15 Train Coloring Pages – Free PDF Printables

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Train Coloring Pages

Enter train coloring pages! Find free printable train coloring sheets for kids that are easy and entertaining here. Our train coloring pages range from easy to intricate. Each image conveys the excitement of trains, which is excellent for kids and artists.

Coloring is fun and improves kids’ motor skills and creativity. Our train coloring sheets are easy to use—click on the illustrations to receive a free PDF printable. We have steam engines, sophisticated metros, and fanciful trains to inspire your child.

Take a colorful ride on locomotives and tracks where every child can express their creativity. Bring your crayons, and let’s color these trains!

Classic Chugger Train Coloring Page

This coloring page features a simple, bold design of a classic train with three large wheels, a prominent cabin, and a small smokestack. The minimalist design makes it perfect for younger children or beginners at coloring. Use solid, bright colors like red for the body, black for the wheels, and grey for the smokestack to make it pop!


Smokey Express Train Coloring Page

The second page displays a more detailed train chugging and smoke billowing out. It features multiple cars and intricate details such as windows and wheels. Color the engine dark grey or black and use lighter shades like light blue for the sky and various greens for the landscape to give it depth.


Tiny Toot Train Coloring Page

This page shows a small, cartoonish, simple, cute train, with basic shapes and few details. It’s ideal for very young artists. Bright and cheerful colors, like yellow for the body and blue for the wheels, would make this train very inviting.


Freight Frenzy Train Coloring Page

This image depicts a small train pulling two cargo cars, ideal for those interested in coloring scenes that tell a story. The straightforward design is easy to color. Use realistic colors such as brown or grey for the cargo cars and a contrasting color like blue for the engine.


Puffy-Puff Locomotive Train Coloring Page

This page is charming and engaging. It features a quaint old-fashioned train with a large puff of smoke. The train includes several details, like windows and multiple exhaust pipes, offering a bit more complexity. Opt for classic hues like forest green or navy blue for the engine, and use a combination of white and grey for the smoke to add a touch of realism.


Happy Passenger Train Coloring Page

This delightful train coloring page showcases a passenger train with a locomotive and one attached car. It features large, clear windows and simplistic, easy-to-color details. To reflect the train’s lively nature, use vibrant colors such as royal blue for the locomotive and a variety of bright colors for the car.


Robust Tanker Train Coloring Page

The coloring page presents a robust-looking tanker train characterized by a large, cylindrical tank and a cabin with minimalistic details. A metallic silver or grey would suit the tank well, combined with a classic red for the cabin to keep the coloring fun yet realistic.


Simple Locomotive Train Coloring Page

Here, we have a simple locomotive design, perfect for younger children. It features large wheels and a prominent cabin. Bold primary colors like red or blue for the body and black for the wheels would make this train pop off the page.


Coal Car Train Coloring Page

This page depicts an old-style steam locomotive pulling a coal car, complete with puffs of smoke. It has a classic design with moderate detailing. Dark grey or black for the locomotive, complemented by lighter grays for the smoke and coal car, would give a realistic feel.


Modern Metro Train Coloring Page

This coloring page features a sleek, modern metro train on tracks. It is perfect for those interested in contemporary designs. The metro train’s streamlined body has windows and subtle details. Shades of silver and blue with hints of white would enhance its modernity.


Friendly Engineer Train Coloring Page

This charming train coloring page features a young boy as an engineer, waving from a classic-style locomotive. The simple lines and straightforward shapes make it ideal for young children. Bright primary colors would be appealing here; consider red for the train and a variety of shades for the boy’s clothing to make the character stand out.


Sunny Day Train Ride Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a fun train journey under a sunny sky with two passenger cars in tow. It’s perfect for kids who enjoy scenes with multiple elements. Use bright yellow for the sun, light blue for the sky, and different colors for each train car to create a lively picture.


Old-Fashioned Steam Train Coloring Page

This page presents a nostalgic steam train with large wheels and classic design details, suitable for those who appreciate a vintage aesthetic. Traditional colors like deep green or navy for the train and black for the wheels would give it an authentic old-timey feel.


Mountain Express Train Coloring Page

This detailed coloring page features a steam train chugging along a mountainous backdrop, complete with clouds of smoke and lush scenery. Earth tones for the mountains and forest and greys and blacks for the train will enhance the natural setting.


Abstract Train Parts Coloring Page

Unique among the set, this coloring page shows various train components arranged in an abstract form, offering a creative twist. This page allows for creativity—use metallic colors like silver and bronze to highlight the mechanical details or go vibrant with a spectrum of colors to make each part stand out.


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