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Have fun with our free printable sun coloring pages. They are great for kids of all ages and will keep them busy for hours. The sun has always been a source of wonder and joy because it is the center of our solar system. Now, a unique set of sun coloring sheets brings it to life. Not only are these specially-made pages easy to follow but they are also meant to spark kids’ imaginations and give them a fun place to draw.

Parents and teachers can easily download a high-quality PDF file that is ready to be turned into a work of art with bright colors and fun patterns. In our sun coloring page printables, you can find both simple and happy Smiling Sunshine Coloring Pages and more complex and fascinating Celestial Patterns Sun Coloring Pages. These are great for making any day better.

Now that you have your markers let’s enjoy the warm glow of these sun-themed designs, which are sure to bring out your child’s creative side.

Radiant Rays Sun Coloring Page

Get ready to shine with the Radiant Rays Sun Coloring Page! This page has a standard sun with bright, pointy rays all around it. This is an excellent way for kids to practice coloring inside and outside the lines, and they can use any color they want to make their sun really shine. 


Happy Sunshine Coloring Page

The Happy Sunshine Coloring Page will make you smile. The sun in this cute picture has a happy face and rays that look like little hands waving hello. Little kids will enjoy adding some bright colors to their day, whether they make the sun pink or yellow. 


Simple Solar Shine Coloring Page

The Simple Solar Shine Coloring Page is all about keeping things simple. With its straight, easy-to-color rays, this coloring page of the sun is great for younger kids who are just starting to play with crayons or markers. 


Cloudy Day Sun Coloring Page

The sun is still shining even when it’s dark! The Cloudy Day Sun Coloring Page has puffy clouds and the sun peeking out. Coloring the sun in warm hues and the clouds in cool hues will help the sky come to life on this page, allowing kids to use their imaginations with different colors. 


Triangle Twinkle Sun Coloring Page

The Triangle Twinkle Sun Coloring Page is a fun way to learn about geometry. Triangle-shaped rays circle this one-of-a-kind sun, making it shine like a star. Little ones can have fun coloring each shape a different color to create a pattern or a kaleidoscope of colors around a cute sun face. 


Cool Sun with Shades Coloring Page

The Cool Sun with Shades Coloring Page will help you relax. With heart-shaped sunglasses and a big grin, this sun is too cool for school. Kids will love giving this sun personality by painting it bright colors that will make it the most excellent star in the sky. 


Swirly Clouds and Sun Coloring Page

The Sun, Swirly Clouds, and Coloring Page are fun ways to color a sunny day. The clouds’ loops and twirls make the bright sun in the middle look more fun. This page is great for kids to color while they dream of long, lazy summer days. 


Sunset Over Waves Coloring Page

With the Sunset Over Waves Coloring Page, you can dive into the beauty of the evening. This peaceful picture shows the sun going down behind soft waves in warm orange, pink, and purple tones. For kids, coloring is a relaxing thing to do after a long day. 


Happy Sun with Triangle Rays Coloring Page

Meet the Happy Sun with Triangle Rays Coloring Page. That’s right; this sun is not only bright, but it’s dancing too! This coloring page is sure to make any child smile with its triangle rays and happy face. 


Space Adventure Sun Coloring Page

Take off with the Space Adventure Sun Coloring Page, which has lots of fun things to color, including the sun. This page, which has planets, stars, and even a rocket ship all around it, will make you think about and love the world. 


Sunshine and Showers Coloring Page

The Sunshine and Showers Coloring Page is a fun coloring activity. A happy child is dancing in the puddles under an umbrella in this sweet scene. The sun is just peeking through the clouds. It’s a great way to teach kids about differences in weather while they enjoy adding color to a wet day. 


Mystical Sun Face Coloring Page

With the Mystical Sun Face Coloring Page, you can escape into a magical world. This intricate design features a sun with a face that resembles a person and sunbeams that swirl around it. For kids who like to draw intricate scenes and are interested in the mysteries of the universe, this is a magical choice. 


Sunrise Mountain Landscape Coloring Page

Take a look at the Sunrise Mountain Landscape Coloring Page when you wake up. This coloring page shows the peaceful early morning with a simple sun rising over a hilly background. It makes you want to color in peace and gives you the chance to try out different gradient sunrise colors. 


Bohemian Sun Dreamcatcher Coloring Page

The Bohemian Sun Dreamcatcher Coloring Page is a great way to show off your hippie style. This one-of-a-kind sun has a calm face and is decorated with dreamcatchers, which makes coloring friendly and gives kids a chance to learn about different cultural symbols at the same time. 


Grumpy Sun Character Coloring Page

The Grumpy Sun Character Coloring Page will make you laugh. With its grumpy face, this funny sun gives kids a fun way to show their creativity by coloring a sun that isn’t so sunny. It’s a funny way to get kids to talk about their feelings and facial movements. 


Sassy Sunburst Coloring Page

Use the Sassy Sunburst Coloring Page to make your colors stand out. That sly grin on this sun’s face is just begging to be brought to life with a splash of color. These are great for kids who like to be artistic and have a sense of humor. 


Cheery Sunbeam Coloring Page

The Cheery Sunbeam Coloring Page will make your day better. Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring this sun’s simple, friendly smile. It’s a great way to make any afternoon happier. 


Cool Sun with Sunglasses Coloring Page

The Cool Sun with Sunglasses Coloring Page will help you have fun in the sun. This sun is cool behind some shades, which makes it an excellent coloring choice for a hot summer day or to discuss sun safety. 


Sun in Hands Coloring Page

The Sun in Hands Coloring Page will help you make a beautiful picture. This page has a picture of caring hands holding the sun, which stands for warmth and care. This is a lovely way to teach kids about how important it is to protect the earth. 


Sunset Serenity Coloring Page

The Sunset Serenity Coloring Page is an excellent way to end the day. The peaceful scene shows the sun going down between two tall mountains. It makes me think of bright sunset colors that kids could use to paint the sky. 


Surf’s Up Sun and Wave Coloring Page

The Surf’s Up Sun and Wave Coloring Page will help you color in a fun way. This scene is whole of movement, with the sun’s energy and the beat of the ocean. Young surfers and beach lovers will love adding their favorite blues and yellows to it. 


Sunny Countryside Home Coloring Page

This is the Sunny Countryside Home Coloring Page. It’s a happy place where the sun is shining, and life is simple in the country. This picture is a fun one for kids to color because it shows a cute house and its natural surroundings in the sun. 


Beaming Sun with a Big Smile Coloring Page

Bring a smile to the sun’s face with a Big Smile Coloring Page. There will be lots of happiness around when kids color this happy sun and fill in its friendly face and bright rays. 


Rainy Day Sun and Clouds Coloring Page

When you color our Rainy Day Sun and Clouds Page, even the sun likes it when it rains. Coloring pictures of the sun shining through clouds of rain can help kids learn about different types of weather. For example, they could talk about how rain and sun work together to make rainbows. 


Sun Safety Shield Coloring Page

The Sun Safety Shield Coloring Page can be used to teach kids how to stay safe in the sun. This coloring page is a great way to teach kids about sun safety because it cleverly mixes the sun and a shield. 


Celestial Sun and Moon Embrace Coloring Page

If you like the sun coloring sheets, you must also like the moon coloring sheets. The coloring page takes you to a world where the sun and moon are in a peaceful embrace. The page is filled with warm and cool colors that show the balance of day and night. The detailed design makes kids want to use their imaginations to explore the stars. 


Sunny Bloom Watchful Eye Coloring Page

Show your kids the magical Sunny Bloom Watchful Eye Coloring Page, which has a sun with a watchful eye among flower petals. The design is attractive, and kids will enjoy playing with the colors while also being interested in what the watching eye in the sun means. 


Crescent Moon Meets Sunny Rays Coloring Page

With the Crescent Moon Meets Sunny Rays Coloring Page, you can see a world where night and day look great together. The beautiful crescent moon and the lively sun are shown on this page, giving kids two different pictures to color. It’s an excellent chance for kids to learn about how light and dark can work together and against each other, as well as the dance between the sun and the moon. 


Sunshine Hands of Nature Coloring Page

If you color the Sunshine Hands of Nature page, you can feel the love of nature. This page has hands with natural elements on them holding the sun and moon, which is a reminder of how carefully we need to take care of our environment. It’s a peaceful coloring page that teaches about the day and night cycle. 


Summer Sun Lounger Coloring Page

Take it easy with our Summer Sun chair Coloring Page. The sun is shining on a comfortable chair that is hidden by an umbrella. For kids who are dreaming of summer, this simple but sweet scene will make them want to draw their perfect sunny getaway. 

Ready for some summer fun? Check out our Free Summer coloring pages for more sunny adventures and laid-back creativity!


Simplistic Palm Tree and Sun Coloring Page

A simple line drawing of a palm tree leaning to the left and the sun in the upper right corner make up this sun coloring page. The sun’s rays come out from a circle in the middle. There is a single wavy line below the palm tree that could be the ground or the edge of the water. The general design is very straightforward, with clean, bold lines and no trim, intricate details. It is appropriate for people who are just starting in coloring. 


Beachside Relaxation Scene Sun Coloring Page

This coloring page of the sun has a little more detail and shows a calm beach scene. It has a palm tree with distinctive fronds and a rough base. On the left, there is a beach chair that makes you want to relax in the sun, which is shining in the upper left corner with long rays. There are dots on the ground that look like sand and a few wavy lines that look like the coast. This sun coloring page has a peaceful scene that you might enjoy coloring. 

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Sunset Palm Silhouette Coloring Page

The sun coloring page shows the outline of a palm tree against a background that could be a full moon or the sun going down. Two wavy lines indicate that the palm tree is more stylized and that its long leaves are hanging downward toward the sky. Up in the sky, three simple birds are flying, which adds to the scene’s peaceful and natural feel. Large and taking up a lot of space on the page, the round object in the sky behind the palm tree makes for a striking background for coloring. 


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