20 Squirrel Coloring Pages – Free PDF Printables

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Squirrel Coloring Pages

Explore squirrel coloring sheets with our free printables! These simple coloring pages are ideal for young artists exploring their imagination. From peaceful forest meetings to energetic dashes, each squirrel coloring page printable will surely captivate and challenge. These sheets are a fun method to teach color coordination and fine motor skills to kids of all ages.

Our squirrel coloring pages are entertaining and informative. They improve observation by encouraging kids to notice fur texture and leaf shape. We’ve also added color tips to enhance the coloring experience. Click on any picture to download a free printable coloring sheet PDF and begin your artistic journey. Bring these adorable creatures to life with brilliant colors and creative shading!

Cute Squirrel with Acorn Coloring Page

This coloring page features a cute squirrel sitting and holding an acorn. The squirrel has a large, fluffy tail and a cheerful expression, making it perfect for young children to color. For a lively look, use bright colors like red or orange for the squirrel’s fur and a deep brown for the acorn. Green for the small details, like the leaf, can add a nice touch of contrast.


Happy Squirrel Holding a Nut Coloring Page

This image depicts a squirrel standing upright with a big, bushy tail, holding a nut. The squirrel has a happy face, which would engage kids in coloring. The fur can be colored in shades of gray or brown, and the nut in shades of beige or light brown. Due to its clear and straightforward outlines, this page is ideal for helping children practice coloring within the lines.


Minimalistic Squirrel Profile Coloring Page

Here, we have a simple outline of a squirrel in profile. This minimalist design is perfect for younger children as it’s easy to color. The large areas like the body and tail can be colored in lighter shades, such as light brown or gray, with darker shades for the outlines to define the shape more clearly.


Detailed Squirrel on a Branch Coloring Page

This coloring page offers a more detailed depiction of a squirrel sitting on a branch, surrounded by leaves. It’s suitable for older children who enjoy adding details to their coloring. Browns and grays would suit the squirrel, while various greens can be used for the leaves, providing an excellent opportunity to practice different shading techniques.


Curious Squirrel in Motion Coloring Page

The final coloring page shows a playful squirrel in a dynamic pose with a swirly tail. This image is fun and would look great using a variety of vibrant colors. Bright browns or oranges for the squirrel’s fur can make it pop, while a mix of greens and yellows for the background can depict a lively outdoor setting.


Silhouette Squirrel with Flowing Tail Coloring Page

This coloring page features the silhouette of a squirrel, viewed from behind, with a large, flowing tail. The simplicity of the design makes it suitable for very young children. Bold colors like dark blue or black can be used for the silhouette, creating a striking contrast against a lighter background.


Alert Squirrel Coloring Page

This image depicts a squirrel in an alert pose, with wide open eyes and a fluffy tail. It’s an engaging design for children to color and is ideal for practicing detailed coloring. Shades of brown or gray for the squirrel and black or dark brown for the eyes would give it a natural look.


Scampering Squirrel Coloring Page

Here, a squirrel is captured in a scampering pose, giving a sense of motion. This coloring page is great for kids interested in action scenes. Light brown or gray for the body with darker shades for the tail and limbs would enhance the dynamic posture.


Cartoon Squirrel with Acorn Coloring Page

A cartoon-style squirrel holding an acorn, with large eyes and a playful expression, makes this coloring page fun for kids. Bright colors, like orange or red for the squirrel and green for the acorn, would make this drawing vibrant and cheerful.


Squirrel with Striped Nut Coloring Page

This coloring page features a squirrel standing beside a sizeable striped nut, looking curiously at it. The details in the squirrel’s fur and the stripes on the nut offer an opportunity for color variation. Shades of brown for the squirrel and alternating dark and light brown stripes for the nut would be visually appealing.


Feasting Squirrel Coloring Page

This coloring page captures a squirrel in mid-action, nibbling on a nut with a dynamically flowing tail. The image offers a blend of simplicity and detail, making it ideal for children who enjoy coloring active scenes. For a naturalistic look, use shades of gray or brown for the squirrel, and keep the nut in earthy tones like beige or tan.


Squirrel Gathering Acorns Coloring Page

This playful scene depicts a squirrel gathering acorns among scattered leaves. This coloring page is perfect for teaching kids about autumn and nature. Use bright autumn colors like red, orange, and yellow for the leaves and a rich brown for the squirrel to make the scene lively and colorful.


Chubby Squirrel with Nut Coloring Page

This cute coloring page features a chubby squirrel holding a nut with big, expressive eyes that add a cartoonish charm. It’s great for younger children due to its round shapes and inviting expression. Bright, cheerful colors like orange or red for the squirrel and a contrasting color like green for the nut can make this page appealing.


Squirrel on a Branch Coloring Page

This coloring page features a squirrel perched gracefully on a branch. It is intricately designed with leaves and detailed fur texture. It suits older children who enjoy adding fine details to their art. Natural colors like shades of brown for the squirrel and green for the leaves would enhance the realistic appearance.


Squirrel on a Stump Coloring Sheet

This unique coloring page shows a squirrel sitting atop a tree stump, creating a serene woodland scene. The simplicity of the stump and the detailed leaves make it a versatile choice for all ages. Soft, earthy tones such as browns and greens would complement the peaceful theme of this page.


Sprinting Squirrel Coloring Sheet

This coloring page features a squirrel in mid-sprint with a beautifully striped tail flowing behind. The dynamic posture and sleek lines make this a fun picture for children to color. Using a variety of grays or browns for the body and adding a streak of color like blue or red for the tail can make the image pop.


Forest Squirrel Among Leaves Coloring Sheet

A squirrel sits amidst a detailed background of leaves and plants, offering a scene filled with nature. This coloring page is perfect for kids who color scenes with multiple elements. Greens for the leaves and browns for the squirrel will bring this forest scene to life, encouraging children to mix colors.


Sketched Squirrel With Acorn Coloring Page

This artistically sketched squirrel holding an acorn is detailed, making it suitable for older kids who enjoy intricate coloring. The textured fur and expressive eyes invite a realistic coloring approach. Natural shades like dark browns and grays for the squirrel and green for the acorn would be ideal.


Leaping Squirrel Coloring Sheet

This coloring page captures a squirrel in mid-leap, showing off the animal’s agility and energy. It’s an excellent choice for energetic children who enjoy action-packed coloring. Bright, vibrant colors can highlight the squirrel’s motion, with contrasting shades emphasizing the fluffy tail.


Cheerful Squirrel At The Park Coloring Sheet

This coloring page depicts a cheerful squirrel sitting in a park with scattered acorns. It’s a delightful scene that invokes a sense of joy and playfulness. Using cheerful and bright colors for the squirrel and soft greens and browns for the background will create a lively and inviting coloring activity.


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