17 Pug Coloring Pages – Free PDF Printables

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Pug Coloring Pages

We have lovely pug coloring pages for kids who love these sweet and expressive pets! Our free printable pug coloring pages are simple to color for kids who want to add their own creativity to these adorable pups. Simple drawings on pug coloring sheets emphasize their friendly character, from their wide, round eyes to their curling tails.

Our pug coloring sheets are an excellent method for kids to practice their coloring abilities while enjoying the cute antics of these small pups on a wet day. Click the photos to download free PDF printable pug coloring pages. These printables are fantastic for fine motor skills, color awareness, and creative fun. Explore pugs with our fun, easy-to-color pages!

Pensive Pug Puppy Coloring Page

This coloring page features a young pug sitting down with a slightly tilted head, giving it a thoughtful appearance. The puppy’s facial features, including oversized, expressive eyes and a wrinkled forehead, are prominently displayed. This simple design has clean lines, making it suitable for younger children. A warm fawn for the coat, with darker shades on the ears and wrinkles to add depth.


Playful Pug Stance Coloring Page

This image captures a pug standing with a playful stance, looking directly at the viewer. Its body is compact, with visible skin folds and a slightly curled tail. The cheerful expression makes it an engaging picture for kids to color. Light beige or pale yellow for the body, with black for the muzzle and around the eyes to make them pop.


Curious Pug Face Coloring Page

This page zooms in on a pug’s face, showing a detailed headshot with the pug looking slightly to the side as if curious about something. The ears droop softly, framing the face. The focus is on the facial wrinkles and big, round eyes. Use a grey or silver for the wrinkles to highlight them against a lighter face, such as sandy or off-white.


Smiling Pug Coloring Page

A pug is depicted standing with a slight smile, creating a friendly and inviting character. The pug’s stance is robust, with a well-rounded body and a wagging curly tail. This image allows for the exploration of texture through coloring. A classic light brown combined with dark brown or black for the folded skin and tail, with a pink tongue if part of the smile is shown.


Lying Down Pug Coloring Page

The fifth coloring page shows a pug lying down with its legs stretched out behind it and a somewhat surprised expression on its face. This relaxed pose is cute and endearing, perfect for a fun coloring session. Opt for a golden brown for the body, with cream on the belly and paws, and use charcoal or jet black for detailing around the face and tail.


Expressive Pug Face Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a close-up of a pug with an expressive face, featuring prominent, swirling eyes and a detailed, wrinkled snout. The abstract style of the wrinkles adds a creative touch, making it fun for kids to explore different shades. Deep browns for the face and snout, with a lighter tan for the eye area, make the expressions stand out.


Pug’s Backside Coloring Page

A humorous take, this coloring page displays the backside of a pug, complete with a curly tail and rounded rear. The simplicity of the design makes it ideal for younger children. Light beige for the body, with a darker brown or black for the curly tail, adding a whimsical contrast.


Standing Pug Coloring Page

This image depicts an upright pug, detailed with folds and a fluffy tail. The pug’s face is rendered with care, showing a gentle expression. A rich fawn for the body, using darker shades like chocolate for the folds to give a sense of depth and realism.


Alert Pug Coloring Page

The coloring page features a pug in an alert stance, with ears perked up and a lively facial expression. This page is excellent for those who enjoy adding personality through color. Greyish-beige for the coat, with stark black for the muzzle and ears to highlight the pug’s alertness.


Happy Pug Puppy Coloring Page

Perfect for young artists, this page presents a joyful pug puppy with a big, friendly smile. The bold and clear outlines make it easy to color within the lines. Sandy yellow for the puppy’s fur, with patches of white on the belly and paws to add cuteness.


Detailed Pug Portrait Coloring Page

This coloring page features a pug in a side profile, intricately detailed with pronounced folds, a textured coat, and a realistic expression. This complex design is ideal for older children or adults who enjoy a coloring challenge. Use shades of brown and gray to capture the depth and texture of the fur and wrinkles.


Cozy Pug Curl Coloring Page

This image presents a pug curled up in a cozy position, focusing on the tail’s spiral and the body’s soft curves. It’s a more straightforward design, perfect for relaxing coloring sessions. Soft creams and light browns, with the option to use pastel colors to keep the look smooth and gentle.


Pug with Flowers Coloring Page

This playful coloring page showcases a pug’s face surrounded by a wreath of flowers. The cheerful and inviting expression paired with the decorative elements makes it fun for all ages. Bright, lively colors for the flowers, such as pinks, yellows, and greens, with a traditional fawn or beige for the pug.


Happy Pug Stance Coloring Page

Capturing the full-bodied stance of a pug, this page emphasizes the pug’s joyful expression and perky posture. It’s great for those who enjoy bringing a sense of life and character to their coloring. A mix of dark and light browns to highlight the muscle tone and folds, with a touch of pink for the tongue if visible.


Minimalist Pug Face Coloring Page

Featuring a minimalist design, this coloring page focuses on the essential features of a pug’s face with bold, precise lines. It’s particularly suitable for younger kids or those who prefer a quicker coloring project. Bold, solid colors like black or dark brown for the facial features, contrasting with a lighter background like pale yellow or white.


Sitting Pug Puppy Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page features a chubby pug puppy sitting upright, staring forward with a playful tongue out. Its bold and simplistic lines make it ideal for young children. Bright fawn for the coat, with a pink tongue and dark brown for the distinctive facial features.


Pug with Holiday Sack Coloring Page

This festive coloring page showcases a pug puppy in a holiday-themed sack, complete with a holly decoration. It’s a fun seasonal activity for kids, especially around Christmas. Traditional holiday colors, such as red for the sack, green for the holly leaves, and a standard beige or light brown for the puppy, keep the festive spirit alive.


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