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Pomegranate Coloring Pages

Pomegranate coloring pages are a delightful way for kids to explore their artistic side while learning about this exotic fruit. Offering a range of free printable pomegranate coloring sheets, our collection includes easy-to-color designs that are perfect for young artists. Whether it’s the detailed cross-sections of the fruit, whole pomegranates, or those bursting with seeds, each coloring page provides a fun and educational activity that enhances fine motor skills and creativity.

Our pomegranate coloring pages are easy to download and print, making it convenient for parents and teachers to provide engaging and educational materials with just a click. These printables are ideal for teaching children about the colors and textures of pomegranates while allowing them to experiment with different shades of red and green. Click on the images to get your free pomegranate coloring page printable PDF, and let the fun begin! Whether used at home or in the classroom, these coloring pages are sure to spark joy and creativity in every child.

Simple Pomegranate Coloring Page

This simple coloring page features a large, single pomegranate with a clearly outlined, visible stem and a detailed calyx at the top. The pomegranate is whole and uncut, offering a smooth, rounded surface that’s perfect for practicing coloring skills. This is an excellent choice for young kids learning to color within the lines. Using a rich, vibrant red for the pomegranate will make it stand out beautifully.


Pomegranate Cross-section Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a pomegranate cut in half, showing the detailed interior filled with seeds. Each seed is individually outlined, making it a fantastic exercise for fine motor skills. The rest of the fruit remains whole, resting beside the cut section. Coloring the seeds in deep red and the rind in a lighter shade can help children understand shading and depth.


Pomegranates on the Vine Coloring Page

This page features two pomegranates attached to a leafy vine, with a flower and bud in the background. The detail in the leaves and the texture of the pomegranate skin are notable. This scene is ideal for a multi-colored approach: green for the leaves, red for the pomegranates, and perhaps a soft pink or white for the flower.


Detailed Pomegranate Halves Coloring Page

The coloring sheet showcases a highly detailed open pomegranate with many seeds visible, lying next to another whole pomegranate. The texture of the seeds and the inner rind provides a good challenge for older kids. Encourage using multiple shades of red and pink to highlight the natural variations in color within a real pomegranate.


Full Pomegranate with Seeds Coloring Page

This page presents a full pomegranate, with a section of the skin removed to expose the clusters of seeds inside. The layout allows for an exploration of symmetry and detail. Using shades of red for the seeds and lighter, almost white or pale yellow for the highlights on the seeds will add depth to the coloring, making it appear more realistic.


Exploding Pomegranate Seeds Coloring Page

This creative coloring page features a pomegranate half with its seeds bursting out in a dynamic, spray-like pattern, adding a playful touch. The loose seeds and the splash effect provide an excellent opportunity for young artists to experiment with color blending, using shades of red and pink for the seeds and adding some background color to enhance the sense of movement.


Pomegranate and Blossom Coloring Page

This page beautifully illustrates a whole and a half-cut pomegranate alongside a detailed pomegranate blossom and leaves. It’s a great chance to teach about the different parts of the fruit and the plant. Kids can use reds for the fruit, greens for the leaves, and subtle whites or yellows for the blossom, focusing on gentle shading techniques.


Classic Pomegranate Halves Coloring Page

This straightforward coloring sheet shows two halves of a pomegranate with their seeds densely packed. This is perfect for practicing precision as children can work on coloring each small seed, ideally with deep reds, and the rind in a contrasting lighter shade to emphasize the texture and depth of the fruit.


Twin Pomegranates Coloring Page

This coloring page features two pomegranates, one whole and one halved, making it great for simple yet educational coloring sessions. It offers a clear view of the fruit’s interior and exterior, allowing kids to explore using different shades of red for the seeds and a tan or light brown for the outer skin to highlight the natural look.


Pomegranate Harvest Coloring Page

This page depicts a variety of pomegranate scenes, including whole fruits, halves, seeds, and leaves, all arranged in a circular design reminiscent of a mandala. This layout is especially suited for older children or those with more advanced coloring skills, encouraging them to use a range of colors to differentiate each element and create a vibrant, cohesive piece.


Pomegranate Section Coloring Sheet

This coloring page showcases a sliced pomegranate with its sections neatly arranged, revealing the clusters of seeds. The rounded segments and distinct seed patterns are ideal for younger children, teaching them about symmetry and repetition. Coloring each seed in shades of red and the peel in light beige can visually enhance the fruit’s texture and realism.


Spilled Pomegranate Seeds Coloring Page

This imaginative page features a whole pomegranate with a portion peeled back, spilling its seeds onto the surface below. It offers a unique perspective on the fruit, emphasizing the abundance of seeds inside. This page encourages the use of deep red for the seeds and a contrasting dark background to make the seeds pop, providing a fun and engaging coloring experience.


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