23 Beautiful Peacock Coloring Pages – Free PDF Printables

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Peacock Coloring Pages

Peacock coloring pages are a fantastic way for kids to explore their creativity while enjoying the beauty of these majestic birds. Children can dive into a world of vibrant colors and intricate patterns with various free printable peacock coloring pages. Whether you’re looking for simple designs that are easy for younger artists or more detailed sheets that older children will love, there’s something for everyone. Each peacock coloring page printable offers a unique artistic challenge, from full-plumage displays to peacocks in natural settings.

I’ve included color advice on each page to make these coloring activities even more engaging. This guidance will help your little ones choose the best hues to make their peacock artwork come to life. Click on the images in this blog to download a free peacock coloring sheet in PDF format. It’s a beautiful way to encourage artistic expression and a love for nature’s splendor through the enchanting form of the peacock. Whether used as a fun educational tool or a quiet time activity, these coloring pages will captivate and inspire creativity in children of all ages.

Happy Peacock Coloring Page

This coloring page features a peacock with a simple and cheerful expression. Its feathers spread out in an eye-catching display, and the feathers have large, oval patterns that make them easy to color.

Use bright colors like blue and green for the feathers, and consider adding some metallic or glitter pens to highlight the oval patterns for a shimmering effect.


Royal Peacock Coloring Page

The page presents a dignified peacock standing upright with a detailed plumage. The tail is richly textured with intricate feather designs, making it perfect for detailed coloring.

Opt for royal shades such as deep purples, blues, and greens. You might want to use colored pencils to shade the small areas within the feathers carefully.


Peacock in Pose Coloring Page

This image captures a peacock in a lively pose, with its feathers elegantly arched above its back. The feathers are detailed with swirling patterns that add a dynamic look to the design.

This page would look great using a variety of vibrant colors. Try using a different color for each swirl in the feathers to create a rainbow effect.


Simple Peacock Coloring Sheet

A peacock stands with its feathers fully displayed in a symmetrical pattern. The clean and geometric design might appeal to those who enjoy a more structured coloring approach.

Use a monochromatic scheme, such as different shades of blue, to give this peacock a calming, uniform appearance.


Artistic Peacock Coloring Page

This is a more artistic and abstract depiction of a peacock with stylized feathers that flow like ribbons. The design is whimsical and creative, ideal for those who like to experiment with colors.

Use bold and contrasting colors here. Bright yellows, pinks, and turquoise can make the abstract feathers pop. Feel free to blend shades to create a truly unique look.


Realistic Peacock Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a peacock in profile, showcasing its lengthy, detailed feathers cascading down gracefully. The peacock’s body is adorned with intricate patterns, emphasizing its regal stature.

Utilize deep greens and blues for the body, and add gold or yellow highlights to the patterns on the feathers to enhance the majestic look.


Peacock Feather Coloring Page

The page displays a single large peacock feather with swirling lines and a detailed eye spot. This more straightforward design is perfect for those who enjoy focusing on individual elements.

Bright blues and greens will make the eye spot stand out, while softer shades like lavender or light blue can be used for the feather strands.


Perched Peacock Coloring Sheet

This page captures a peacock perched on a branch. It offers a dynamic view of the bird’s profile and feather details, emphasizing texture and depth.

A mix of vibrant and pastel colors will work well here. Consider using light blue for the body and vibrant colors for the feathers to create a striking contrast.


Flowing Feathers Peacock Coloring Sheet

This artistic depiction features a peacock with its feathers flowing downward in a unique, stylized pattern, ideal for creative coloring.

Opt for a harmonious color palette of greens, blues, and purples to maintain a soothing aesthetic while accentuating the flow of the feathers.


Cute Peacock Coloring Page

A playful, cartoonish peacock with a friendly expression and simplified feather patterns. This page is particularly suitable for younger children due to its less complex design.

Use bright, primary colors to appeal to a younger audience. Color the eyes and the feather spots in contrasting shades to keep it fun and engaging.


Intricate Floral Peacock Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a complex floral design with a peacock hidden among elaborate leaves and flowers. The level of detail in the drawing offers a fantastic challenge for those who enjoy intricate patterns.

Use a variety of bright floral colors, such as pinks, yellows, and greens. Subtle shades of blue and green can help the peacock stand out against the vibrant background.


Classic Peacock Coloring Page

This page presents a classic portrayal of a peacock standing with its feathers draped elegantly behind it. The detailed feather texture and the peacock’s calm posture make it ideal for detailed coloring.

Classic peacock colors, like royal blue and green, are perfect here. To create a shimmering effect, consider adding metallic or glitter pens to the spots on the feathers.


Modern Art Peacock Coloring Page

This coloring page is a modern take on a peacock design. It features a stylized bird with patterned feathers arranged in an artistic form. The bold lines and abstract shapes invite creative interpretations.

To highlight the modern art style, go bold with non-traditional peacock colors such as purples, oranges, and even teals. Use fine liners to accentuate the intricate patterns.


Peacock and Flowers Coloring Sheet

This lovely page combines a detailed peacock with a backdrop of lush flowers and foliage. The peacock is intricately woven into the floral scene, creating a harmonious nature-themed art piece.

Utilize soft, natural flower colors like light pink, lavender, and cream. For the peacock, use vibrant blues and greens to ensure it remains the focal point amidst the flowers.


Cartoonish Peacock Coloring Page

This coloring page features a cute, cartoon-style peacock with large, expressive eyes and simplified feather designs, making it perfect for younger artists.

Bright and cheerful colors like sky blue, lime green, and sunny yellow will make this cartoonish peacock lively and fun. Consider using chunky crayons or markers for easier coloring of larger areas.


Elegant Garden Peacock Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a peacock standing amidst a backdrop of delicate floral patterns and leaves. The peacock’s feathers are richly detailed, and the background includes subtle hints of flowers, providing a soft, natural setting.

Use vibrant colors, such as blues and greens, for the peacock’s feathers, contrasted with softer pastel shades for the background flowers to create a gentle garden atmosphere.


Flowing Feather Peacock Coloring Page

The page displays a peacock with its feathers in a flowing, artistic style. The feathers are elongated with swirls and eye spots, giving the illustration a dynamic and fluid appearance.

Opt for a gradient effect on the feathers, transitioning from dark at the top to lighter shades toward the bottom, incorporating blue, green, and purple hues.


Regal Peacock Coloring Sheet

This coloring page depicts a tall and proud peacock with its feathers cascading down in a classic display. The feathers are adorned with multiple eye spots and detailed scales, emphasizing the bird’s majestic presence.

Use traditional peacock colors, enhancing the eye spots with bright gold and turquoise, and add some shading to the body to give it depth.


Stylish Peacock Coloring Page

A stylish peacock with a modern twist featuring bold lines and decorative patterns within the feathers. The overall design is sleek and contemporary, appealing to those who like a more stylized approach to their coloring.

Bright, contrasting colors will make the patterns within the feathers pop. Consider using sharp blues and greens against warm oranges or yellows.


Graceful Peacock Coloring Page

This coloring page shows a peacock in a graceful pose with ornate, flowing feathers. The feathers are designed with swirls and traditional eye spots, creating a harmonious blend of classic and creative elements.

Soft, blending colors like blues and greens can be used throughout the feathers, with touches of purple and pink for a subtle yet striking effect.


Radiant Peacock Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a peacock with a full display of feathers arranged symmetrically around it. The feathers are decorated with eye spots, and the bird poses elegantly, creating a circular pattern that is visually striking.

Use a vibrant palette to bring this image to life. Bold blues and greens for the feathers and bright contrasting colors for the eye spots, like orange or yellow, would make the patterns stand out beautifully.


Nature’s Peacock Coloring Page

Here, a peacock is illustrated among twisting vines and leaves, giving it a naturalistic frame. The bird’s feathers are detailed, blending seamlessly into the leafy background, which adds a whimsical touch.

Earth tones such as browns and greens can be used for the leaves to emphasize a natural setting. At the same time, the peacock itself could be colored in more traditional, bright plumage colors to draw attention.


Spectacular Peacock Coloring Sheet

This page showcases a peacock in full splendor with its feathers spread out in a grand, radial display. The feathers are intricately detailed, each adorned with multiple eye spots, adding to the grandeur of the image.

This drawing calls for an array of spectacular colors. Shimmering blues and greens for the body and feathers, with hints of gold and metallic markers for the eye spots, would make the peacock appear regal and vibrant.


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