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Kiwi Coloring Pages

Looking for a fun and creative activity for your kids? Our kiwi coloring pages offer a delightful way to engage little ones in a colorful exploration of this exotic fruit. Featuring a range of designs, from simple to detailed, these kiwi coloring pages are perfect for children of all ages. Each image captures the unique aspects of the kiwi, from its fuzzy exterior to the vibrant green interior, making them ideal for helping children develop their fine motor skills while learning about different fruit textures and patterns.

Our collection includes everything from playful Kiwi characters to realistic slices, all available as free printable PDFs. Just click on the pictures to download and print your favorite Kiwi coloring sheets. These easy-to-color pages are designed to provide a relaxing and educational experience for kids, helping them unleash their artistic potential while enjoying the quirky and nutritious kiwi. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these Kiwi coloring page printables are a fantastic resource to add to your creative toolkit!

Whole and Half Kiwi Coloring Page

This coloring page features a whole kiwi fruit next to its half, sliced open to show the seedy center. The image is clean and simple, with bold outlines perfect for young artists. The intact kiwi has a slightly textured surface, hinting at its fuzzy nature, while the sliced half reveals a detailed starburst pattern of seeds. Use light brown for the skin of the whole kiwi and bright green for the flesh of the sliced half, with black or dark brown for the seeds.


Kiwi Slices Trio Coloring Page

The coloring page depicts three slices of kiwi, each cut into neat circles with a pattern of seeds in the center. The style is straightforward with minimal detail, making it easy for kids to color inside the lines. Choose shades of green for the flesh, ranging from light to dark, to give a sense of depth, and use black for the seeds to make them stand out.


Single Kiwi Slice Coloring Page

This page presents a single, large slice of kiwi, taking up most of the frame. The focus is on the detailed pattern of tiny seeds and the thin border of skin around the edge. The kiwi flesh should be colored with a gradient of green, from light at the edges to darker near the seeds, which should be black. The skin can be a darker shade of brown.


Detailed Kiwi Halves Coloring Page

This coloring page features a highly detailed depiction of two Kiwi halves, one with the furry skin still on. The texture of the skin is finely illustrated, offering a chance for detailed coloring. Use a deep brown for the skin with touches of black for texture. The inside should be vibrant green with black seeds; adding white highlights to the seeds can create a glossy effect.


Whole Kiwi and Slice Coloring Page

On this page, there is a whole kiwi alongside a cross-section slice. The drawing is simple, with clear, thick lines ideal for younger children. The whole kiwi should be colored in a uniform light brown, while the kiwi slice can be vibrant green with dark green edges and black seeds, giving it a juicy appearance.


Sliced Kiwi Duo Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a whole kiwi alongside a half slice, both depicted with a touch of detail that emphasizes the texture and inner seed pattern. The whole kiwi appears slightly speckled, suggesting its fuzzy exterior. Color the whole kiwi in shades of light to medium brown, focusing on a textured look. The sliced half should be bright green with dark green around the seeds and black for the seeds themselves.


Starburst Kiwi Slice Coloring Page

This page features a single kiwi slice. It is simplified yet detailed in the center, where the seeds burst outwards in a star pattern. This offers an engaging focal point for coloring. Use a vibrant green for the kiwi flesh and a darker green to highlight the edges. The seeds should be black to contrast sharply with the flesh.


Whole and Sliced Kiwi Coloring Page

This coloring page presents a whole kiwi next to a half slice, both detailed with a textured look that suggests the natural fuzz of the fruit’s skin. The sliced half is shown in a cross-sectional view, emphasizing the seed pattern. The skin of the whole kiwi should be colored with a realistic brown, incorporating slight texturing. The sliced part should be green with black seeds.


Fuzzy Kiwi Coloring Page

This page offers a highly detailed depiction of a whole kiwi with an emphasis on its fuzzy texture, making it a fun challenge for those who enjoy adding detail to their coloring. The skin should be colored deep brown with touches of black to enhance the texture, making the fuzzy aspect stand out.


Detailed Kiwi Half Coloring Page

This coloring page displays a halved kiwi with a richly detailed interior and textured skin. Due to its intricate seed and texture representation, it is perfect for more advanced young colorists. Use a range of greens for the flesh, from light at the center to darker near the skin. The seeds should be dark brown or black, and the skin should be a textured light brown.


Cute Kiwi Slice Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features a kiwi slice with a cute face, giving it a friendly and inviting appearance. The slice is detailed with a center of tiny seeds and a fuzzy outline that adds texture. Use light green for the inner part of the kiwi slice and darker green or brown for the textured outline to highlight the fuzz. The face can be made lively with black for the eyes and mouth.


Kiwi Character Coloring Page

This unique coloring page turns a whole kiwi into a playful character, complete with arms, legs, and a whimsical facial expression. The kiwi’s skin is detailed with fine lines to show its texture. The body of the kiwi should be colored in shades of brown, using a lighter shade for the belly and darker for the rest to emphasize texture. Add expressive colors like blue or green for the eyes to make the character pop.


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