12 Scarecrow Coloring Pages – Free PDF Printables

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Scarecrow Coloring Pages

We have free scarecrow coloring pages for kids who love to color. These scarecrow coloring sheets are a great way to blend autumn and Halloween in a unique, enjoyable way. Each page is straightforward and fun for kids of all ages, from coloring a pumpkin-headed scarecrow to decorating a bright-colored field protector.

Parents and teachers can quickly print our free scarecrow coloring pages for creative amusement. Click on the photos to download PDFs to make colorful creations. Our collection has a variety of designs, from a scary scarecrow with a terrifying grin to a kind face watching over the fall fields. Scarecrow coloring sheets combine creativity, Halloween, and harvest season!

Hat-Topped Scarecrow Coloring Page

This coloring page features a scarecrow with a broad smile and a hat adorned with a flower. The scarecrow’s jacket is decorated with colorful patches, and its straw arms are welcomingly outstretched.

Opt for bright yellows for the straw and vibrant colors for the jacket’s patches. The hat should be brown with a striking red or pink flower.


Button-Eyed Scarecrow Coloring Page

A scarecrow with a stitched smile, button eyes, and a straw hat is displayed. It wears a buttoned shirt and pants with various patches, complemented by straw hands and feet.

Use earthy tones like greens and browns for the clothing, with contrasting blue and red patches. The straw should be light tan, and the hat should be soft grey or beige.


Minimalist Scarecrow Coloring Page

This page showcases a minimalistic scarecrow with simple facial features, circular eyes, and a pointed hat. Its straightforward attire is perfect for its role in the fields.

Dark colors such as navy or forest green are great for the jacket, paired with a grey hat. Beige would be a natural choice for the straw, enhancing its rustic appearance.


Joyful Scarecrow Coloring Page

Here, a scarecrow is depicted with a joyful expression. It is wearing a frilly dress and a small hat, and its straw arms are spread happily.

Bright and cheerful colors are recommended, like pink or orange for the dress and light blue for the hat. Golden yellow will work well for the straw parts.


Wide-brimmed Hat Scarecrow Coloring Page

This coloring page features a scarecrow with a stitched face. It is wearing a vest and patched trousers under a wide-brimmed hat. Straw peeks out from under its clothing, adding charm and detail.

Color the vest deep red or burgundy, and use dark blue for the trousers. The hat should be a classic straw color, with patches in multiple fun colors to add visual interest.


Scarecrow with Bird Friend Coloring Page

This charming coloring page features a scarecrow in a plaid shirt and overalls, complete with a hat and a friendly bird perched on its arm. The background includes a wooden fence and stars in the sky.

Use earth tones for the scarecrow’s attire, like brown for the hat and blue for the overalls. The bird can be colored in shades of gray or blue to stand out against the night sky, which could be filled in with dark blues and sprinkles of white for stars.


Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Coloring Page

This unique coloring page showcases a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head, wearing a rustic dress and a whimsical leaf hat. The design includes playful elements like a stitched smile and a bird flying by.

The pumpkin head should be a vibrant orange, contrasted with green for the leaf and earthy tones for the dress. The bird can be colored in light browns or yellows to complement the autumn theme.


Asian-Inspired Scarecrow Coloring Page

This coloring page features a scarecrow with a distinctly Asian flair, wearing a conical hat and a simple robe. Its minimalist design focuses on clean lines and elegance.

Color the hat in shades of beige and the robe in muted colors like pale green or gray. This simple color scheme will highlight the scarecrow’s traditional Asian style.


Crazy Button-Eyed Scarecrow Coloring Sheet

This page depicts a scarecrow with large button eyes and a whimsical design, complete with a hat and tattered clothing, exuding a playful yet spooky charm.

Bold, dark colors work well for this scarecrow, such as dark green or black for the clothing, with contrasting bright colors for the buttons and patches to add a fun, lively touch.


Classic Scarecrow Coloring Page

This coloring page features a traditional scarecrow with a friendly face dressed in a vest and patched trousers. It stands ready to guard the fields, with straw extending from its sleeves and feet.

Use classic scarecrow colors, such as straw-yellow for the body, brown for the vest, and shades for the patches on the trousers. This will give the scarecrow’s appearance a classic and inviting look.


Halloween Pumpkin Scarecrow Coloring Page

This coloring page features a unique scarecrow design with a pumpkin head and a witch’s hat perched atop a large straw body. The minimalistic scene focuses on the scarecrow’s menacing smile and the witch’s hat.

The pumpkin head should be vibrant orange, and the witch’s hat should be black with a purple band. The straw body can be colored in shades of yellow and tan to give it a realistic texture.


Spooky Scarecrow Coloring Page

This page presents a classic scarecrow look with a menacing twist. The scarecrow has a jagged smile and wears a tattered hat, with straw hands that seem to reach out from the page.

The scarecrow’s clothes should be dark shades like deep browns and grays to enhance the spooky effect. The straw can be colored in lighter shades of beige or yellow, contrasting with the darker clothing.


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