow or light green for her outfit and bold colors for the backpack, like red or blue, to make it stand out.


Cute Girl with Long Hair Coloring Page

This simple and adorable coloring page features a young girl with long, flowing hair and a big smile, her hands raised in a welcoming gesture. This is perfect for young kids as the large areas allow easy coloring. Use light, cheerful colors such as sky blue for her dress and yellow for her hair to make the picture lively and fun.


Best Friends Coloring Page

This coloring page shows two girls sitting with their backs to the viewer, their arms joyfully raised. It’s ideal for practicing symmetry and clothing details. Suggest using complementary colors for each girl’s outfit to create a harmonious look. Bright colors like purple and orange can add a vivid touch to their clothing.


Traveling Photographer Girl Coloring Page

Depicting a girl dressed in a casual outfit with a camera and backpack, this coloring page is perfect for older children interested in more detailed scenes. Coloring this page with earth tones like browns and greens can give it a natural, outdoorsy feel, suitable for a photographer setting out on an adventure.


Fashionable Woman with Wide Hat Coloring Page

This elegant coloring page features a stylish woman posing with a wide-brimmed hat, covering her eyes and adding an air of mystery. The simplicity of the outline offers freedom in coloring, allowing for bold and contrasting colors. Try a combination of black for the swimsuit and a bright color like red or magenta for the hat to create a striking effect.


Sad Classical Lady Coloring Page

This coloring page features a classic lady with a melancholic expression. Her hair is styled in soft waves and is detailed, making it an excellent opportunity for practice with shading. She wears a simple, draped dress, emphasizing a traditional look. For coloring, use subdued shades like soft grays or light blues to reflect her somber mood. Highlight her hair with golden or light brown tones to add a subtle contrast.


Happy Young Girl Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a cheerful young girl with a simple hairstyle and a joyful expression. Her features are basic yet inviting, suitable for younger children to color. The simplicity of the design allows for experimentation with bright colors. Try using vibrant pink or red for her shirt and various colors for her hair accessories to make the page pop.


Ballet Dancer Girl Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a young girl dressed as a ballet dancer, complete with a tutu and ballet shoes. The pose is dynamic and fun to color. For her tutu, use shades of pale pink or white; opt for traditional ballet slipper pink for her boots. This page is fantastic for adding glitter or shimmer effects for a magical touch.


Casual Young Girl Coloring Page

This coloring page presents a casual young girl with a modern hairstyle and a cute outfit. The simplicity of the drawing makes it accessible to all ages. Her dress’s bow and heart detail are perfect for bright colors like red or pink. In contrast, her hair could be colored in any whimsical shade, like purple or blue, making it customizable.


Fashionable Teen Girl Coloring Page

This coloring page features a fashionable teen girl in a trendy outfit with a casual stance. The details in her clothing, like the belt and the slung bag, offer opportunities for intricate coloring. Opt for contemporary colors like teal, burgundy, or mustard for her outfit. This page is excellent for older kids or teens looking to practice more detailed coloring techniques.


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