14 Letter A Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

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Letter A Coloring Page

Our lovely Letter A coloring sheets are sure to entertain and educate kids! These free printable A coloring pages are a fun and easy way to teach kids the alphabet for parents, teachers, and caregivers. Every letter A coloring sheet is simple and enjoyable, so even the youngest artists may join in.

Our carefully chosen designs, from traditional to creative, promote fine motor skills and letter recognition. Click on the pictures to download your letter A coloring sheet in PDF format, making it easy to print and color. These pages feature cute animals and characters, making them ideal for educational activities or a relaxing afternoon of coloring. Explore our colorful alphabet for learning and creativity!

Simple A Coloring Page

This coloring page features a basic uppercase letter ‘A’ with a clean and straightforward design, ideal for younger children. The letter has soft rounded corners and a bold outline that makes it easy to color within the lines, perfect for practicing coloring skills.

Use bright primary colors like red or blue to fill in the letter, helping to reinforce color recognition.


Alligator A Coloring Page

This creative coloring page merges an uppercase letter ‘A’ with a friendly alligator. The alligator’s body forms the shape of the ‘A,’ with its tail, legs, and smiling face, adding fun details that appeal to kids.

Color the alligator green with a lighter shade on its belly. Use grey or brown for the areas outside the letter to differentiate between the letter and the embellishments.


Bold A Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases an uppercase ‘A’ with a thicker, more prominent outline compared to the simple version. It’s ideal for slightly older kids who want to explore filling larger areas with color.

Experiment with gradients; start with a dark shade of purple at the bottom and gradually lighten it towards the top to create a visually appealing effect.


3D A Coloring Page

Here, the letter ‘A’ appears in a 3D block style, adding an element of depth to the coloring experience. This page is great for children interested in more complex shapes and perspectives.

Use contrasting colors to highlight the 3D effect. For example, to enhance the dimensional appearance, color the front of the ‘A’ in orange and the sides in a darker shade, like burnt umber.


Dinosaur A Coloring Page

This page cleverly incorporates a dinosaur into the shape of the letter ‘A.’ The dinosaur’s back and tail form the letter, while its head and smiling expression add a playful touch to the design.

To make the letter stand out, opt for dinosaur-like colors, such as shades of green or brown for the dinosaur parts and vibrant colors like yellow for the letter itself.


Starry A Coloring Page

This enchanting coloring page features the uppercase letter ‘A’ adorned with various stars inside and around its structure. The design invites creativity and can spark an interest in astronomy among young learners.

To resemble the night sky, use vibrant colors like yellow, silver, or gold for the stars and dark blue or black for the inside of the ‘A.’


Alpaca A Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page combines the letter ‘A’ with a fluffy alpaca attached to its side. The alpaca’s cheerful face and textured wool make it an engaging choice for animal-loving kids.

Opt for natural tones such as light brown or cream for the alpaca, and choose a soft color like pastel green or blue for the letter to keep the look gentle and appealing.


Heart A Coloring Page

This simple yet lovely coloring page displays an uppercase ‘A’ with a heart at its peak and striped detailing along the legs. It’s perfect for teaching children about love and kindness through art.

To create a harmonious and attractive design, color the heart in bright red or pink and use alternating shades of the same color for the stripes.


Road A Coloring Page

This innovative coloring page depicts the letter ‘A’ as a road, complete with dashed lines. It’s ideal for kids fascinated by vehicles or maps.

Use gray for the road and white for the dashed lines. The background of the ‘A’ can be colored sky blue to represent the sky, enhancing the roadway appearance.


Floral A Coloring Page

This coloring page features the letter ‘A’ surrounded by elegant floral designs. It is perfect for kids who enjoy nature and flowers. The arrangement of leaves and blossoms provides a wonderful opportunity for practicing fine motor skills.

Choose vibrant colors like pink, red, and green for the flowers and leaves. To complement the floral theme, the letter ‘A’ itself can be colored in a gentle hue like lavender.


Classic A Coloring Page

This coloring page features a very basic, bold outline of the uppercase letter ‘A.’ Its sharp, clear lines make it ideal for young children learning their alphabet and developing their coloring skills.

Use any single bright color, such as red or blue, to fill the letter, making it stand out vividly on the page.


Sketch A Coloring Page

This coloring page presents an artistic take on the uppercase letter ‘A,’ designed with a sketchy, textured look. This style provides a unique opportunity for kids to experiment with shading and textures.

Choose a light gray for a graphite look, or go with soft pastel shades to fill in the sketch lines, creating a blended, artistic effect.


Love A Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page showcases the letter ‘A’ with a heart incorporated at its peak, symbolizing love and affection. The clean lines are perfect for Valentine’s-themed activities or simply spreading some love.

To highlight the theme of love, paint the heart in red or pink and the letter in a contrasting color, like purple.


Googly Eyes A Coloring Page

This fun and quirky coloring page features the uppercase letter ‘A’ with big, charming, googly eyes on top, turning the letter into a cute character. This design is sure to capture the imagination of young kids.

Color the letter in a bright, cheerful color such as yellow, and use black for the googly eyes to make them pop.


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