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Hey there! Ready to dive into some super fun free watermelon coloring pages? We’ve got a bunch of free printable sheets that are perfect for kids looking to add a splash of color to their day. From adorable watermelon slices with cute faces to whole watermelons just waiting for some color, we’ve ensured every little artist has something.

Just click on the picture you like, grab the watermelon coloring page PDF, print it out, and start coloring! These pages are super easy to fill in, making them great for younger kids. Whether it’s a rainy day or just looking for an excellent activity, our watermelon coloring sheets are here to make your day brighter and more colorful. Let’s get coloring!

Whole Watermelon with Slice Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a whole watermelon with a single slice beside it, which is excellent for teaching kids about the parts of the fruit. It’s ideal for using different shades of green to show texture on the rind, a deep, juicy red for the inside, and dark black or brown for the seeds.


Triangular Watermelon Slice Coloring Page

This is a simple yet classic depiction of a triangular watermelon slice, complete with seeds and a detailed rind. This image is ideal for beginners, focusing on basic coloring skills. I suggest using deep red for the flesh, light and dark green on the rind to emphasize the natural contrast and black for the seeds to make them pop.


Curved Watermelon Slice Coloring Page

This coloring page features a curved slice of watermelon, providing a slightly different shape that enhances hand-eye coordination in coloring along curved lines. The bold seeds are great for practicing precise coloring. Recommended colors include a juicy red for the flesh and a two-tone green pattern for the rind to create a more lifelike effect.


Artistic Watermelon and Slice Coloring Page

This page showcases an artistic take. It features a whole watermelon with a single slice placed beside it, detailed with expressive lines and dots for texture. This invites children to explore shading techniques using shades of green and red to enhance the dimensional look of the watermelon and its slice.


Bold Watermelon Wedge Coloring Page

The final image emphasizes a bold, graphic style with a large wedge of watermelon, distinctively outlined. It’s perfect for young artists to practice using bold colors. Bright red for the fruit, vibrant green for the rind, and jet black for the seeds can make this simple design striking and visually appealing.


Smiling Watermelon Slice with Heart Glasses Coloring Page

This coloring page features an adorable watermelon slice wearing heart-shaped glasses. The cute facial expression invites children to explore colors that express joy, such as bright red for the flesh and a playful mix of light and dark greens for the rind. The glasses can be colored in any vibrant color, like pink or red, to make them stand out.

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Refreshing Watermelon Bite Coloring Page

Capture the refreshing feel of biting into a juicy watermelon with this coloring page that shows a bitten slice alongside a whole slice. This page is perfect for practicing gradients, using lighter reds at the bite marks and transitioning to darker reds at the rind. Encourage using green to subtly shade the rind where the fruit has been bitten.


Splashy Watermelon Slice Coloring Page

This fun coloring page shows a watermelon slice with a splash, suggesting a burst of flavor. The splash can be colored with shades of blue to represent water, contrasting beautifully against the watermelon’s red. This is an excellent opportunity to experiment with creating texture effects with crayons or watercolors.


Detailed Watermelon and Slice Coloring Page

This page features a more complex design: a textured whole watermelon with a cut-out slice. The detailed lines on the watermelon’s surface offer a chance to unlock intricate coloring skills, using shades of green and adding depth with shadow effects. The slice’s seeds can be bold black to enhance detail.


Happy Watermelon Wedge Coloring Page

This coloring page presents a cheerful watermelon wedge with a smiling face designed to bring a smile to any child’s face. Ideal for young artists to unleash their creativity, this page suggests using a radiant red for the flesh and a combination of greens for a lively rind. At the same time, the seeds can be glossy black to pop against the bright background.


Classic Watermelon Slice Coloring Page

This page features a classic watermelon slice with seeds and a thick rind. The straightforward design is perfect for young artists to explore basic coloring skills. Use vibrant red for the juicy flesh, dark green for the rind, and black for the seeds, emphasizing the natural look of the watermelon slice.


Watermelon Harvest Coloring Page

This coloring page showcases a collection of whole and sliced watermelons, capturing the essence of a watermelon harvest. Children can unleash their creativity by using shades of green for the different watermelons and a rich red for the slices, adding depth and texture to the scene.


Cross-section Watermelon Coloring Page

This page presents a watermelon cut in half, revealing the detailed cross-section. It’s a fantastic opportunity for kids to practice more detailed coloring, using light red for the inner flesh and a blend of greens for the rind to highlight the textures and patterns of the watermelon’s skin.


Watermelon Smoothie Coloring Page

Combining elements of summer fun, this coloring page features a watermelon slice, a refreshing watermelon smoothie, and a strawberry. It’s perfect for practicing color mixing, with suggestions to use light red and pink for the smoothie, vibrant red for the watermelon, and red and green for the strawberry, adding a playful touch.


Watermelon Slice with Heart Glasses Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page features a watermelon slice donning heart-shaped sunglasses, adding a whimsical twist to the traditional watermelon theme. Kids can experiment with colors like pink or red for the glasses and maintain the classic red and green for the watermelon, enhancing the cute and playful nature of the design.


Watermelon Gentleman Coloring Page

This page depicts a whimsical character: a gentleman holding a watermelon slice, complete with a stylish hat. The character’s round body and detailed features offer a delightful challenge for kids. Suggests using earthy tones for the hat and outfit, vibrant red for the watermelon slice, and subtle shading to give depth to his clothing.


Cartoon Watermelon Slice Coloring Page

A lively watermelon slice with arms, legs, and a joyful expression, this coloring page is dancing happily. It’s perfect for kids to explore using bright colors like red for the juicy watermelon and adding dynamic blue or green for the shoes to make the character pop off the page.


Cute Love-Struck Watermelon Slice Coloring Page

This page features a cute watermelon slice with heart-shaped eyes and a playful tongue, capturing a lovable expression. Kids can use pink or red for the hearts, traditional watermelon colors for the slice, and experiment with different expressions by modifying the eye and mouth colors.


Cute Watermelon Bear Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page shows a bear holding a watermelon slice. It’s an excellent opportunity for children to practice coloring fur textures using varying shades of brown for the bear and deep red for the watermelon, emphasizing the contrast between the bear and its favorite snack.


Cartoon Watermelon Character Coloring Page

This page imaginatively portrays a watermelon-turned-character. It features a whole watermelon with eyes and a mouth standing on tiny legs. The page encourages creativity by using shades of green to highlight the stripes and adding whimsical colors to the facial features.


Kawaii Watermelon Character Coloring Page

This delightful coloring page features a joyful watermelon slice character holding a smaller slice in its hand. The big smile and playful wink make it perfect for adding bright and happy colors. Use vivid red for the watermelon’s flesh and green for the rind, encouraging kids to add some sparkle to the eyes for extra fun.


Craft Ideas with Watermelon Coloring Pages

Watermelon Fans

Create a watermelon-themed hand fan to keep cool during the summer. Have kids color their watermelon pages vibrantly. Then, mount the colored page onto a piece of cardboard for stiffness, cut it into a semi-circle, and attach a popsicle stick handle. This makes a practical fan and a cute accessory for warm days.

Watermelon Popsicle Bookmarks

Turn the watermelon coloring pages into popsicle-shaped bookmarks. Kids can color and cut the pages into popsicle shapes, then laminate them for durability. Adding a popsicle stick at the bottom completes the look, making a fun and quirky bookmark perfect for summer reading sessions.

Watermelon Puzzles

Laminate the colored watermelon pages to make them sturdy and durable, then cut them into puzzle pieces. This not only recycles their artwork but also provides a custom puzzle they can solve repeatedly, enhancing problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

Watermelon Wall Art

Encourage children to create a piece of wall art with their colored pages. They can cut out different parts of their colored watermelon – like slices, whole watermelons, or even cute watermelon characters – and arrange them creatively on a larger canvas or poster board. Mounting these on the wall can brighten up their room and give them a sense of pride in their artwork.

Watermelon Seed Mosaic

Kids can use actual watermelon seeds to add texture and dimension to their colored pages. They can glue the seeds onto their artwork, following the lines of the watermelon seeds printed on the page or creating new patterns. This tactile activity engages and results in a visually exciting piece they can display.

Decorative Watermelon Garland

For a party or fun room decor, children can color multiple watermelon pages, cut them out, and string them together to create a festive garland. This can be hung around their room, over a doorway, or even along the family dining table for a special meal.

These craft ideas are designed to be enjoyable and easy to do. They allow kids to explore their creativity while celebrating the cheerful theme of watermelons. Each project helps build a deeper connection with the theme through interactive and functional creations.

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