19 Glamorous Makeup Coloring Pages – Free PDF Printable

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Our makeup coloring pages has many free printables for youngsters who appreciate beauty and creativity. These simple, enjoyable coloring sheets let your kids express themselves via color. Our makeup coloring sheets are simple and engaging for those new to crayons or those who can color within the lines.

Cosmetics range from lipsticks and eye shadow palettes to vanity sets on each coloring sheet. These illustrations inspire kids and explain makeup in a fun, age-appropriate way. Click on the pictures to download and print these makeup coloring sheet PDFs and start playing right away.

These sheets are great for rainy day activities, party crafts, and fine motor skill development. Visit our makeup coloring pages today to see your child’schild’s creativity emerge!

Makeup Essentials Collection Coloring Page

This coloring page features a collection of essential makeup items, including a compact powder, lip balm, makeup tubes, a brush, and other accessories.  To reflect typical makeup colors, use a palette of natural tones like beiges for the powder compact, pinks and reds for the lip balm, and darker shades like browns and blacks for the brushes and tubes.


Makeup Artist at Work Coloring Page

The image depicts a makeup artist applying makeup to a client using a brush. The artist is focused on the client’s face.  Color the artist’s hair in shades of brown or blonde, and the client’s hair can be colored in darker shades. Use subtle shades like peach or light brown for the skin tones to give a natural look.


Artist’s Hand with Brushes Coloring Page

This page shows a hand holding several makeup brushes of different sizes and shapes, representing the tools of a makeup artist.  Use browns and grays for the brush handles and lighter shades like cream or white for the bristles, suggesting cleanliness and care typical in makeup brush upkeep.


Classic Lipstick Coloring Page

This coloring sheet features a single classic lipstick in its case.  To make the lipstick stand out, color it in vibrant shades like red, pink, or coral. The casing can be colored in metallic shades such as silver or gold to give it a chic and elegant look.


Makeup Table Setup Coloring Page

This page displays a more comprehensive setup of makeup items, including a spray bottle, brushes in a cup, compact makeup, and bottled products.  To make the scene lively and appealing, use a variety of colors here—metallic colors for spray bottles, wood or dark tones for brush handles, and vibrant colors for the makeup itself.


Compact Mirror Coloring Page

This coloring page displays an open compact mirror, perfect for imaginative play.  The outer case can be colored in metallic shades like silver or gold for a classic look, while the mirror part should be left white or shaded with very light gray to mimic the reflective surface.


Makeup Brushes Coloring Page

Three different types of makeup brushes are featured here: a large powder brush, a medium brush, and a detail brush.  The handles are colored in wood tones or black, and gray highlights the soft bristles of the brushes, suggesting their texture.


Mascara Tube Coloring Page

This page shows a mascara tube with the wand pulled out, exposing the brush.  The tube can be colored in deep blacks or metallic tones to represent typical mascara packaging, and the brush can be shaded in grays to highlight the mascara texture.


Powder Compact Coloring Page

This coloring sheet features a powder compact with a mirror and an applicator puff. Use natural or pastel shades for the compact powder and soft pink for the applicator puff. The mirror should be colored light gray to give it a reflective look.


Eye Shadow Palette Coloring Page

The page presents an eye shadow palette with multiple shades and a brush.  Use vibrant colors for the eye shadows, such as blues, greens, purples, and pinks, providing a colorful array that stands out. The brush handle can be colored in black or brown.


Eye Shadow and Brush Coloring Page

This coloring page shows an eye shadow palette with various circular pans and a makeup brush beside it.  For a fun activity, use different colors for each eye shadow pan—bright blues, pinks, greens, and purples work well. The brush can be colored with a black or brown handle and gray for the bristles.


Makeup Vanity Table Coloring Page

This image features a makeup vanity table with a round mirror and a matching stool.  For a classic look, color the table and stool in light browns or whites. The mirror’s reflective surface should be shaded lightly in gray to mimic glass.


Lip Palette Coloring Page

This page displays a lip color palette with a variety of square pans, ideal for showing a range of lipstick shades.  Use shades of red, pink, orange, and purple for the lip colors. The palette case can be colored in black or deep brown, giving it a professional look.


Hand Cream Application Coloring Page

Here, a hand squeezes cream onto another hand. Use soft pastels like light blue or pink for the cream tube, suggesting a soothing skincare product. The hands can be colored to match realistic skin tones, ranging from light peaches to darker browns.


Applying Mascara Coloring Page

This coloring sheet features a close-up of a hand applying mascara to an eye.  For the eye, use browns or blacks for the mascara and flesh tones for the skin. The hand and mascara wand can be realistically colored to enhance the detailed drawing.


Blush and Brush Coloring Page

This page features a circular blush container next to a makeup brush. The blush can be pink or peach to suggest a warm, glowing cheek color. For the brush, use a wood tone or black for the handle and gray for the bristles to show softness.


Lipstick Application Coloring Page

Here is a stylized pair of lips with lipstick applied to them. Color the lips in vibrant reds or pinks to simulate lipstick shades. The lipstick itself can be done in black or deep browns for the casing to provide contrast.


Skincare Products Coloring Page

This coloring sheet shows a variety of skincare products, including a pump bottle, a tube, a smaller bottle, and a small jar.  Use soft pastel colors for the containers, such as light blues, pinks, and greens, suggesting soothing skincare products. Each container should be uniquely colored to differentiate the types of products.


Perfume Bottle Coloring Page

A perfume bottle with a detailed cap is displayed.  To suggest glass, color the bottle clear or light blue. The cap can be silver or gold, enhancing the luxurious look of the perfume bottle.


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