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Smiley Face Coloring Page

Smiley face coloring pages are here to bring you loads of fun and creativity! These free printable smiley face coloring pages are perfect for kids who love to draw and color. We’ve got a bunch of cool smiley face coloring pages that you’re going to love! And guess what? They’re all free to print out and color. That’s right, you can get as many as you want without spending any money.

Coloring these smiley faces is not just fun; it’s also a neat way to learn about different emotions. You’ll find happy suns, smiley faces with sunglasses, and even some funny faces that will make you laugh. Whether you like drawing or just want to spend some time doing something fun, these coloring pages are perfect for you.

Our printable smiley face coloring pages are easy to get. Just click, print, and start coloring. It’s that simple! You can use crayons, markers, or whatever you like to make these smiley faces bright and colorful. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite coloring tools and let’s bring these smiley faces to life with your amazing colors. Happy coloring, everyone!

Graphic Elements Angled Smiling Face Coloring Page

This coloring page features a unique smiling face with sharp angles and graphic elements, perfect for kids who love modern and stylish designs.


Cute Smile Sun Doodle Logo Hand Drawing Line Art Coloring Page

Enjoy coloring a cheerful sun with a cute smile, designed like a doodle logo. It’s a simple line art that’s easy and fun for kids of all ages. Explore more sunny delights with our collection of Sun coloring pages, perfect for adding a little brightness to your day!


Simple Smiley Face Coloring Page

A classic coloring page that showcases a simple smiley face. It’s perfect for young children to enjoy coloring and expressing happiness.


Doodle Smiley Face Emoji Coloring Page

This page offers a creative doodle version of a smiley face emoji. It’s great for kids who like adding their own flair to emoji designs.


Smiling Face With Heart Eyes Hand Drawing Emotion Coloring Page

Color a smiling face with heart-shaped eyes that express love and joy. This hand-drawn design is ideal for kids to explore emotions through coloring.


Face Blowing A Kiss Hand Drawing Emotion Coloring Page

This coloring page captures a charming expression with a face blowing a kiss. It’s a lovely way for kids to color feelings and send love through their artwork.


Smiley Face With Lightning Eyes Coloring Page

Spark creativity with this electrifying smiley face, featuring lightning bolts for eyes. It’s perfect for kids who are drawn to dynamic and powerful expressions.


Smiley Face With Cool Sunglasses Coloring Page

Color a smiley face oozing coolness with its stylish sunglasses. This page is great for children who love trendy designs and adding a bit of flair to their coloring.


Smiley Face With Dollar Eyes Coloring Page

Bring to life a smiley face with eyes shaped like dollar signs, ideal for kids to explore fun and imaginative expressions related to themes of value and money.


Russian Abstract Wireframe Elements Distorted Smiley Face Coloring Page

Dive into a world of abstract art with this Russian-inspired distorted smiley face, featuring wireframe elements. It’s a unique choice for kids interested in complex and intriguing designs.


Smiling Funny Face Character Coloring Page

This page showcases a smiling funny face character, full of joy and humor. It’s a fantastic pick for kids who enjoy coloring pages that make them giggle.


Crazy Funny Smiley Face Character Coloring Page

Color a wildly amusing smiley face character that’s sure to bring laughter. It’s designed for children who love adding their own touch to quirky and eccentric expressions.


Acid Graphic Elements Saggy Smiley Face Coloring Page

Explore the unusual with a smiley face that incorporates acid graphic elements and a slightly saggy appearance. It’s perfect for kids who love unusual and unconventional designs.


Cartoon Smiling Face Coloring Page

Enjoy a classic cartoon smiling face, simple yet full of happiness. This coloring page is perfect for younger kids who appreciate cheerful and straightforward designs.


Cute Sun Smiley Face Coloring Page

This page features a radiant sun with a big, cute smile, perfect for kids who love to color bright and cheerful images. It’s a sunny way to bring warmth and joy to their artwork.


Little Girl Smiley Face Coloring Page

Color a sweet little girl’s face with a happy smile. This coloring page is great for children who like to see and color joyful expressions of kids just like them.


Rabbit Smiley Face Coloring Page

Hop into coloring fun with a rabbit smiley face. This page combines the cuteness of a bunny with a happy smile, ideal for animal lovers and young artists. Leap into more adorable adventures with our collection of Free Rabbit coloring pages, where every hop brings a smile!


Cloud Smiley Face Coloring Page

Float away with a coloring page that features a smiling cloud. It’s a whimsical option for kids who are interested in the sky and like to add a little creativity to weather-related themes.


Smiley Face Of A Man Coloring Page

This coloring page presents a smiley face of a man, offering kids the opportunity to explore facial expressions and features in a simple, approachable format.


Smiley Face Of A Woman Coloring Page

Color a friendly smiley face of a woman, perfect for kids to engage with diverse expressions and enjoy coloring a variety of people.


Cat Smiley Face Coloring Page

For the feline fans, this page showcases a cat with a content smile. It’s a purr-fect pick for kids who adore pets and want to bring a kitty’s smile to life.


Star Smiley Face Coloring Page

Twinkle with joy while coloring a starry smiley face. This celestial page is great for young astronomers or any child who loves the night sky and starry themes.


Pig Smiley Face Coloring Page

Delight in coloring a pig with a cheerful expression. This page is a fun way for kids to explore farm animals and enjoy coloring a smiley face with a twist.


Frog Smiley Face Coloring Page

Jump into fun with a frog smiley face coloring page. For kids who are interested in nature and amphibians, it is a fun option that combines a love of animals with the joy of coloring.


Moon Smiley Face Coloring Page

Illuminate the night with a coloring page that features a smiling moon. This dreamy choice is perfect for kids who are enchanted by the night sky and the mysteries of outer space. Continue the celestial journey with our Moon coloring sheets, perfect for nighttime dreaming and creativity!


Happy Heart Smiley Face Coloring Page

This page brings a smile to your heart with a joyful heart-shaped smiley face, perfect for kids who love to spread love and happiness through their coloring.


Beauty Female Smiley Face Coloring Page

Color a beautiful female smiley face, showcasing a radiant smile. This page encourages children to explore beauty and happiness in diverse expressions.


Sunflower Smiley Face Coloring Page

Bring a sunflower to life with a big, happy face in the center. This coloring page is ideal for nature lovers and those who find joy in the simple beauty of flowers. Spread more sunshine with our vibrant Free Sunflower coloring pages, blooming with happiness and creativity!


Funny Strawberry Smiley Face Coloring Page

Enjoy coloring a strawberry with a quirky smile. This page adds a twist of humor to fruit, making it a delightful choice for kids who enjoy food-themed coloring with a fun personality.

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Cherry Smiley Face Coloring Page

Dive into sweetness with a cherry smiley face coloring page. Twin cherries with cheerful faces make this a fun and adorable option for young artists.


A Boy Smiley Face Coloring Page

Color a boy with a bright, friendly smile. This page allows kids to connect with familiar faces, encouraging them to reflect their own joy and positivity in their artwork.


Snowman Smiley Face Coloring Page

A snowy friend with a warm smile awaits your coloring skills. This snowman smiley face brings winter joy, perfect for the holiday season or any chilly day.


Snail Smiley Face Coloring Page

Slow down and enjoy coloring a snail with a content smile. This page is great for kids fascinated by the tiny creatures in the garden, offering a blend of nature and happiness.


Cartoon Deer Smiley Face Coloring Page

Color a cheerful cartoon deer with a friendly smile. This page is a wonderful choice for animal lovers and children who appreciate the gentle nature of forest creatures.


Caterpillar Smiley Face Coloring Page

Meet a smiling caterpillar ready for coloring fun. This page combines the joy of transformation and nature, ideal for discussions about growth and change.


Clown Smiley Face Coloring Page

Bring out the laughs with a clown smiley face coloring page. It’s a playful and vibrant choice for kids who enjoy circus themes and the entertaining side of coloring. Explore more playful delights with our collection of Clown coloring pages, where laughter and creativity come together in a colorful circus of fun!


Donkey Smiley Face Coloring Page

Color a donkey with a happy expression. This page offers a fun way to explore farm animals while adding a smiley twist, perfect for engaging children with a love for the countryside.


Daisy Smiley Face Coloring Page

Enjoy coloring a daisy with a bright, smiling face at its center. This page is perfect for kids who love flowers and want to add a happy twist to nature.


Santa Smiley Face Coloring Page

Bring festive cheer to your coloring with Santa wearing a big smile. This page is great for holiday spirit and spreading joy with a jolly Santa smile.


Monkey Smiley Face Coloring Page

Color a playful monkey with a cheerful grin. This page invites kids into a fun jungle adventure, perfect for those who love animals and mischief.


Grandpa Smiley Face Coloring Page

Give life to a kind grandpa with a warm smile. This page helps kids appreciate the wisdom and love of grandparents, adding a personal touch to their coloring.


Grandma Smiley Face Coloring Page

Color a sweet grandma with a loving smile. This page is a wonderful way for children to express their affection for their grandmothers through art.


Tiger Smiley Face Coloring Page

Unleash the wild with a smiling tiger face. This coloring page is ideal for adventurous kids fascinated by the majestic beauty of wild animals. Ready to roar into adventure? Check out our Free Tiger coloring pages for wild fun and creativity!


Bear Smiley Face Coloring Page

Enjoy coloring a friendly bear with a big smile. This page is perfect for those who love forest animals and want to bring a bit of the outdoors into their art.


Chicken Smiley Face Coloring Page

Have fun with a chicken sporting a cheerful expression. This farm-themed coloring page is great for kids who enjoy animals and the simple joys of farm life.


Cartoon Car Smiley Face Coloring Page

Zoom into fun with a cartoon car showing off a happy face. This page is a hit with kids who love vehicles and adding a playful personality to inanimate objects.


Halloween Pumpkin Smiley Face Coloring Page

Get spooky and smiley with a Halloween pumpkin face. This coloring page is perfect for October fun, combining the excitement of Halloween with the joy of coloring.


Mushroom Smiley Face Coloring Page

Dive into a fantasy world with a smiling mushroom. This page is a magical pick for kids who love fairy tales and the mysterious beauty of nature.

Ready for more enchantment? Dive into our Free Mushroom coloring pages for even more whimsical fun and imaginative adventures!


Milkshake Smiley Face Coloring Page

Cool off with a delicious milkshake wearing a sweet smile. This tasty coloring page is great for kids who love treats and want to mix creativity with their favorite snacks.


Cupcake Smiley Face Coloring Page

Decorate a cupcake with a cute, smiling face. This page combines the love of baking with art, perfect for young chefs who enjoy adding a dash of happiness to their creations. Ready to add a sprinkle of fun? Explore our Free Cupcake coloring pages for more sweet smiles and delicious creativity!


8 Craft Ideas To Do With smiley face Coloring Pages

Smiley Face Greeting Cards

After you’ve had fun coloring your smiley face pages, turn them into cheerful greeting cards. Fold a piece of cardstock in half and glue your colored smiley face on the front. Write a happy message inside to brighten someone’s day. These cards are perfect for birthdays, thank you notes, or to share a smile.

Personalized Smiley Face Bookmarks

Create your bookmarks with the smiley face coloring pages you’ve colored. Cut out the smiley faces and paste them onto a thicker piece of paper or cardstock. Laminate them for durability, and you’ll get a set of unique bookmarks that keep your place in your favorite books with a smile.

Smiley Face Magnets

Turn your colored smiley faces into fun fridge magnets. After coloring, cut out the smiley faces and stick them onto adhesive magnet sheets. Cut around the edges, and voila, you have your very own smiley face magnets to hold up notes or decorate the fridge.

Smiley Face Wall Art

Create a cheerful gallery wall with your collection of colored smiley faces. Paste your coloring pages onto canvas or frame them for a more polished look. This wall art will not only add a pop of color to your room but also remind you to smile every day.

Customized Smiley Face T-Shirts

For a fun craft project, transfer your colored smiley faces onto a t-shirt using iron-on transfer paper. Follow the instructions on the transfer paper package, and you can wear your smiley face art everywhere you go. It’s a great way to show off your coloring skills and spread happiness.

Smiley Face Party Decorations

Planning a party? Use your smiley face coloring pages as decorations. String them up as a banner, or use them as placemats. You can even make party hats by attaching a colored smiley face to the front of a plain hat. These decorations are sure to bring smiles to your guests’ faces.

Smiley Face Gift Wrap

For a unique touch to your gifts, use your colored smiley face pages as wrapping paper. It’s a creative and personal way to wrap presents, and the receiver is sure to appreciate the effort and the cheerful design.

Smiley Face Puppets

Make smiley face puppets by attaching a popsicle stick to the back of your colored pages. These can be fun for storytelling or just for playing around. You can even put on a puppet show with different smiley-face characters.

With these craft ideas, your smiley face coloring pages can bring joy not just during the coloring process but in many creative projects afterward. Let your imagination run wild, and keep smiling!

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