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Grapes Coloring Pages

Jump into our super fun 14 grape coloring pages! Perfect for little artists, these pages let kids splash their favorite colors on grape clusters, cute grape characters, and more. Each design is easy to color, making it perfect for young kiddos just getting started with their coloring adventures.

Looking for a quick and easy activity? Every grape coloring sheet comes with a link to a free grape PDF printable, so you can start coloring in no time. These pages are not just fun but also great for little hands to practice staying inside the lines and picking out colors.

So grab your crayons, and let’s color some grapes! Whether at home or in the classroom, these grape coloring sheets are sure to add a splash of fun and creativity to your day.

Clustered Grapes with Leaf Coloring Page

This coloring page displays a lush, vertical arrangement of grapes with a large, intricately detailed leaf to the right. Each grape varies in size, suggesting a natural clustering where some fruits are hidden behind others, giving a realistic volumetric feel. The leaf is beautifully detailed, with prominent veins and a slightly wavy edge, enhancing the organic appeal of the drawing.

Employ a gradient of purple shades for the grapes to simulate the natural variation in color seen in ripe fruit. The leaf would look striking in a vibrant green with light yellow highlights, suggesting a touch of sunlight and adding liveliness to its detailed veins.


Realistic Grapevine Coloring Page

This grapevine coloring page features a beautifully drawn segment with a leaf and a cluster of grapes. The grapes are meticulously shaded to give a three-dimensional appearance, while the leaf is detailed with veins and subtle curls at the edges, adding a dynamic feel to the static image. The layout is harmoniously balanced, with the grape cluster gracefully suspended from the vine.

Use deep purple or blue for the grapes to suggest richness and taste. The leaf should be colored dark green with hints of brown along the veins, creating a mature, autumnal appearance that enhances the texture and depth of the leaf.


Simple Grape Bunch Coloring Page

Designed for easy engagement, this coloring page illustrates a simple grape bunch with a single leaf, perfect for young colorists. The design is straightforward, with thick, bold lines that define the shapes clearly, making it easy for children to color within the lines. The uniformity in the size of the grapes and the minimalistic style make this an inviting and manageable project.

Opt for light green grapes to depict the fruit’s freshness and youthfulness. The leaf could be a darker green to provide a striking contrast, accentuating the simplicity of the design and focusing on the distinct shapes.


Minimalist Grape Cluster Coloring Page

This page takes a minimalist approach, showcasing a grape cluster with a single leaf, defined by clean, clear lines without additional details. The simplicity of the design is ideal for developing fine motor skills in young artists, providing them with a straightforward and enjoyable coloring experience.

The grapes’ bright green color will make the drawing vibrant and engaging, while the leaf’s darker green color will offer visual contrast and focus attention on the basic yet attractive shapes.


Grapevine on Trellis Coloring Page

This intricate coloring page portrays a grapevine draping over a wooden trellis, complete with multiple grape clusters and several leaves. The artistic, sketch-like style brings a rustic and charming quality to the image, while the variation in grape size and detailed leaves add to the authenticity and depth of the scene.

Color the grapes in shades of red and purple to represent different stages of ripeness, adding a rich tapestry of color. The trellis should be colored in light browns to mimic wood, and the leaves can be done in mixed greens to emphasize their lush, detailed appearance, enhancing the overall naturalistic feel of the setup.


Windswept Grapevine Coloring Page

This coloring page features a detailed grapevine with a realistic portrayal of a grape cluster and windswept leaves. The leaves, varying in direction and detail, frame the central grape cluster that dangles elegantly from a thin vine. The dynamic arrangement of the leaves gives a sense of movement, suggesting a gentle breeze moving through the vineyard.

The grapes would look great in shades of light purple, simulating a slightly translucent skin, while the leaves can be colored in a rich green, using strokes of yellow and brown to represent the windswept effect and add a seasonal touch.


Classic Grape Cluster Coloring Page

This page presents a classic grape cluster, complete with a leafy top. The grapes are drawn with bold, rounded shapes, making them look plump and delicious. The leaf is simple yet detailed enough to offer a fun coloring challenge, with visible veins and a natural shape.

Opt for dark purple or red for the grapes, ideal for depicting a ripe, delicious fruit. The leaf should be colored in a vibrant green, with highlights and shadows to show its texture and contours.


Full Grape Bunch Coloring Page

This image captures a full, lush grape bunch accompanied by a detailed leaf on the top. The grapes are densely packed, with slight shading indicating their roundness and volume. The leaf is beautifully detailed, making it a focal point alongside the fruit.

Color the grapes in a gradient of green to dark purple, indicating different levels of ripeness. The leaf could use a mixture of greens with hints of yellow at the edges to reflect light catching its surface.


Grape Jam Jar Coloring Page

This creative coloring page features a charming depiction of a jam jar with a fabric cover tied with a ribbon and a small grape cluster and leaf as a label design. The jar is outlined with smooth curves, and the fabric cover has a wavy, scalloped edge, adding a homely, rustic feel to the design.

Use warm colors for the jam jar, like oranges or reds, to suggest the contents could be a delicious grape jam. The fabric cover could be colored with pastels to keep it light and cheerful, while the grapes can be classic purple and the leaf a bright green.


Cute Grape Coloring Page

This unique coloring page showcases a group of grape characters, each with distinct expressions and poses, under a large leaf. The design is cartoonish and fun, aimed at engaging young children with its friendly, anthropomorphic fruit.

Bright and varied colors would be perfect here. To make each character stand out, color each grape in different shades of green, purple, and even blue. The large leaf could be a vivid green with subtle shading to give it depth.


Lush Grape Cluster Coloring Sheet

This coloring page presents a richly detailed grape cluster flanked by two large leaves. The grapes are shown in various sizes, creating a sense of fullness and dimension. Each grape is carefully outlined to highlight its individual shape, while the leaves exhibit detailed veins, providing an excellent opportunity for practicing fine shading techniques.

The grapes would look stunning in a traditional deep purple, suggesting a ripe and sweet variety. For the leaves, use shades of green with subtle hints of yellow to reflect natural color variations and to add depth to their detailed textures.


Harvest Bounty Coloring Page

This coloring page captures the essence of autumn. It features an assortment of harvested fruits, including a pumpkin, an ear of corn, and a cluster of grapes. The arrangement is nestled within the curve of a large squash, creating a festive and bountiful composition. The details on each element, from the segmented pumpkin to the kernels of corn, invite careful coloring.

To evoke the autumn season, use a palette of warm oranges and yellows for the pumpkin and corn. The grapes can be colored in a contrasting deep purple or green, providing a splash of color that stands out against the earthier tones of the other harvest elements.


Kawaii Grape Cluster Coloring Page

This playful coloring page showcases a grape cluster with cartoonish faces on each grape, giving it a fun and friendly appeal. The grapes are arranged in a tight cluster with whimsical, curvy leaves sprouting from behind. This design is particularly appealing to younger children, who will enjoy bringing the smiling fruits to life.

Opt for bright and cheerful colors, such as vibrant purples and greens, for the grapes. The leaves could be light green, with a darker green for the outlines, to emphasize their whimsical shape and add a lively touch to the composition.


Grape Jam Jar Coloring Sheet

This page features a quaint jam jar with a fabric cover tied around the neck with a string and adorned with a small grape cluster label. The jar’s round shape and scalloped fabric cover lend it a charming, homemade feel. The simplicity of the design makes it suitable for colorists of all ages.

The jar itself could be filled with a translucent red or purple, suggesting a grape jam inside. The fabric cover might be colored in pastel shades like light blue or pink, while the grape cluster can be a rich purple to mimic the look of grape preserves.


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