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Pineapple Coloring Pages

Ready to dive into some super fun pineapple coloring pages? We’ve got a bunch of awesome and easy-to-color designs that are perfect for kids! Each free printable coloring sheet has cute and creative scenes, from groovy dancing pineapples to cool pineapples chilling with sunglasses. Just click on a picture to download the coloring page as a PDF—totally free!

These coloring pages are perfect for keeping the little ones busy at home or for a fun class project. They’re simple, entertaining, and a great way to spark creativity. So grab those crayons, and let’s color some pineapples!

Classic Pineapple Coloring Page

This coloring page features a classic, unadorned pineapple with a detailed pattern of crisscrossing lines and pointed leaves at the top. The pineapple’s geometric diamond pattern on its body lends itself well to a variety of colors.

To make the pineapple look fresh and ripe, use vibrant yellows for the body and greens for the leaves. Consider using darker green at the leaf tips for a more realistic effect.


Pineapple Slices Coloring Page

This page depicts a pineapple cut into thick slices, with detailed texturing on the pineapple skin and flesh. The cross-sectional view of the slices shows the inner core and the textured edges.

Opt for a golden yellow for the flesh and a light brown for the skin. The core can be colored with a slightly darker shade of yellow. Highlight the textures with orange to add depth.


Pineapple Wedge Coloring Page

This simple drawing features a single wedge of pineapple with its fibrous texture and juice droplets, making it appear mouth-wateringly juicy.

The pineapple wedge should be bright yellow with a hint of green near the top. For a ripe look, add small touches of orange to the edges and tips.


Pineapple with Glasses Coloring Page

This whimsical coloring page features a pineapple wearing round glasses, which gives it a quirky, intelligent character. The pineapple’s smiling face adds a friendly touch.

The main body of the pineapple could be yellow, with the leaves in a vibrant green. The glasses can be colored in a subtle gray or black to stand out against the yellow.


Happy Pineapple Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page features a pineapple with a cute face featuring big, friendly eyes and a cheerful smile. The pineapple’s surface is textured with a scalloped pattern.

Use light yellow for the pineapple’s body and a cheerful pink or red for the cheeks. The eyes can be left white with black outlines. Choose a lively green for the leaves to reflect their happy nature.


Starry Pineapple Coloring Page

This playful coloring page features a pineapple with a cartoon face, wearing star-shaped glasses and exhibiting zigzag patterns across its body. The pineapple stands upright with little arms outstretched, adding a lively and whimsical touch.

Color the pineapple in traditional yellow, using shades of orange for the zigzag patterns to highlight them. The star-shaped glasses can be colored in bright hues like blue or red to make them pop.


Pineapple Drink Coloring Page

This coloring page illustrates a refreshing pineapple drink in a mason jar, with a straw and a slice of pineapple resting on the rim. The jar also features a small, detailed pineapple design on its front, making it uniquely themed.

Use a light blue or turquoise for the drink to suggest a cool tropical beverage. The pineapple slice can be colored yellow with a green rim, and the jar can be left transparent or given a light gray tint.


Pineapple Santa Coloring Page

This festive coloring page depicts a Santa Claus character holding a pineapple. The Santa is adorned with tropical details like a flower in his hat and sunglasses, blending traditional holiday themes with a summery twist.

Santa’s outfit can be colored in classic red and white, with the pineapple in yellow and green. The sunglasses could be a dark shade, like black or brown, and the flower can be bright, like pink or red.


Pineapple and Slices Coloring Page

This detailed coloring page shows multiple pineapples and slices laid out decoratively. It includes whole pineapples and cross-sections, providing a good color mix of textures and patterns.

Color the whole pineapples in yellow with green tops, and use various shades of yellow for the slices to add depth. Consider using a darker shade on the pineapple skins to differentiate them from the flesh.


Simple Pineapple and Slice Coloring Page

This more straightforward coloring page features a single whole pineapple alongside a front-facing slice, showcasing the internal structure of the fruit clearly and concisely.

The pineapple should be bright yellow, with the top leaves in a vivid green. For the slice, use a lighter yellow for the inside and a brownish tone for the rind to mimic a realistic look.


Pineapple Cocktail Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page features a tropical cocktail in a pineapple-shaped cup, with a straw and a small heart-shaped stirrer. The pineapple cup is textured with scale-like shapes, enhancing its whimsical appeal.

To highlight its fun texture, color the pineapple cup in shades of yellow and orange. For a festive touch, color the cocktail inside light blue or pink, and use red or pink for the heart stirrer.


Love Pineapple Coloring Page

This unique coloring page showcases a pineapple with its skin patterned with heart shapes instead of the traditional spiky texture, topped with a leafy green crown.

Use a vibrant yellow for the pineapple’s body and fill the hearts with shades of pink and red to make them stand out. The crown can be colored in various shades of green to add contrast.


Detailed Pineapple Coloring Page

This page features a realistically textured pineapple with intricate detailing on its rough skin and a lush, leafy top.

Opt for a deep yellow for the pineapple’s body and use a mix of dark and light greens for the leaves to add depth. Adding some brown to the base and around the edges will give it a more realistic look.


Fruit Duo Coloring Page

This simple yet charming coloring page includes a pineapple and a slice of watermelon beside a banana, creating a friendly fruit gathering.

Color the pineapple a traditional yellow, the watermelon slice a bright red with black seeds, and the banana a soft yellow with hints of green at the tips. This variety of colors will make the page vibrant and appealing.


Pineapple Party Coloring Page

This festive coloring page depicts a pineapple next to a coconut drink, and another tropical fruit drink, both served in pineapple-shaped cups, complete with straws and fruit slices.

The pineapples can be colored in light yellow with green tops. For the drinks, use shades of green and orange for the liquids to suggest different tropical flavors, and color the fruit slices in appropriate colors like orange for oranges and yellow for lemons.


Cute Pineapple Coloring Page

This fun coloring page shows a cartoon pineapple with a big smile dancing joyfully. The pineapple has little arms and legs, and its body features a crisscross pattern typical of pineapple skin, giving it a dynamic and cheerful appearance.

Use a bright yellow for the pineapple’s body to emphasize its cheerful demeanor. The leaves on top can be colored in a vivid green. A lighter shade of yellow will add contrast and highlight the motion of the limbs.


Cool Pineapple Coloring Page

This coloring page features stylish pineapple-wearing sunglasses with a cloud and a crescent moon in the background. The pineapple exudes a calm, relaxed vibe, perfect for a fun and imaginative coloring session.

Color the body of the pineapple with a golden yellow and use dark green for the leaves. The sunglasses should be shaded in black to enhance their cool factor. For the background, use soft blues and whites for the night sky and clouds to create a calm nighttime scene.


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