21 Grace Rose Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

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Rose Coloring Pages

Rose coloring pages await you! These free printable rose coloring sheets are excellent for kids who love coloring roses. Each rose coloring sheet is simple and entertaining, letting kids express their creativity. Our selection contains single roses and exquisite bouquets, so there’s a page for any child’s interests and skill level.

Click on the rose pictures to download high-quality PDFs of each coloring page and start coloring right away. Our rose coloring pages and bouquets are designed to inspire and engage kids of all ages. Bring these roses to life with your favorite crayons, markers, or pencils. These printables encourage creativity, fine motor abilities, and color recognition. Grab your colors, and let’s explore rose coloring!


Simple Rose Blossom Coloring Page

This coloring page features a close-up view of a rose blossom with beautifully overlapping petals. The design is simple and bold, ideal for children to enjoy coloring.

Use varying shades of red and pink to bring out the depth and texture of the petals. You can also experiment with gradients to make the rose look more vibrant.


Single Stem Rose Coloring Page

This page showcases a single rose on a long stem with a pair of leaves, providing a minimalistic yet elegant outline for coloring.

A classic deep red or a bright yellow would make this rose stand out. Adding green hues to the leaves and a brown or black for the stem will complete the picture beautifully.


Graceful Rose with Leaves Coloring Sheet

A delicately outlined rose with a swirl pattern on the petals and two lush leaves on the stem. This image is perfect for detailed coloring.

Opt for soft pastel colors like light pink or peach for the petals, and use a rich green for the leaves. These colors will enhance the gentle curves of the rose and leaves.


Twirling Rose Bloom Coloring Sheet

This coloring page presents a rose in bloom with a swirling center and detailed layers of petals, accompanied by a single leaf.

Shades of violet or blue can give this rose a unique look. Contrast these with a dark green leaf to make the flower pop on the page.


Bold and Beautiful Rose Coloring Sheet

The image depicts a bold rose with thick outlines and a dynamic, curling pattern of petals, ideal for making strong color choices.

Consider using a gradient of orange to red for the petals, creating a fiery look. Complement this with dark green for the leaves to balance the intensity of the flower.


Lush Rose Garden Coloring Page

This coloring page features a detailed rose with multiple layers of petals and several leaves, creating a lush and textured look.

Color the petals pink or red, using darker shades near the base and lighter shades at the edges to create a natural gradient. To enhance their texture, the leaves can be colored in various shades of green.


Simple Rose Bud Coloring Page

This page presents a simplified outline of a rosebud with a few leaves, making it perfect for younger children who are just starting with coloring.

Use bright and cheerful colors, like yellow or light pink for the bud and a vibrant green for the leaves, to make the rose stand out on the page.


Hand Holding Rose Coloring Page

A unique coloring page depicting a hand gently holding a delicate rose adds a human element to the botanical theme.

You can color the rose in any vibrant hue, such as crimson or coral. Depending on personal preference, you can also color the hand in natural skin tones ranging from light peach to darker browns.


Rose in Hand Coloring Sheet

This coloring page shows a hand from a different angle, holding a rose with a long stem and leaves, providing more detail and depth to the color.

Opt for traditional rose colors like deep red or purple, and use realistic skin tones for the hand. Green shades for the stems and leaves will complement the overall look.


Three Roses Coloring Page

This page features three roses on stems, each at a different stage of bloom, which provides a dynamic range of shapes and textures to the color.

Use a mix of colors for the roses—perhaps red, white, and yellow—to show variety. This will also allow you to practice shading techniques on the petals and leaves.


Bouquet of Roses Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a bouquet of roses wrapped elegantly in paper, tied with a ribbon. The detailed petals and leaves offer a great opportunity for color and texture exploration.

Choose a variety of colors like pinks, reds, and whites for the roses to mimic a real bouquet. The wrapping can be colored in a soft pastel shade, and the ribbon in a bright color like red or gold to add a festive touch.


Cluster of Roses Coloring Page

This page features a dense cluster of roses with detailed petals and several leaves, perfect for advanced colorists who enjoy intricate details.

Use a mix of deep reds and purples for the roses to create depth and contrast. The leaves can be shaded with different greens to highlight details and give a lush background.


Gothic Rose and Skull Coloring Page

A striking coloring page featuring roses intertwined with a gothic skull and dagger, ideal for those looking for a more edgy and unique coloring experience.

Bold colors like black and grey for the skull and dagger contrasted with vibrant red or yellow roses would make this page stand out. Adding silver or grey highlights can enhance the metallic look of the dagger.


Roses in a Gift Box Coloring Page

This page shows a heartwarming scene of roses bundled in a gift box with a bow, offering a charming subject for coloring.

Color the roses in traditional romantic colors such as reds and pinks. The box can be colored in earthy tones like brown or beige, and the bow in a bright contrasting color like blue or green.


Classic Rose Bloom Coloring Page

Featuring a single large rose with multiple layers of petals and detailed leaves, this coloring page is a classic choice that appeals to all ages.

A gradient of whites to deep reds can beautifully capture the bloom’s natural elegance. The leaves could be deep, rich green to complement the vividness of the petals.


Majestic Single Rose Coloring Page

This coloring page features a single, large rose with exquisite details in its petals and a full set of leaves along the stem, offering a realistic portrayal ideal for detailed coloring.

Utilize a deep red or burgundy for the petals to give it a rich, velvety look, while the leaves can be colored in varying shades of green to add contrast.


Elegant Rose Stem Coloring Page

This coloring page presents a simple yet elegant rose with a long stem and several leaves. It is perfect for those who appreciate minimalistic beauty.

Opt for lighter shades like pink or coral for the rose to keep it soft and inviting. Use dark green for the leaves to make the rose pop.


Twin Roses Coloring Page

This page depicts two roses at different stages of bloom, with beautifully detailed petals and leaves, making it a delightful challenge for coloring enthusiasts.

Color each rose a different hue, such as yellow or orange, to represent the diversity in nature. The leaves should be a rich green to complement the vibrant flowers.


Budding Roses Coloring Page

Featuring two roses in bud form, this coloring page captures the early stages of a rose’s life, emphasizing the delicate folds of the buds and the elegant leaves.

Pale yellow or soft pink would be ideal for the buds, suggesting their youthful and tender nature, while light green shades can be used for the leaves.


Infinity Rose Coloring Page

This rose coloring page features a unique design with a rose integrated into an infinity symbol, representing endless beauty. The smooth lines and detailed leaves make it perfect for anyone who enjoys creative coloring.

Use classic red for the rose to emphasize its beauty and soft grays for the infinity symbol to add a subtle contrast. For the leaves, a bright green can make the design pop, creating a simple yet striking visual effect.


Budding Elegance Rose Coloring Page

This coloring page features a uniquely styled rose bud tilting slightly upwards. A few graceful leaves draping downwards from the stem add a delicate and artistic flair to the composition.

Light pastel shades like lavender or peach would enhance the gentle curves of the budding rose, suggesting a soft, tender bloom. For the leaves, a muted green with subtle yellow hints can create a harmonious and natural feel.


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