30 Free Printable Leaf Coloring Pages – PDF Download

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Leaf Coloring Pages

Welcome to our leaf coloring sheets! These simple leaf coloring pages are great for kids of all ages who love nature and the seasons. Parents, teachers, and caregivers will love these free printable leaves coloring pages for creative fun. There are simple leaf outlines and more elaborate designs with different leaf varieties for everyone.

Our leaf coloring sheets let kids relax and learn about different trees and plants. Click any image for a free printable leaf coloring page PDF. The leaf designs are easy to color and improve fine motor skills and color identification.

Explore this collection of leaf coloring sheets, carefully intended to delight and educate. Use your crayons, pencils, or markers to color these fun and easy leaves coloring pages.

Sharp Maple Leaf Coloring Page


This coloring page features a sharp-edged maple leaf with intricate veins. The leaf is broad with a somewhat jagged edge, giving it a dynamic and realistic appearance.

Use bright shades of red, orange, or yellow to mimic the vibrant colors of autumn. These hues will highlight the sharp contours and details of the leaf.

Elegant Ash Leaf Coloring Sheet


This page showcases an ash leaf with a fine, symmetrical structure. The leaf has multiple pointed tips and detailed vein patterns that run through each leaflet.

Opt for shades of green ranging from light lime to deep forest green. This will give the ash leaf a fresh and lively look.

Classic Maple Leaf Coloring Page


A classic maple leaf design, this coloring page features a traditional Canadian maple leaf shape with deep indentations and a distinct central vein.

Choose a classic red to color this leaf, reflecting the iconic maple leaf often seen during Canada’s fall season.

Sturdy Oak Leaf Coloring Sheet


This oak leaf coloring page presents a robust leaf shape with rounded lobes and detailed veining. The texture and structure suggest the leaf’s strength and longevity.

Earthy tones, such as browns or a mix of green and yellow, will suit the oak leaf well, giving it a natural and durable appearance.

Detailed Serrated Oak Leaf Coloring Page


Featuring a serrated edge and fine detailing, this oak leaf coloring page captures the unique texture of a more complex oak leaf design.

Use a combination of green and brown to highlight the serrated edges and intricate details, enhancing the leaf’s realistic feel.

Curved Oak Leaf Coloring Sheet


This coloring page features a curved oak leaf with smooth, rounded edges and deep lobes alongside a prominent central vein structure.

The natural colors for this leaf would be variations of green in the summer or shades of brown and gold for an autumn look, emphasizing its rich texture.

Whimsical Heart-Shaped Leaf Coloring Page


This page displays a charming heart-shaped leaf with a playful arrangement of small, detailed lobes and a slender stem.

Bright greens or vibrant reds would make this leaf pop, suitable for a lively and heartwarming project.

Berry Branch Coloring Page


The coloring page showcases a branch dotted with small berries surrounded by slender leaves, creating a lively and abundant feel.

To bring this fruitful branch to life, use a mix of green for the leaves and red or purple for the berries.

Elegant Slim Leaf Coloring Sheet


This coloring sheet features a slim, elongated leaf with a smooth outline and subtle veining, offering a sleek and minimalist design.

Soft greens or yellows would complement this leaf’s delicate structure, ideal for a subtle, natural aesthetic.

Modern Striped Leaf Coloring Page


This page presents a modern, stylized leaf with bold, straight lines and an angular shape, giving it a contemporary and graphic look.

Bold colors like deep blue or black contrasted with white would enhance the graphic nature of this leaf, making it stand out in a modern art project.

Slender Olive Leaf Coloring Sheet


This coloring page depicts a graceful arrangement of slender olive leaves characterized by smooth edges and detailed veins.

Soft shades of green or silver would beautifully represent the typical color of olive leaves, enhancing their delicate and slender appearance.

Fluffy Oak Leaf Coloring Page


This coloring page features a fluffy-looking oak leaf with a series of rounded lobes, perfect for depicting the robust nature of oak trees.

Earthy tones like browns and dark greens will give this leaf a mature and autumnal feel.

Star Maple Leaf Coloring Page


This page presents a star-shaped maple leaf with pronounced veins and angular lobes, creating a dynamic and striking appearance.

Bold autumn colors, such as bright red and orange or a gradient transitioning between these colors, will make this leaf stand out.

Sculpted Leaf Coloring Sheet


This coloring page shows a sculpted leaf with deep cuts and a patterned texture, suggesting a robust and artistic design.

Using contrasting colors like light green and dark green to highlight the intricate textures and cuts will enhance the artistic nature of this leaf.

Classic Olive Branch Coloring Page


This page displays a classic olive branch and features several rounded olive leaves with a smooth, streamlined shape, ideal for simple yet elegant coloring.

Traditional olive green or a mix of yellow-green shades will give a natural and vibrant look to the branch, reflecting the peaceful essence of olive trees.

Classic Oak Leaf Coloring Sheet


This coloring page features a classic oak leaf with bold, well-defined lobes and a detailed central vein. The shape is slightly asymmetrical, adding a naturalistic touch.

To emphasize the leaf’s autumnal feel, use a palette of earthy browns or vibrant fall colors like red and orange.

Playful Feather Leaf Coloring Sheet


This page showcases a leaf with a light, feather-like appearance, smooth edges, and a gentle curve.

Soft pastel colors such as light blue, pink, or lavender will complement the delicate and airy nature of this leaf.

Sleek Modern Leaf Coloring Page


This leaf features a sleek and modern design. Its clean lines and minimalist look make it suitable for a contemporary coloring style.

Bold, solid colors like black, dark green, or even metallic shades will highlight this leaf’s modern aesthetic.

Lively Birch Leaf Coloring Page


This birch leaf coloring page is characterized by its serrated edges and detailed vein patterns, offering a lively and dynamic look.

Bright greens in the spring or summer and yellows or oranges in the fall would suit the vibrant nature of a birch leaf.

Elegant Willow Leaf Coloring Sheet


The willow leaf on this coloring page is long and narrow with a graceful droop, epitomizing the elegant flow of willow branches.

Shades of deep green or a gradient of green to yellow will reflect the classic look of willow leaves, enhancing their elegance.

Elegant Pointed Leaf Coloring Page


This coloring page features a single elegant leaf with sharply pointed tips and smooth, curved lines that emphasize its sleek shape.

Opt for vivid greens or deep blues to bring out this leaf’s dynamic contours, perfect for a striking and artistic rendering.

Plump Leaf Coloring Page


This coloring page showcases a plump leaf with a robust body and a slightly wavy edge, ideal for those who enjoy more substantial leaf shapes.

Use a mix of dark and light greens to give the leaf depth and volume, enhancing its full-bodied appearance.

Stylish Serrated Leaf Coloring Sheet


This page features a stylish leaf with a serrated edge and detailed veins, providing a lively and textured look.

Bright yellows or fiery reds would make the serrated edges pop, ideal for a vibrant autumn-themed project.

Refined Feathered Leaf Coloring Page


This coloring page presents a leaf with feather-like details and elegant lines, creating a soft and refined appearance.

Soft pastel colors like pink, light blue, or pale yellow will enhance the delicate features of this leaf, suitable for a gentle and artistic look.

Simple Oak Leaf Coloring Sheet


This coloring page captures the essence of a classic oak leaf, featuring its timeless shape, rounded lobes, and detailed vein patterns.

Earthy tones such as browns and oranges or a transition of green to gold will reflect the natural changes in an oak leaf throughout the seasons.

Berry and Leaf Cluster Coloring Page


This coloring page features a detailed cluster of berries and elongated leaves, creating a lively and abundant scene.

To make this page pop with color, color the berries in vibrant reds or purples and use varying shades of green for the leaves.

Whimsical Poppy Seed Pods Coloring Page


This page, featuring three poppy seed pods in charming detail, brings a touch of whimsical nature to your coloring book.

Utilize earthy browns and greens for the pods and leaves, adding small pops of red or orange to mimic the remnants of poppy flowers.

Stylized Tree Coloring Sheet


This page offers a stylized tree with a round canopy dotted with leaves, presenting a simple yet engaging design for all ages.

Choose bright greens for the leaves and a sturdy brown for the trunk, making the tree vibrant and eye-catching.

Autumn Maple Trio Coloring Page


Featuring three detailed maple leaves, this coloring page is perfect for exploring the intricate and beautiful patterns of fall foliage.

Embrace the spirit of autumn by bringing these maple leaves to life with shades of orange, red, and yellow.

Elaborate Rose Leaves Coloring Sheet


This page depicts a branch of rose leaves with intricate veining and detailed edges, ideal for more advanced colorists looking for a challenge.

Deep greens with yellow or light green highlights can emphasize the texture and depth of the rose leaves, adding realism and vibrancy.

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